GH Update Tuesday 8/3/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/3/04

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THE CELLAR: Simon tells Dillon/"Astrid" that he's known all along that Dillon is a guy. He also thinks that it's a great idea and that L&B's girl band has a very good shot with Dillon in it.

Meanwhile, at another table, Lois overhears Lorenzo making a shady sounding deal on his cell phone. When he hangs up she asks him what he was talking about.

THE HOSPITAL: Jax is free and clear to go home. As he's about to check out, Courtney arrives and asks him if he'll need any help from her.

THE COURTROOM: Alexis tells Ric that he was right -- that Sonny lied about paying off the death row inmate. She's sorry that she was manipulated by Sonny, and now she wants to team up with Ric to take him down.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Carly are kissing. Sonny wants to enjoy this moment of peace, knowing that all of the lies and betrayals are behind them. Carly, hearing this, has a very serious expression on her face (she is still keeping a secret -- that Sonny is the father of Alexis' daughter).

THE GARAGE: Lucky (who is lurking outside) overhears Sam telling her brother Danny that she has been freed and that the charges have been dropped. Danny is excited...he and Jason have just returned home. Sam thanks Jason for helping her and Danny.

THE CELLAR: Lois is asking Lorenzo about his business -- she wants to know if he's involved in illegal activities, or if he's just a "boring, cautious" guy.

Meanwhile, at Simon's table, Simon is trying to convince Dillon to remain in drag as "Astrid" for the rest of the competition. Dillon is wary of the idea. While Simon leaves to take a call on his cell phone, Georgie comes in to talk to Dillon, who tells her that Simon knows the whole truth and wants him to keep up the charade. Georgie is excited, but Dillon asks her if she really thinks that he is going to continue to play "Astrid."

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Edward and Heather are out on the patio. Heather apologizes for the kiss, since now Tracy can use the picture to get Edward eliminated from the contest. Edward doesn't seem to mind, as he has the community property that Lila left him. He asks her why she is so concerned about his chance to inherit Lila's money.

Inside the mansion, the Quartermaines (Alan, Monica, Justus, Emily and Ned) discuss the fact that Alan has been eliminated for conspiring with Monica. Alan is still upset that Monica wasn't eliminated as well, since she was plotting alongside him. Alan and Monica are both worried that Tracy will get the money. Suddenly Alice enters with yet another letter for the family.

RIC'S OFFICE: Alexis and Ric are discussing their plans to take down Sonny. Ric thinks that Sam is the key to Sonny's undoing...since Sonny will do whatever it takes to protect her. He notes that he has Lucky on Sam's trail. Alexis says that she is prepared to help send Sonny to prison, no matter the cost.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly tells Sonny that she still can't believe that Jason lied to her about being the father of Sam's baby -- she had always been able to count on Jason to tell her the truth, and now he's broken his "perfect record." Sonny notes that Jason is keeping one of Sam's secrets as well.

THE GARAGE: Danny tells Sam all about his time with Jason -- that they talked about motorcycles and baseball. Danny leaves the room to go get his new baseball cap, which gives Sam and Jason a chance to talk. Sam tells Jason everything that happened back at the courthouse. She also mentions that Carly is very helpful now that she knows that Sam's baby is Sonny's. This comes as a surprise to Jason, who wasn't aware that Sonny told Carly the truth. Sam tells Jason that now he is free from the lie...but Jason doesn't seem to care about being free -- he says he has to leave to talk to Sonny right away. He looks very upset.

THE CELLAR: Dillon and Georgie are arguing -- Dillon doesn't want to continue dressing as "Astrid" but Georgie thinks that it would be good for L&B. She's taken aback by Dillon's hatred of the "Astrid" role. Dillon says that he hates being treated like a sex object, like he's just some girl. These words touch a nerve with Georgie.

KELLY'S: Lorenzo and Lois are walking home when they hear the radio outside of Kelly's -- a news broadcaster is talking about how an investigation has been launched in order to find out who shot Jax (since Jax himself isn't talking). This leads to a discussion in which Lois asks Lorenzo if he's ever been shot before. He says that he has been shot, and then notes that she probably sees that as a sign that he's a criminal. They also talk about the fact that Brooke Lynn wants Lois to stop seeing Lorenzo. Lois points out that she stood up for him in front of her daughter, and he agrees to pay her back by considering letting Sage sing with her group. Then he leaves.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alan opens up the letter, which reveals that Monica is now eliminated from the competition. Alan and Monica are both wondering if the letters are fakes, but Justus and Emily think that they're real. Alan and Monica are not happy campers. In the midst of the bickering, Emily gets a call from Lucky asking her to meet up with him. She rushes out of the room. No sooner has Emily left than Tracy enters with her camera...Ned tells her that Alan and Monica have been cut from the contest. Tracy is giddy at the news. Monica wonders if Tracy forged the letters, but Tracy denies any involvement.

Out on the patio, Heather feigns concern for Edward over the picture that Tracy took of the two of them kissing. Edward says that he can handle Tracy but warns Heather that she should keep her distance. Heather agrees and says that she'll try to be strong for both of their sakes. She leaves.

THE GARAGE: Danny comes back into the main part of the garage and is disappointed to see that Jason has left. Sam tells him that Jason has his own life to get back to, just like they have their own lives as well.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Jason enters the penthouse and comes face to face with Carly. She confronts him about the fact that he lied to her. She's so angry that she leaves the penthouse entirely. Sonny comes into the room and Jason asks him why he told Carly the truth without first notifying him (Jason).

