GH Update Thursday 7/29/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/29/04

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As evening falls at Wyndermere Nikolas is irritated that Emily went to Lucky with Nikolas plans for the trip with Faith. Emily stands firm and tells him someone has to save him from himself.

On the Q terrace Heather and Edward embrace...the inheritance cameras and Tracy get an eyeful. “What a pretty picture,” Tracy says.

At GH Alexis is visiting Sam, her client. Alexis tells sam that she and Sonny are doing everything they can to win Sam’s freedom. Sam knows that Sonny hired Alexis because she has a reputation of winning against Ric. Alexis asks Sam if Sonny has won custody of Sam’s baby for his help.

Ric tells Courtney and Sonny in the hallway in no uncertain terms that Courtney needs to tell him who shot Jax or Sam and the baby are heading for a prison cell.

Back at Wyndermere, Nikolas insists he can make his own decisions; Emily warns that Faith kills for fun. Lucky explains that Faith probably shot Jax, increasing the danger of escorting her out of town. He tells Nikolas that Alcazar is just using him. Nikolas counters that Alcazar does not tell him who to be or how to behave. Lucky leaves. Emily says she wants to talk with Nikolas alone. She says that no tantrum will stop her from loving Nikolas.

Tracy calls Heather a golddigger and tells Edward he lost his chance at Lila’s $$ with that kiss from Heather. Edward tells her he does not care. She calls him pathetic. Maybe, Tracy wonders, after so many years of cheating on Lila, Edward is just relieved that she is gone. Edward turns on her suddenly commanding and raging and tells her she cannot question his love for Lila. Tracy is unstoppable, she feels his tete a tete with Heather is an odd way of showing devotion to Lila’s memory. Edward says that Tracy has no chance at Lila’s fortune because she wouldn’t know good behavior if it came up and,” bit her [on the]...nose.” Heather interrupts saying the kiss was her fault, that she initiated it, and she asks Edward’s forgiveness.

At GH, Sam tells Alexis that Sonny would automatically get custody of her baby if Sam was convicted. Sam believes Sonny would never take her baby from her. Alexis tells her that there may be an assumption of custody since Sonny provided counsel. Alexis asks Sam if Sam is aware that Sonny always has guards and that he is often targeted by gunfire. Sam says that Sonny’s children are protected. Alexis remembers that Michael nearly lost his life when he ran away, and that Sonny has been lucky until now. Alexis tells Sam to do as she wishes but warns Sam not to bargain her child’s custody for Sonny’s help.

At the nurse’s station, Sonny tells Ric to come after him directly and not to persecute Sam and his daughter. Ric says he is stalling the extradition for the baby’s sake but he will cease if Courtney doesn’t tell the details of Jax’s shooting. Sonny interjects that Courtney can make her own decisions. Ric asks Courtney who shot Jax. She tells Ric to ask Jax. Ric advises her that Jax is refusing to answer. Courtney follows Jax’s lead and remains silent. Ric asks them both if this is how they want to play it. Both Sonny and Courtney don’t answer him.

At Wyndermere Emily tells Nik that he is angry because she lied to him, and is self-destructing because of his own anger at being unable to live up to who he used to be. She warns him against alienating everyone from his old life because his memory loss won’t be permanent. He is sulking and says it hasn’t yet. Emily tells him the worst thing that could happen is that he does alienate everyone and then wake up with a restored memory one day and want all those connections returned.

Faith and Alcazar are waiting at his yacht. She is fretting; Alcazar counsels patience; his phone rings and his goons announce the arrival of Lucky Spencer. Alcazar sends Faith to hide. Lucky arrives and tells Alcazar to get out of Nicholas life if he doesn’t want trouble from Lucky.

Brooke Lynne arrives at Kelly’s and finds Lucas behind the counter. He tells her he’s following a family tradition; even his Uncle Luke worked there at one time. He tells her Georgie updated him on the story of Brooke and her killer stage mother. Brooke tells Lucas about her change of heart regarding her music; she says she’s sold out for power over her mom.

