GH Update Wednesday 7/28/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/28/04

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Dillon is pouring orange juice at the Q house. Edward reminisces about Lila singing when she was younger as he hears Brooke sing outside on the terrace. Both agree that Brooke has a great voice. Dillon heads outside and makes another plea for Brooke to sing. He argues that it would be a waste of a great gift if she did not use her talent. To his pleased surprise, she agrees.

The Cassadine Prince is talking with Mary at Wyndermere. Nikolas shows his frustration at his stubborn lack of memory. At this point, he tells Mary, he is seriously considering giving up trying to remember his past. He wants to get away from all the expectations of those who loved Nikolas. This suits Mary just fine, because it dovetails nicely with her plan to isolate him in a foreign country where only she can reach him. Alcazar and Faith arrive with a job for Nikolas.

At GH that morning, Carly finds Sam up and around and not doing a good job of faking problems in her pregnancy. She warns Sam about Ric finding out. Carly is puzzled; why won’t Sam stay quiet and do what she’s told since Jason and Sonny have promised to do everything they can for Sam, delaying and then clearing her charges. She caution’s Sam against talking to Ric. Sam is nervous, she’s afraid that if her case comes under scrutiny she will be sent to South Carolina and prison immediately. Ric appears and confirms that Sam is not going anywhere.

At the Q house, Heather is tending Lila’s roses and doesn’t hear Edward; she is momentarily scared by his arrival. They sit on a bench and Edward tells Heather that he feels he’s been getting signs from Lila all morning. Heather tells him that all the things he’s seeing and hearing are a living testament to Lila’s presence here on earth, Lila’s scent or Brooklyn’s song, or Lila’s flowers. She also tells Edward she sees vulnerability in his eyes.

Tracy arrives: she’s on to Heather, and tells her that she heard her going through Lila’s things. Heather is wearing Lila’s bonnet. Edward protests to Tracy that all he is doing is getting some fresh air; Tracy snaps that fresh air is well and good he just needs to get some somewhere where Heather is not. Heather stands and asks Tracy why she’s upset. After all there is nothing inappropriate going on. Tracy goes on that Heather is courting Edward and his money, and that the two of them plan to build a place to tryst right there in the rose garden. Heather hauls off and slaps Tracy sharply.

L+B is not making beautiful music this morning. Georgie is trying her best to sing to a tape, but singing is not one of her talents. Sage hears the racket and cuts Georgie down for even thinking of trying to sing to impress Dillon.

On the terrace at the Q’s Brooke admits to Dillon that singing at Lila’s memorial made her realize how much she wanted to sing and that not singing to spite Lois was not her smartest move. They bond talking about Lila and Lois; Brooke lets Dillon read her latest incomplete lyric. It inspires him and he grabs her and they head for the studio.

Nikolas has some unexpected guests at Wyndermere. Alcazar asks Nikolas and Mary to take his yacht out of the country and allow Faith to stow away. Mary doesn’t want to endanger Nikolas, but he says he will decide. Alcazar explains Faith’s trouble with Sonny. He also notes to Mary that he believed that she and Nikolas wished to get as far away from Emily as possible. Nikolas turns to Mary and asks her what this is about and whether she has set the situation up.

GH: Sam’s room. Ric advises he will keep Sam in PC because of her “at risk pregnancy. Carly disbelieves him. Ric explains he wants baby safe from Sonny the criminal. Carly says he is only using Sam’s baby to further his anger that Sonny will have nothing to do with him Alexis listens.

Over at the hospital, Ric tells Sam he will do everything he can to keep her in the hospital and away from prison time. Sam is understandably skeptical; just why does Ric want to do this now, when just a few hours prior he was doing his best to extradite Sam? Ric advised Sam he doesn’t want her pregnancy to be at risk. He believes Sam’s child deserves a better start in life than being born in prison. Carly heads him out of the room and says she doesn’t buy this act for one second. She knows the only reason he has suddenly decided to care about Sam has to do with his need to ruin Sonny’s life. She asks him why he is pretending to care about what happens to Sam’s child. Ric admits that he still thinks Sonny has to pay for his life and crimes. Carly tells him that he’s just angry that Sonny will not acknowledge or connect with Ric as a brother. Ric repeats that he is concerned for the child. Carly reiterates that the child is Sonny’s responsibility not Ric's.

