GH Update Tuesday 7/27/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/27/04

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WYNDEMERE: Nikolas and Emily are kissing when Nikolas suddenly pulls away. She asks if he remembers something and he says that he doesn't. She says she'll never give up hope that he'll remember, and he admits that the kiss "killed" him.

BASEMENT ON IVY STREET: Courtney comes into the basement to find Jax gagged and bound to a chair. She rushes to his side...she takes the duct tape off of his mouth and he tells her that she should have sent someone else. Just then, Faith comes over to them -- she's pointing a gun at Courtney. She's happy because now she has leverage against both Jax and Sonny. Jax begs her to let Courtney go while Courtney screams at Faith that Jax needs a doctor for his leg. Courtney is acting very hysterical.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly hesitantly asks Sonny if he wants to call the station to check up on Sam.

POLICE STATION: Sam is being handcuffed by the deputy from South Carolina when she suddenly doubles over in pain. Ric and Alexis start to panic, as Sam says that there's something wrong with the baby.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas explains to Emily that he doesn't remember the vows he made to her, and doesn't remember how he felt. He feels that the kiss was a "test" -- he says it makes him crazy that he can't be the man that she wants, and he wonders why she would want to be around someone like him.

KELLY'S: Lois comes in and spots Brooke Lynn sitting at a table -- apparently Brooke has called her for a meeting. Brooke is angry and immediately starts in on her mother, "Can't you tell when a gangster is hitting on you?" Lois doesn't understand what Brooke is talking about and Brooke snaps that she's referring to Lorenzo Alcazar.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tells Carly that he doesn't need to know the details of Sam's hearing...Carly reminds him that he doesn't need to prove anything to her by pretending not to care about the baby. Sonny says that he hates that Sam will go to prison but there's nothing he can do tonight...besides, if he was to show that he cares for Sam, Ric could use it against him. Sonny finishes by saying that he knows that this situation is hard on Carly, but he wants her to know that his life is with her and not Sam.

POLICE STATION: The paramedics have arrived. While she's being taken to the ambulance, Sam asks Alexis to go with her to the hospital and Alexis agrees. The deputy tries to follow after them but Ric stops him, saying that no one is taking Sam anywhere until they are sure that the baby is safe.

BASEMENT ON IVY STREET: Courtney alternates between yelling and Faith and holding onto Jax for dear life. Faith orders her to get away from Jax, but Courtney refuses...she's pretending to be hysterical over Jax's condition. Suddenly Courtney hits Faith's hand and the gun flies across the room. Faith and Courtney start fighting, but Faith manages to get away by looking over Courtney's shoulder and yelling, "Jax, no!!" -- when Courtney turns to look at Jax, Faith runs up the stairs and out of the basement. Courtney rushes to untie Jax and he notes that getting shot was a small price to pay for seeing her in action.

KELLY'S: Brooke lectures Lois about Lois' behavior with Lorenzo. She's worried because Lorenzo is a known criminal...she doesn't want to see Lois fall for him. Lois misunderstands and believes that Brooke is jealous of Sage, but Brooke assures her that that's not what's going on. Lois ends up admitting that she finds Lorenzo a little fascinating, but that's all. When Lorenzo comes into the diner, Brooke sees him and immediately demands that he stay away from her mother. Lorenzo smiles at her, amused.

WYNDEMERE: Emily is trying to unpack, and she's joking around to ease the tension. Nikolas says that he remembers that they had sex on the couch in this room...and even then, Em refused to tell him the truth. Emily tries to apologize but Nikolas says that he can't stand the disappointment he sees in her eyes whenever she looks at him. Emily promises that she loves him, that she even loves the man he is now. Nikolas wonders how she could love someone who kisses her sometimes and then pushes her away afterward. He says that love is supposed to make people happy. Emily says that she is happy -- that he is alive.

