GH Update Monday 7/26/04

General Hospital Update Monday 7/26/04

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THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Emily comes into work and she's surprised to see Mary there. Mary says that she got her old job back, as she is determined to move on with her life -- and "moving on" includes trying to get Nikolas back. Emily looks shocked.

THE POLICE STATION: In the interrogation room, Sam is wondering why Alexis is defending her...Alexis says that Sam shouldn't question her motives and that she believes that Sam's child shouldn't have to pay for Sam's mistakes. Ric comes into the room and tells them that he's set up an extradition hearing for that very night.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Carly are making out. In between kisses, Carly tells Sonny that she has missed him. The making out appears to be escalating towards sex.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Jax tells Courtney that the fact that she can't have children has no bearing on his feelings for her. She appreciates that it's out in the open and agrees that they continue to see one another. They kiss, and Courtney walks away. Once she's gone, Faith shows up and points a gun at Jax -- she says that she needs him to help her get out of town on his jet. Jax balks, but Faith snipes that while she has nothing to lose, maybe he can't say the same. At that moment Courtney shows back up...she can't see that Faith is holding a gun to Jax's back.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Emily and Mary are arguing. Emily can't believe that Mary is showing her face around the hospital. Mary says that she can understand why Em is upset, but that Nikolas has been understanding -- she believes that she still has a chance with Nikolas because Nik fell in love with her. She says that Nik can't remember his feelings for Emily, but he does feel for HER. Emily thinks that Mary is going off the deep end, but Mary says that she is seeing everything clearly for the first time since Connor's death. Emily snaps that Nikolas doesn't love Mary and what's more, he never will. Just then, Nikolas arrives. Both women turn to him with expectant looks on their faces.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Carly are now up in the bedroom...a love scene montage follows. Quite a lot of kissing and touching...the way these montages generally work.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Jax is trying to remain calm for Courtney's sake, not giving away that Faith has a gun on him. He makes excuses and says that he is doing business with Faith that doesn't concern her. Faith tells Courtney that Jax wants her, a "real woman" as opposed to Courtney a "dime store dolly." Courtney looks very confused -- she is under the impression that Jax and Faith are working together against Sonny. Jax snaps that he doesn't need her approval, and Courtney leaves. After she's gone, Faith tells Jax that he did the right thing. Jax is resigned to his fate of being forced to help Faith, but she says that before they go to the airport, she has another stop to make. They leave the park.

THE POLICE STATION: Alexis and Ric argue out in the hallway while Sam sits in the interrogation room. Alexis is angry that Ric scheduled the hearing when she didn't have time to prepare. Ric says that since Sam has a right to the hearing, she'll get it...then he accuses Alexis of taking on Sam's case in order to spend more time with him. He tries to walk away but Alexis tags along after him, telling him that she needs more time to prepare for the hearing. He says that she has twenty minutes, then he leaves.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Carly are on the bed, post-sex. They both admit that they are scared, but that they don't want to lose one another again. They start making out again, when the phone rings -- it's Alexis, with the news about the hearing. After Sonny hangs up the phone, he tells Carly that the extradition hearing could send Sam back to South Carolina. Carly asks him what he's going to do. Sonny doesn't answer right away.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Nikolas tells Emily that he is here at the hospital to schedule another hypnotherapy session in order to try to regain his lost memories. Emily is happy about that but Mary is skeptical, asking him why he's forcing himself to try to get his memory back. Emily snaps that Mary is the only one who doesn't want him to remember. At this point, Monica comes over and ushers Emily away for another physical, to double-check after her fainting spell the other day. Mary and Nikolas are alone. Mary says that she wanted to send him his things, but he points out that it's all Connor's things, not his. He says that he tried to drop his clothes off at her house but found the cottage locked up...she replies that Lorenzo sent her away to a spa for a few days, to think. She says that she has something important she needs to talk to him about, concerning the rest of their lives.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Carly are still in bed. Sonny tells Carly that Alexis will do everything she can to help Sam, but that he himself isn't going to go to the police station because he wants to show Carly that he is committed to their reunion. They kiss again.