Over at the Quartermaines Heather insists she respects Edward’s grief. Tracy is hyper and agitated and questions Heather’s sincerity. She asks Edward if he is falling for this and accuses Heather of insulting Lila. Heather insists it is Edward’s sense of family that draws her to him. Tracy wonders archly if it is not Edward’s bank account that holds the most appeal. Heather admits the kiss between her and Edward was inappropriate. Edward says anyone can make a mistake, and feels the kiss was rooted in sympathy. Tracy thinks it’s all about the money. Edward insists that Heather is welcome to return to tend Lila’s garden. Tracy shifts gears and tells Edward he is a “pathetic old coot,” and if he falls for Heather it will end in misery for him.

At the GH nurses’ station, Ric assumes that Jax’s silence about his shooter is protecting Courtney or Jason. Sonny tells Ric to back off until Courtney’s lawyer arrives. Sonny says Ric needs a warrant. Ric leaves to get one. Sonny tries to get Courtney to give him the real information after Ric storms off. He is upset that she will even extend her silence to Sonny, her brother and Jax’s enemy to protect Jax.

In the den at the Quartermaines Tracy tries again to show Heather as a manipulative money chaser. Heather began right after Lila’s death and has slowly insinuated herself. Their dispute is played for the inheritance cameras. Tracy explains heather’s machinations to Edward calling her a spider. Edward believes all of Heather’s interest is merely compassionate. How long will it be, Tracy wonder’s, before Heather takes Edward to bed. He looks at Tracy with disgust and says he is glad Lila did not live to see how "poisonous" Tracy has become.

At Wyndermere Emily believes Alcazar is taking advantage of Nikolas memory loss. Nikolas sees Alcazar as someone who left it up to him to make up his own mind as a competent adult. He feels Emily treats him as a mental case. He tells her he just wants to live the life he has now. He is worn down with the expectation she has of the “old” Nikolas magically appearing and again asks her to leave. She complies quietly, sadly.

Lucky tells Alcazar he has been seen with Faith and Nikolas and that Faith is a suspect in Jasper Jax shooting. The police also want to speak to Faith regarding Alcazar’s and Sonny’s shootings Lucky tells Alcazar he is there to protect his brother. Alcazar tells Lucky that Nikolas does not want or need his protection. Alcazar figures Lucky should be glad that Nikolas is not focused on Emily. Lucky tells Alcazar sharply that he does not want Emily at the expense of his brother. Alcazar sits back and grins and tells Lucky to take it up with Nikolas. Lucky says Alcazar will pay if harm comes to Nikolas.

Ric and Alexis run into each other in front of the hospital elevator. He asks where she is heading. She does not want to speak with him or share an elevator with him. She tells him he took advantage of her previously in an elevator to “maul” her. He says she enjoyed it. She says she has no interest in discussing this again. She cares about her professional reputation. Ric goads her to admit that she does not want Sonny to know that she is attracted to Ric. She doesn’t.

Courtney goes to meet Carly at The Cellar. Courtney asks if Carly thinks that if Courtney pursues a relationship with Jax if that would end all hope of a reconnection with Jason. Carly says she doesn’t know Jason the way she thought she did so she can’t speak for him. Carly begins to speak about her and Sonny. She wants all four of them back together, Courtney and Jason across the hall and herself and Sonny in the Penthouse with the children but she isn’t sanguine that it could turn out that way. She tells Courtney that she nearly walked out.

At GH: Sonny tells Sam the ‘clearing’ of the charges against her has all been taken care of, there will be no extradition. Sonny tells her there is another confession and she swears that she is guilty.

Inside Kelley’s: Brooke explains the prefab girl band concept to Lucas, her vocals times 4 along with lipsynching and dance. “The song sucks.” But she hopes this project will make Lois lose interest in Alcazar.

Outside, Emily runs into Lucky and he encourages her not to let Nikolas attitude get to her; Emily tells Lucky that Nikolas is punishing her by ruining his own life.

Back at Wyndermere. Alcazar tells Nikolas that the trip is off because he cannot afford to have Lucky, a cop, watching him. Nikolas is incensed. He feels that Alcazar is trying to protect him as well, and lets him know that he does not need so called ‘friends’ who act patronizing towards him. Alcazar leaves.