THE HOSPITAL: Sam is laying in a bed at the hospital, talking to the doctor about the pain and asking if the baby is okay. The doctor promises to run some tests, and Ric tells her to take her time with the results, as the deputy is trying to take Sam back to South Carolina. Sam asks someone to call Sonny and Ric volunteers. He goes out into the hallway and Alexis follows him. Alexis wants to know why he's so concerned about Sam now, and he says that he's worried about the baby...he doesn't think the baby should pay for Sam's mistakes.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly and Sonny are sitting on the couch together sipping brandy. Carly says that this is the part of the day that she used to miss the most: brandy, chocolate, and Sonny. She says that sometimes she imagined that she wanted to shove Sonny into the harbor, and sometimes she wanted to start over anew with him. They exchange "I love you's" and discuss the time Sonny almost died in the convent in Costa Rica, which they consider a turning point in their relationship. They begin kissing. Suddenly the phone rings -- it's Ric, telling Sonny that Sam is in the hospital.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas and Emily are still arguing. Nikolas talks again about how he can't stand that she's so disappointed in him -- he doesn't believe that she loves him the way he is now. Emily tells him that he can't decide who she loves and who she doesn't.

BASEMENT ON IVY STREET: Courtney is tending to Jax, who calls her very resourceful for managing on her own while waiting for the paramedics. While she works, Jax tells her a story about his brother Jerry, and how Jerry called him for help after getting into trouble with the government in New Guinea. As he's talking, Courtney helps him stand up.

KELLY'S: Brooke Lynn is up in Lorenzo's face, telling him that he needs to stay away from Lois -- as Lois is a good person who doesn't need or want anyone like Lorenzo in her life. Lois interrupts when Brooke's tirade gets too heated, and Brooke tells her that she is only trying to save Lois from herself. With that, she leaves Kelly's. Lois turns to Lorenzo in order to apologize, but Lorenzo tells her that he hopes he hasn't given her the wrong impression, because he's in love with someone else.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny and Carly have arrived and Ric and Alexis tell them the story about how Sam started having pains at the police station. Sonny is worried about Sam's chances in court. He and Carly go to see Sam in her room. While they talk with Sam, Sonny asks her if Ric had something to do with her pains and she admits to him that she was just faking.

WYNDEMERE: Emily says that she loves Nikolas despite the fact that he doesn't remember, and that if he needs to push her away then she accepts it...there's nothing she can do besides continue to love him. Nikolas complains that it's all too much pressure, and he asks her to leave. Emily agrees but promises him that she'll never give up on him or their love.

KELLY'S: Lois assures Lorenzo that Brooke just got the wrong idea somehow, and she apologizes if she made Lorenzo feel like she's romantically interested in him. They accept one another's apologies for the awkwardness of the situation. Lois asks him who he's in love with and he says that it's very complicated, as the woman is married. Lois reminds him what a bad idea that is, and asks if the husband knows. Lorenzo tells her that the woman he's in love with is Carly.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny and Carly are still in Sam's room talking. Sam tells them that she wants her child to be born in Port Charles and Sonny agrees with her...he believes that Alexis will be able to stall in court, as Alexis is a good lawyer who will do anything for kids, even his own. Sonny also promises that he'll do whatever he can to keep her out of prison. Suddenly the deputy from South Carolina enters and says that he needs to take Sam back, tonight. Carly follows the deputy out into the hall and yells at him for threatening Sam. The deputy leaves.

KELLY'S: Lois tells Lorenzo that going after Carly is just insane...she talks about how much she hates Carly and how bad Carly is for Sonny. She thinks that it's typical-Carly to be married to Sonny yet stringing Lorenzo along. Lorenzo denies that that's the situation, and then notes that she and Carly are very much alike. Lois snaps that he doesn't need to insult her like that.

Meanwhile, just outside of Kelly's, Ned has arrived and he and Brooke are watching Lorenzo and Lois through the window. Brooke asks her father to stop Lois from entering into a relationship with Lorenzo...she also tells Ned that Lois finds Lorenzo to be fascinating.