Brooke, Dillon, Sage and Georgie are in the studio. Sage tells Georgie she has a rotten voice, and makes fun of her “ amazing talent.” Georgie responds by telling Sage that her voice is too ordinary and that the only reason anybody watches her is because she makes her body the centerpiece. She also called Sage a witch. Lois arrives and announces that she has cut a demo for a girl band contest, using Brooke’s voice for all four voices. They like the sound and Brooke likes Lois plan.

Tracy rises in the rose garden and asks Edward to make Heather apologize to her. Heather apologizes to Edward and Edward accuses Tracy of having no clue about what is going on. Tracy tells him to come to the den and listen to the reading of Lila’s will. Tracy advances on Heather and accuses her of being a money hungry piece of trash, wanting all the trappings of the rich and preying on Edward. Heather says, “What if you are exactly right?”

Faith wants a decision in a hurry about whether Nikolas and Mary will help her leave town. She doesn’t have much faith in the prince and the pauper, and Alcazar and Faith leave; Alcazar asks Nikolas to contact him when she has made up her mind. Mary tells Nikolas that she did not “set him up”, that she just wanted to help him leave behind his stress. Nikolas tells Mary that perhaps this time away is the answer to his problems. Emily arrives and asks, “answer to what?” Mary tells Emily to leave and that Nikolas does not want to see her, and states that Nikolas has feelings for her. Nikolas tells them both to wait and stop fighting as if he was not there. Nikolas asks why Emily has come since he has made it clear he no longer wants to see her. Emily affirms that she will never give up on Nikolas. Mary tells Emily that she and Nikolas are going away. Emily asks Nikolas if this has anything to do with Alcazar. He tells her he doesn’t want to get into that. She wishes them well, but puts them on notice that she will wait the rest of her life for Nikolas if necessary, and leaves the room.

At GH Ric wonders why Carly cannot understand the idea that someone can change since she and Jason have clearly done so. He also mentions the fact that Jason ostensibly always truthful has recently begun to lie. Alexis is shown waiting. Carly asks Alexis if she thinks Ric has changed. Carly walks away. Alexis is very aware of Ric’s psychotic “panic room” past. Ric makes an earnest plea, advises the only emotion left over from his “psychotic” period is grief over his lost child. Alexis won’t come down on whether or not Ric has changed but she admits to understanding having lines and crossing them. Alexis says softly that she would like to think that Ric could change.

Over at the studio, Brooke demands creative control from an astonished Lois. While she admits she’s got control issues she agrees to Brooke’s conditions for a girl band consisting of Brooke, Georgie Sage and Maxie. (All the others will lip synch.) Only problem, Maxie cannot be found. Lois gets a phone call and panics: the audition in front of the producer has been moved up from tomorrow to one hour from now.

Tending Lila’s roses. Heather is so confident she admits to Tracy what she’s doing.  Heather tells Tracy Edward will believe her over Tracy since Tracy has such a history of lying to her father. She says she listens to Edward and understands his feelings; that will give her an inside track over Tracy.

Tracy tells her she won’t allow it. Heather calls Tracy a jealous woman who treats her father more like a love she is jealous of than a parent. Tracy turns angrily away and trips and falls right into the roses.

On the Wyndermere lawn, Nikolas and Mary inform Alcazar and Faith that they agree to depart with their passenger at midnight. Nearby but out of sight Emily overhears the plan.

Q’s gather for reading of the will. Heather is also there and they question it. Tracy arrives with cuts from a fall in Lila’s roses.