At GH: Alexis says that if hypothetically she were attracted to Ric (Which, she says, she is not) that she would love to tell Sonny, because it would delight her tell him that Ric is a better kisser, better dancer, better educated, better in every way than his brother in order to see his ego deflated. Unfortunately that would have the effect of inflating Ric’s ego. She says she has no interprets in repeating any dance or kiss or anything that may have passed between them. She begins to hyperventilate, calling it asthma. Ric warns her against having an attack in the judge’s chambers that that would be construed as a false play for sympathy. Alexis tells Ric he is far more irritating than his brother and Ric She admits that Ric is much more irritating than Sonny. She feels she has won this round and tells Ric not to even think of getting on ‘her’ elevator as the doors close. Ric turns away with an immense grin on his face.

Carly and Courtney discuss deep personal issues at the Cellar. Carly says that she really knew Sam’s baby was Sonny’s and that she was doubly hurt by that betrayal and by Jason lying about it. Carly now realizes she loves Sonny whether it is wise or not, and now she has to decide whether she will love him and stay or love him and leave. They want to stay together for the boys. Carly realizes that part of the reason she is staying is her own selfishness and competitive streak. She knows if she just left with child support and the life of a rich woman then Sam would have the life and place that Carly sees as hers. She says that for better or worse she chose to be in her bed with Sonny the previous night and he reached for her many times.

In Sam’s room at GH Sonny explains that a man scheduled to die in Texas has confessed in detail to the arson in Bailey’s Beach and that Sam will soon be cleared. Jason provided for the inmate’s family. Sonny wants to know whom Sam is protecting. Sam lets Sonny know that Jason has already been told who the real arsonist is; he is put off by realizing that Sam trusted Jason enough to confide in but still resists confiding in him, the father of her child.

Heather arrives at Kelly’s and asks Lucas for some iced tea. Tracy follows her in and asks her what she wants.

Outside, Emily admits to Lucky that she still hopes for Nikolas to respond to life like he did before. Nikolas Em and Lucky discuss why Nikolas is self-destructing; Lucky tells Em she needs to convince Nikolas that she has moved on.

Sam calls Courtney to her room in GH to speak to her alone, again excluding Sonny.

At Kelly’s Heather is accosted by Tracy she asks her what she wants. .

At Wyndermere, Nikolas explains to Mary his perception of why the trip was called off, that Alcazar wanted to “keep” him safe, and not just to avoid questions from the cops. Mary offers to stay with Nikolas.

Over at the nurses’ station, Ric accosts Sonny he tells him that Lucky has told him that Faith and Lorenzo has been seen together. He wants to know what Jax’s role is and demands that Sonny tell him what was going on.

He threatens again that Sam’s baby will be born in prison if info is not forthcoming. Sonny asks if Ric is really that full of hatred that he would let Sam be extradited.

At Kelly’s Tracy offers Heather one hundred thousand dollars. Heather insists that what she wants is family and connection. Tracy admires Heather’s con skills. Heather wonders if bribery is considered virtuous. Tracy vows to stop Heather.

Outside Kelly’s Emily admits to Lucky that she still hopes for Nikolas to respond to life like he did before. Lucky suggests showing Nikolas a relationship between himself and Em to convince Nikolas that Em has moved on. Emily is concerned. She can’t believe Lucky will let her ‘use’ him to convince Nikolas.

At Wyndermere Nikolas admits he doesn’t know what he feels for Mary, but that he liked his life as Connor much more than the one he has now.

At GH: Sam tells Courtney that Jason lied about being her baby’s father to save Michael’s future and Sam says that Jason still loves Courtney. Courtney says that Jason’s lie has allowed her to move on, and advised Sam that Jason must respect Sam, and that everything happens with a purpose.

Over a great deal of protest, Alcazar locks Faith in a stateroom on his yacht. She believes she is going out of the country but Alcazar wants Faith as bait to entrap Sonny and will bring her back to Port Charles.

Ric and Sonny Round 33 at the nurses Station. Alexis returns to the hospital and tells Ric about the death row inmate in Texas, David Beren, who confessed to the arson. Sonny is gleeful that he has outmaneuvered Ric yet again. Alexis tells Ric she is going to petition the court to vacate the verdict against Sam.

Teasers for Friday.

Lois lets Dillon know he needs to dress up again.

Helena is facing a gun. She asks Nikolas what on earth he is doing, and he asks her the same.

Monica asks Sam whether she lied to Jason about her baby or both she and Jason lied together.

Alexis asks Sonny whether or not he arranged the confession that clears Sam.

Ric asks Carly to help him prove Sam’s guilt.


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