THE POLICE STATION: Alexis and Sam are in Ric's office, waiting for Ric to bring in the judge for the hearing. Sam asks if Alexis called Sonny but Alexis hedges and says it's not a good idea for Sonny to be at the hearing. Sam notes that they can't call Jason because he's out of town. Alexis says that while she knows that Sam didn't set the fire, but she needs to know who Sam is covering for. Sam pleads ignorance. Just then, Ric comes in with the judge. The judge sits at Ric's desk, and the meeting begins. Alexis argues her case -- that she wants more time to prepare -- and Ric argues against her -- that Sam has already been convicted, so the hearing is a formality. Alexis asks if Sam can stay in Port Charles while she puts together a defense, and Ric interrupts and tells the judge that Alexis is only involved in this in order to spend more time with him.

BASEMENT ON IVY STREET: Jax walks down the stairs into the basement of some building, and Faith follows after him. She says that they are there because she needs him to get her traveling money, since all of her accounts are offshore. She wants him to call his accountant. Jax asks her who is trying to kill her this time and she tells him that Sonny's after her -- which should make him eager to help her, since he hates Sonny as well. Jax says that that's not true, he's still not interested in helping her. Faith demands that he place the call for cash right away, and he brushes her off.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Nikolas and Mary are out walking. Mary tells him that while she was hiding from reality for a long time, but now she's seeing everything clearly again. She wants to give Nikolas his life back, which is why she says that she went to Mexico in order to get their marriage annulled. Nikolas looks surprised to hear it.

THE POLICE STATION: The meeting is still going on in Ric's office. The judge is not amused with Alexis and Ric's bickering and puts an immediate stop to it. Alexis and Ric apologize, and the judge snaps that next time they should just get themselves a hotel room. He also says that he's ordering Sam's immediate extradition to South Carolina.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Courtney is out in the hallway outside of the penthouse arguing with Max -- she has come to see Sonny, right away. Max says that Sonny is busy with Carly, but Courtney is refusing to take no for an answer. She barges into the penthouse and Sonny and Carly both rush downstairs. Courtney says that she needs Sonny's help -- Carly asks if Court's in trouble, but Courtney says that it's not her, it's Jax. Sonny looks pissed.

BASEMENT ON IVY STREET: Jax refuses to help Faith because he doesn't want to stoop to Sonny's level, nor does he want to help someone who has threatened Courtney on several occasions. Faith threatens to go kill Courtney but Jax calls her bluff and says that Courtney can take care of herself. Faith mocks Jax and tells him that he's obviously fallen in love with Court. They argue, and while Faith is on an anti-Courtney tirade, Jax tries to get the gun away from her. While they struggle, Faith drops the gun and it slides across the floor...Jax rushes to get it, and while his back is turned, she grabs a second gun and shoots him twice in the leg. Jax drops to the ground while Faith smiles triumphantly.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Mary has given Nikolas the annulment papers...he glances over them while she explains that the marriage wasn't legal to begin with, but that she wanted it ended in order to give them some kind of closure. But she says that she meant her vows -- that she did love him and planned to spend the rest of her life with him. Nik is glad that she is trying to get on with her life, and she says that she missed him while she was gone...but that they both need to take time out to process things. She goes on to say that they fell in love with one another, and that that's real. Mary tries to kiss him, but he pulls away and tells her that he doesn't know how he feels about anything, least of all her.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric, Alexis, Sam and the judge are still in Ric's office. Ric thanks the judge for his time, and Sam asks if she can say something on her behalf...she says that she knows she has to pay for what she has done, but that her daughter shouldn't have to pay...she wants to stay in a jail in Port Charles until the baby is born, that way the baby can be born near Sonny. Sam wants Sonny to be able to be at the hospital. The judge turns down Sam's request and leaves.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Courtney fills Sonny and Carly in on what she saw in the park...Sonny doesn't think it's unusual for two of his enemies, Jax and Faith, to be talking, but Courtney is certain of Jax's innocence...she believes that there's something strange going on, as Jax would never do business with anything mob-related. She thinks maybe Jax is being forced to fly Faith out of the country -- and she accuses Sonny of letting his war with Faith get so out of hand that now Jax is involved. Sonny tells her that she should let Jax handle his own business.

BASEMENT ON IVY STREET: Jax is in pain on the floor. Faith notes that she is so tired of men underestimating her. She gives him his cell phone and demands that he make the call for money right away. He tells her that it'll take some time, but she isn't hearing any of it...she says that if he wants medical help, he'll hurry up and get the money.

