GH Update Monday 8/2/04

General Hospital Update Monday 8/2/04

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THE CELLAR: Lorenzo and Lois are talking L&B Records business when Lorenzo spots Dillon-in-drag (aka "Astrid") and Simon at the bar. He points out Dillon to Lois, who freaks when she sees Simon putting his hand on Dillon's leg. She tells Simon to take his hand off of "that boy!" and then realizes her mistake and says "body" instead.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: The whole family (Alan, Monica, Justus, Tracy, Ned and Edward) has been gathered in the living room for some kind of meeting. Edward has brought Heather, much to the disdain of pretty much everyone, particularly Tracy, Alan and Monica. They are unaware of the fact that they are being watched by a security camera. Emily comes into the room and announces that she has called the meeting to tell them that she is withdrawing from the competition. Tracy, for one, isn't buying it.

THE COURTHOUSE: Ric and Alexis argue over whether or not Sonny lied about buying a confession from the man on death row in order to get Sam off. Alexis thinks that Sonny would never have lied to her, but Ric believes otherwise.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny thanks Carly for helping out with Ric while Sam watches. Sam is then taken away by a police officer to the courthouse. Immediately afterward, Lucky presents Sonny with a subpoena -- he has been called to testify in court. Sonny looks at Lucky warily.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Each of the Quartermaines (sans Tracy) try to persuade Emily to stay in the competition, but she says that she wants to withdraw since she has no interest in the money. Tracy thinks that Emily is just putting on a show of virtue in an attempt to win. The Q's turn on Tracy -- as they all believe that she will be the first one eliminated. Heather interrupts the argument, asking them all to realize how much they are hurting Edward.

THE CELLAR: Lois chews out Simon for his treatment of Dillon/Astrid, then drags Dillon to another area of the club so they can talk in private. She offers to let him out of their deal, but Dillon says that he'll go through with it for L&B. Lois then turns on Georgie, Sage and Brooke Lynn, who have been keeping an eye on Dillon from the club entrance -- she wants them all to leave, but Brooke argues that they are there to support Dillon. Lois goes back over to Lorenzo's table and he asks her to explain what's going on with Dillon.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Simon suggests to Dillon/Astrid that they go somewhere a little more private...much to Dillon's chagrin.

THE COURTROOM: Court is in session. Ric tells the judge that he intends to prove that the confession from the guy on death row is phony. He then calls Sonny to the stand.

THE CELLAR: Dillon/Astrid convinces Simon that they should eat at the club, rather than in Simon's hotel room. Meanwhile, Lois tells Lorenzo the whole sordid story of Dillon in drag. Lorenzo doesn't understand how any of this is going to help Sage's singing career.

KELLY'S: Georgie, Brooke Lynn and Sage are sitting at a table together. Sage thinks that it's weird that Simon's paying so much attention to Dillon and Georgie accuses her of being jealous that Simon doesn't care about her. Brooke complains about how Simon has no taste in music and Sage asks her why she wrote the song at all if she hates it. While the girls are talking, Lucas comes over to their table...Brooke sees him and doesn't answer Sage's question. Lucas pulls up a chair and asks them what they were talking about. Just then, Trent comes into Kelly's and asks the girls how long Dillon has been into drag -- apparently he was snooping around L&B and came across the audition tape. Georgie is angry at Trent for spilling the news about Dillon.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: The family argues with Heather over her plea that they respect Edward's grief by not fighting. Alan brings up the fact that when Jason was a baby, Heather tried to steal his trust fund. Tracy chimes in, telling them that she tried to bribe Heather to leave town, and Heather turned down her offer only because it wasn't enough money. Heather leaves and Edward tries to follow her. Before he can, both Justus and Tracy try to reason with him -- but he doesn't listen. He exits the living room...Heather, watching from a few feet away, sees this and smiles to herself before sneaking off.

THE COURTROOM: Sonny is up on the stand. Ric asks him if he bought the confession from the death row inmate and Sonny lies and says that he didn't. Then Alexis takes over questioning and asks Sonny why Ric hates him so much.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: The Quartermaines are still trying to convince Emily to stay in the competition. Emily again tells them that she doesn't want the money and even if she were to win she would distribute the money evenly among all family members, even AJ. Monica pulls Alan outside to "take a walk." In the garden, Alan believes that Monica is interested in sex, but she tells him that they have more important things to discuss.

KELLY'S: Brooke, Georgie and Sage explain the situation to Lucas and Trent, who find Dillon's exploits very amusing. Georgie begs Lucas not to let on to Dillon that he knows. Brooke changes the subject -- she wants to put an end to her mother's relationship with Lorenzo. This leads to some tension between Sage and Brooke as Sage defends her uncle.

THE CELLAR: Lorenzo is hesitant about the idea of Sage in a girl group, but Lois tells him that the group could give Sage the experience she needs to make it on her own. Lorenzo applauds her ability to spin, and they flirt a little bit.

At Simon and "Astrid's" table, Dillon/Astrid is starving and Simon says that he thinks it's attractive for a woman to have a big appetite. Dillon gets flustered and leaves to go to the bathroom.

As he goes, Heather comes into the Cellar and sits down at a table. Edward follows her and takes a seat as well. He apologizes on behalf of his family and tells her that she has been a comfort to him during this very trying time.