Back inside Kelly's, Lorenzo is drawing comparisons between Carly and Lois -- both are smart, strong, loving, etc. Lois continues to feel insulted that he's comparing her to Carly. Lorenzo's cell rings -- it's Faith, asking him to meet her in the basement on Ivy Street, or else she'll tell Sonny that they were working together. Lorenzo doesn't seem scared by her threat, so she tells him instead that it's about Carly. He agrees to meet her. Just then, Ned and Brooke come bounding into Kelly's -- Ned grabs away Lorenzo's phone and then orders him to stay away from Lois. Lorenzo asks for his phone back and when Ned returns it, he leaves (but before he goes he tells Ned that they'll talk about this topic at another time). After he's gone, Lois snaps that Ned should put out of her life.

THE HOSPITAL: Jax is now in a hospital room with Courtney. They talk about his leg, and he tells her that he'll be fine, thanks to her. She muses that he turned out to be an amazing guy, and he tells her that she's amazing too. She tells him that she's glad she got a chance to know him. He asks her why it sounds like she's trying to say good-bye.

BASEMENT ON IVY STREET: Lorenzo enters the basement and immediately upon arrival tells Faith that he won't help her get out of the country. Faith asks him why he's keeping the peace with Sonny -- for Carly's sake? Because, she says, Carly will never come back to him...then she tells him that Carly knows that Sonny is Sam's baby's father -- and Carly's staying with him anyway. Faith suggests that Lorenzo strike back against Sonny, since Carly's no longer an issue.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny tells Sam that he'll always look out for her, but that things are different since he's reunited with Carly. She says that eventually she'll try to be happy for him. Carly comes back into the room to tell them that the deputy is gone. Sam asks Sonny if she could have a moment alone with Carly and Sonny leaves the room. Once outside, he runs into Alexis and immediately asks her if she's trying to get revenge on him by sabotaging Sam's case. Alexis denies that she's doing that and adds that she has more sympathy for Sam now than ever before. Ric watches Sonny and Alexis talking.

Meanwhile, in Jax's room, Courtney tells Jax that it's better that they don't see anymore, as she's a threat to him. She believes that her connection to Sonny is the reason why Faith went after Jax. Jax points out that Faith came after him because he has money and a private jet, both things that she needs to get out of town. He calls Courtney on trying to break up with him because she's scared. He promises her that even if she bails on their deal, he'll continue to come after her, and then he'll proceed to win her over. She says that she doubts that and he asks her to prove it by kissing him and then walking away. Courtney agrees...and gives him a kiss. But that one kiss turns into several kisses...and Courtney remains.

KELLY'S: Ned and Lois and Brooke Lynn are leaving Kelly's. Brooke and Ned are trying to lecture Lois about Lorenzo but Lois isn't having any of it: she accuses Brooke of humiliating her in public. Brooke leaves angrily. Lois again assures Ned that there's nothing going on between her and Lorenzo, and he says that she should keep it that way. Lois reminds him that they are, after all, divorced, therefore she can go out with whoever she wants. She finishes by saying that she and Ned will never be together again. Ned replies that she shouldn't be too sure about that.

BASEMENT ON IVY STREET: Lorenzo agrees to make arrangements for Faith to "disappear." Faith asks what he means by that -- disappear as in "leave the country" or disappear as in "never be seen by anyone again?" Lorenzo says that she'll just have to take the chance, since she can't afford to be selective in her trust.

THE HOSPITAL: Sam thanks Carly for getting rid of the deputy and Carly says that she is trying to make peace with Sonny and Sam's baby. Sam says that Carly "won" and therefore can afford to be generous. Carly admits that she loves Sonny and will do whatever it takes to fight for him -- she urges Sam to respect her marriage to Sonny. She advises Sam to get some rest, and then she leaves the room.

Outside of Sam's room, Alexis tells Carly that Sonny is off somewhere tearing into Ric. Alexis asks Carly again not to tell Sonny the truth about Kristina.

In another area of the hospital, Sonny tells Ric that if anything happens to Sam and the baby, he'll take Ric back to the old house in Martha's Vineyard...where he'll throw Ric down the stairs enough times to break Ric's neck. Ric promises that he's trying to keep Sam in Port Charles...he says he has nothing against Sonny's kids...he knows that kids are Sonny's weakness, and that whoever controls a person's child controls the person himself.

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