THE CELLAR: Georgie and Dillon are arguing over what Georgie perceives to be Dillon's insensitivity towards women -- she thinks that Dillon believes that girls ask to be objectified by dressing a certain way. She gets very upset to the point where she leaves the club.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney is helping Jax into the bedroom...she is also trying to convince him that he needs his rest. Jax doesn't want to depend on Courtney but she tells him that she wants to help him the way he helped her. She assists him into the bed and he teases about the possibility that they could share it when it's time to go to sleep. Courtney smiles and tells him not to get his hopes up.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tells Jason that he had no choice but to tell Carly the truth -- Jason, while still upset that Sonny didn't tell him first, reluctantly agrees that this has all been worth it as long as Sonny and Carly's relationship is still intact. Sonny asks Jason about the secret of Sam's that he's been keeping and Jason fills him on on Sam's brother being the one who really set the fire on accident. Jason says that they have to keep Ric from finding out about Danny.

THE POLICE STATION: Emily arrives for her meeting with Lucky. Lucky tells her about how he followed Sam and found out that she has a brother who Jason has been hiding. Lucky and Emily don't realize that Ric is listening to them from a few feet away. Emily asks Lucky to keep the information from Ric until she can talk to Jason. Lucky is reluctant, but Emily begs him to do it as a favor for her.

RIC'S OFFICE: Ric goes back into his office and tells Alexis what he has overheard. He has put two and two together -- Danny must be behind the fire. Alexis asks him if Lucky agreed with Emily's request to keep quiet. At that moment, Lucky enters and tells Ric that he hasn't found out anything yet. Ric and Alexis realize that he's lying, but they don't say anything.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Edward comes inside from the patio and Tracy is waiting there for him. Tracy icily points out that the thing Lila hated most about Edward's faults were all of his affairs. She asks him if Lila was that easy to replace -- Edward loses his temper and threatens to kick Tracy out of the house. Tracy tells him that Monica and Alan have been eliminated. She tries to blackmail him with the pictures and when he points out that that won't work, she suggests that they form an alliance against the other Quartermaines. Edward agrees. Tracy asks him if he's planning to stab her in the back and Edward replies that he can see that she is getting her own knife ready as well.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny thanks Jason for his help, and for going so far as to sacrifice his chance to get Courtney back. Jason replies that he and Courtney were over long before the lie about Sam's baby. Sonny says that now Jason can get his life back by walking away from Sam. At that moment, Emily arrives and requests a moment alone with Jason. Sonny leaves. Emily tells Jason about what Lucky overheard while on Ric's mission to spy on Sam.

THE CELLAR: Lois comes back into the Cellar and he fills her in on the fact that Simon not only knows the truth but thinks that he should continue to dress in drag. Lois tries to convince Dillon to go along with it for Brooke Lynn's sake...since Brooke can use all the exposure she can get. Dillon says that he doesn't want to be the comic relief, he wants to be the director behind the scenes...but now that he has fallen in love, he wants to do anything to make Georgie happy. And if Georgie wants to be in the band, he wants to help make that happen for her. Lois asks him what his final decision will be.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Georgie are lurking behind a corner. Georgie points out where Dillon/"Astrid" is and suggests to Lucas that they teach Dillon a lesson he'll never forget.

Also meanwhile, Lorenzo is on the phone with one of his men. While Faith believes that she is being flown to a tropical destination, the plane is actually bringing her back to Port Charles, where she will be delivered to Jason.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Emily tells Jason that she took advantage of the fact that Lucky's in love with her in order to get him to agree to her plea not to tell Ric anything. Jason assures her that he'll handle everything from here on in. Emily leaves and Sonny returns. Jason tells Sonny that it isn't over yet, as Ric is still intent on catching Sam.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Carly has dropped in for a visit -- and to tell Courtney that Jason is back in town. Carly thinks that now that the truth has been revealed about Sam's baby, Courtney and Jason can get back together and live happily ever after. Jason will leave Sam and go back to Courtney. Courtney tells her that nothing has changed between her and Jason.

THE CELLAR: Lois is gone and Dillon/"Astrid" is alone...but not for long. Lucas comes over and attempts to hit on him, while Georgie watches (barely able to contain her excitement).

THE GARAGE: Danny is tinkering around the garage when Ric shows up. Danny asks him who he is and Ric tells him that he's just a friend.

RIC'S OFFICE: Alexis is talking on the phone at Ric's desk, trying to get information on whether or not Sonny, Jason or anyone connected to them visited the death row inmate who confessed to the fire. As soon as she hangs up, Sonny comes into the room.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Carly is trying to convince Courtney to go back to Jason but Courtney says that, though she loves Jason she cannot be with him. Carly thinks that there will never be anyone else for Courtney. Suddenly she is interrupted by the appearance of Jax, clad only in a towel. Jax says hello to Carly and asks Courtney if she could help him back into bed. Carly looks surprised to say the least.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason comes home to the penthouse and finds that Sam is all packed up and getting ready to leave. She tells him that now he is free to live his own life -- she also thanks him for everything that he's done for her. As she is about to head out the door, Jason tells her not to go.

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