On the way back from the bathroom, Dillon stops in the doorway just in time for Tracy to come up behind him. She tries to get his attention -- unaware that this nice young woman is her son in drag (she can't see his face). Dillon starts to panic and keeps his face turned away from her. It's a very awkward moment.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Monica tells Alan that she doesn't want to risk letting Edward or Tracy getting their hands on any of the money. She proposes that they provoke them into bad behavior in order to get them eliminated. Neither of them are aware that a security camera is recording their conversation.

THE CELLAR: Tracy offers "Astrid" fifty dollars to "accidentally" dump some water in Heather's lap. Dillon (careful to keep his face turned away from Tracy) tries to decline, but she raises the offer to one hundred dollars and he accepts.

Meanwhile, Lois is asking Lorenzo about the kind of business that he's in. They discuss his methods of operation and he assures her that while he's broken laws in the past, right now all of his transactions are legal. He says he doesn't like violence -- violence is what killed his brother,, he has Sage to consider. At that moment, Brooke Lynn comes in and demands to speak to her mother in private.

Dillon/Astrid causes a stir when, per the arrangement with Tracy, he walks past Heather and Edward's table and knocks a glass of water into Heather's lap.

THE COURTROOM: Alexis is questioning Sonny, and Sonny talks about his family history -- that Ric blames him for their mother choosing Sonny over Ric. Ric, watching from the prosecution table, looks none too happy. The judge calls a recess, and during that time Ric tells Alexis that she managed to take the focus off of Sonny's perjury. Alexis replies that Sam is innocent, and that Sonny told the truth. Ric doesn't believe her. The judge returns and pronounces Sam free and clear of all charges.

KELLY'S: Brooke Lynn and Lois are now above the Cellar in the main dining area of Kelly's. Brooke wants Lois to stop seeing Lorenzo, but Lois tells her that Lorenzo's business is legal in the country in which he is conducting it. Lucas listens to their conversation.

THE CELLAR: Sage is talking to Lorenzo about Lois. She supports their relationship and notes that Brooke is against it because she believes that Lorenzo is a criminal. Lorenzo tells Sage that she doesn't have to defend him, and that he and Lois are just friends. Sage says that that's a good place to start.

Meanwhile, Heather dries off from Dillon/Astrid's little "accident" and she and Edward leave while Tracy looks on.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: With the security camera spying on them, Monica and Alan discuss their plan of action -- eliminating everyone from the competition. Alan muses on the subject of Ned...should they let him help them eliminate other family members, or should they get rid of him right off the bat?

Back inside the living room, Ned tries to enter into an alliance with Justus -- Ned says that he needs the money for L&B. Justus declines on the grounds that it could end up getting him cut from the competition. (Another hidden camera is recording their discussion.) Justus then leaves the room and Ned asks Emily if she's disappointed in his attempt to win in such a ruthless manner. She says that she understands why it's important to him. Just then, Alan and Monica return -- they tell Ned that they are going to try to knock out Tracy first. Suddenly Alice enters with a letter that was just pushed through the mail is addressed to the loved ones of Lila Quartermaine.

THE COURTROOM: Ric asks Lucky to tail Sam in order to get evidence that can be used against her in court. Lucky agrees and follows Sam out of the courthouse. Out in the hallway, Carly notes that Sonny lied on the stand and Sonny says that technically he didn't, as he wasn't officially involved in the deal with the death row inmate. He points out that lying to Alexis was what helped them win, and that all he did was tell her what she wanted to hear. He and Carly leave, never realizing that Alexis heard their conversation from inside the courtroom -- and she looks very angry.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alan opens up the letter and finds a dollar bill and a note, saying that he has been disqualified from the competition for conspiring to eliminate other family members. Alan is angry and points out that Monica was conspiring right along with him!

KELLY'S: Just outside of Kelly's, Edward and Heather are walking together. Heather thanks him for his support and then gives him a kiss on the lips. Tracy comes up from behind them and snaps a picture -- then she triumphantly waves the camera around and tells Edward that this picture will get him kicked out of the competition.

Inside, Brooke Lynn and Sage are arguing about Lois and Lorenzo's relationship. Sage tells Brooke that no matter what Brooke does, it won't stop Lorenzo from seeing Lois if Lorenzo is really interested. Brooke gets upset and runs out of the diner. Lucas follows her. He tells her that he understands her position...that he knows that all she wants is for her parents to get back together, and that that's why she's lashing out at Lois/Lorenzo. He says that he used to do the same thing with his parents (Tony and Bobbie).

THE CELLAR: Lois comes back to the table in time to hear the tail-end of Lorenzo's cell phone conversation -- he's arranging some kind of deal. Lois looks a little nervous at the sound of what is surely criminal activity. Meanwhile, at another table, Simon reveals to Dillon that he's aware that Dillon's a boy and not a girl. Dillon is understandably awed.

THE GARAGE: Sam bursts into the garage -- she runs in and shouts happily that the charges have been dropped and she is free. Lucky listens from outside...he has a curious expression on his face.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Carly discuss Alexis -- Sonny says that Alexis earned every penny of her payment for a job well done on the case. He and Carly start kissing.

THE COURTROOM: Alexis admits to Ric that she was wrong about Sonny...that Sonny lied to her, manipulated the system, and now she wants to take him down once and for all.

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