THE POLICE STATION: Alexis and Sam are back in the interrogation room. Alexis assures Sam that she's working on an appeal. Sam wants her to call Sonny again, so she can tell Sonny good-bye. Alexis advises Sam that Sonny will help her with her legal problem, but that Sonny and Sam's relationship will never be more than that. Sam says that she knows that Alexis and Sonny were involved once and that it didn't work out. Alexis tells her the way it always goes: Sonny and Carly fight, then breakup, then Sonny finds comfort with someone else until his anger cools down and he goes back to Carly. Sam insists that Alexis call Sonny and Alexis says that she can't do that, because if Sam continues to cling to Sonny she could lose custody of her child.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas comes back to Wyndemere and finds Emily there waiting for him. She has just finished her doctor's appointment, and everything was fine. She asks if he needs help unpacking some of the boxes scattered around the room, and he says that he doesn't. He tells her that he wants to get his memories back but he still has to deal with everything, and that includes Mary...he still feels something for Mary. Emily says that she doesn't want to hear about it, but he says that he's only trying to be honest...part of him feels tied to Mary despite her lies. Emily asks him to give her the same chance that he's giving Mary.

THE POLICE STATION: Alexis tells Sam that she -- not Sonny -- will be getting Sam out of this mess. Alexis says that she thinks she can get the verdict overturned before Sam gives birth -- because if Sam gives birth in prison, Sonny will get custody. Sam is fine with that because Sonny loves her daughter, but Alexis says that Sonny would not make room for Sam in his life as well. She implies that Sonny and Carly would try to take full custody away from Sam, because Sonny always gets what he wants. Sam says that she loves Sonny and therefore is not afraid of him, because she's never betrayed him -- she thinks that Alexis is sorry that it ended badly with Sonny. Alexis says that she will continue working on the appeal, then she leaves.

Outside of the interrogation room, Ric comes over to Alexis...he says that he asked for the hearing to be delayed but the judge refused his request. He says that what Sam said made sense and that he is trying to find a workable solution. Alexis snaps that now an innocent woman is going to jail because of Ric's grudge against Sonny.

BASEMENT ON IVY STREET: Jax is on the phone with his accountant, arranging for the money to be brought to the building on Ivy Street. Then he hangs up. Faith is quite content and says that she might even phone an ambulance for him once they've gotten to a secure destination of her choice out of the country. Then, she gets out her phone and makes a call instructing one of her men to tip Sonny off that she's leaving Port Charles by road. While she's distracted, Jax uses his cell to text message Courtney: "Jax 911." Courtney is walking in the park when she gets the message...she sends him a text message back asking where he is. Jax writes back, "39 Ivy." Courtney gets his answer and rushes off. Unfortunately, Faith catches Jax with his phone...she takes it away from him and snaps that he'd better hope the money gets to them before the arrival of whoever he just called...or else she'll kill whoever's coming.

WYNDEMERE: Emily tells Nikolas that she feels a connection to him and that she wants to know if he feels it too, when they look at and touch one another...she says that they made a pact once to always be together, and that's why she's still coming after him. They start kissing.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Mary places a call to Lorenzo...she asks him if he can send Nikolas away to a foreign location, on a job...a place where only she can get to. She is happy when he agrees, and promises him that she is grateful, just as Nikolas will be one day. When she hangs up she looks quite content.

THE POLICE STATION: A police officer is putting cuffs on Sam, while Alexis tries to reassure her that everything will be okay. Suddenly Sam slumps to the floor, in obvious pain -- she cries out that there's something wrong with the baby. Ric and Alexis start to panic.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly tells Sonny that while she is no fan of Jax's, maybe there's a reason for Courtney to be concerned after all. Sonny says that if Courtney's concerned she can call the cops, since Jax is one of the law-abiding citizens of the town.

BASEMENT ON IVY STREET: Jax is tied to a chair with duct tape over his mouth. Courtney has arrived...she calls out for Jax and comes down the stairs into the basement. He tries to gesture to Courtney that she should leave, but she goes to his side and takes the tape off. Once he can talk again he says that she should have sent someone else -- right on cue, Faith shows herself. Faith points the gun at Courtney, while Jax begs her to let Court go. Faith gleefully observes that now she has leverage against both Jax and Sonny. Courtney glares at Faith and says nothing.

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