In the den, the Quartermaines have gathered for the reading of Lila’s will. Tracy is late. Alan questions the propriety of Heather being in the room. Edward tells them Heather will stay. Ned thinks the will will be a routine matter. Monica asks when was Lila ever routine. Ned notice’s his mother’s absence and Edward asks Heather if she left Tracy out in the rose garden. Heather says yes. Tracy arrives with bandages from her combat with the thorns in Lila’s garden.

At the nurses station at GH Em and Lucky figure out what Jax had to do with Faith’s departure. Emily Em explains Mary’s role in Nikolas’ decision to leave and is frustrated at Mary’s seeming success. Lucky tells Em he will not let Nikolas get hurt. Lucky comforts Emily and gently reminds her this is more proof that Nikolas is a stranger now. Ric arrives at the nurse’s station and noses around for details. Has Jax identified his shooter? Lucky tells him no, keeping his and Em’s suspicions a secret from Ric.

Courtney meets Carly outside of Sam’s room. Carly initially thinks Courtney is there to visit Sam but she realizes that Courtney is there to see him, and more than that is falling for him. To protect Jax, she will not reveal details of the shooting to Carly.

At the Nurses station Ric senses Lucky is keeping something from him re Jax’s shooting/ L vows to get Nik out of his situation. Emily is afraid that Lucky is risking his career. Lucky says the real man in danger is Nicholas, and that he needs to protect him.

Over at L and B Georgie cannot locate Maxie. The kids and Lois decide to tell Simon the producer that they all have food poisoning in hopes he will return the next day. Lois moves them out of the room as Simon arrives. They hug warmly but he advises he has only ten minutes to listen. Lois tells him that the band will be ready in five and flees to the next room. She tells the kids that Simon has to hear the band. Suddenly, Lois, Brooke, Sage and Georgie all turn and stare at Dillon. Horrified he realizes that they intend him to be the fourth girl in the band.

In the Quartermaine den, Justus paraphrases Lila’s will. Reggie and Alice will both receive substantial bequests (Reggie was “sent away on a cruise,” by the family.) Alice was also bequeathed a brooch that Tracy is wearing, and Edward makes Tracy hand it over. The community property will all go to Edward. Lila set a challenge in her will regarding her personal fortune. Whichever Quartermaine can display only virtue for 30 days will inherit it all. There is a judge, not named who will decide the outcome.

Over at GH: Carly is clearly upset that Courtney has feelings for Jax. She is still in Jason’s corner. Carly tries to paint Jax as just as dangerous as Jason. Courtney wants her support as her best friend. Carly says she will try but that she wants Courtney to realize that if she truly pursues Jax, she’s closing the door on her and Jason.

At the Q’s, the family wonder who will inherit if all fail the challenge. Tracy calls the will a joke. Heather sees only greed and vice. Tracy says she will not allow a “parasitic gardener” to lecture her. She asks that Heather leaves, she does. Ned grouses that Emily has a lock on the money. Edward goes to the terrace and apologizes to Heather for the family’s rudeness. She says she’s been dishonest to Edward. Heather admits her feelings to Edward and kisses him out on the terrace.

Over at the studio the girls strut out lipsynching their hearts out and Dillon is there in drag.

Lucky arrives through the tunnels to Wyndermere to tell Nik he is there to help him. Nikolas pulls a gun, Lucky tells him he does not need one. Emily arrives as well and refuses to believe Nik doesn’t want to see her.

At GH: Courtney is sad when she overhears a close moment on the phone between Jason and Sam. Ric confronts Courtney and asks her who shot Jax.

Teasers for Thursday.

Nikolas tells both Lucky and Em to get out of his life.

Tracy catches Heather clinging to Edward on the terrace.

She tells her father that Heather is trying “the oldest trick in the book.”

Ric tells Courtney and Sonny she needs to tell all or Sam and baby go straight to prison.

Courtney tells Sonny he will need to find another way to help sam.

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