GH Update Friday 7/23/04

General Hospital Update Friday 7/23/04

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Dillon tells Georgie that he doesn’t want to just be friends, that he wants to have sex with her.

Ric is explaining Sam that Carly is the one who turned her in and says that once Sam is in prison, Carly will try to make it like she never existed.

Courtney is encouraging Carly to try to make things work with Sonny.

Alexis calls Viola to take Kristina, not wanting to discuss in front of the little girl what she thinks Sonny is there for.

Dillon realizes that his words came out wrong and he explains his feeling to Georgie. He tries to explain to her about the pills, but she insists that because he took them, it’s proof that he doesn’t really want her. He concedes he did take them, but tells her about Lois switching them, explaining that because things were “working” for him, it was her, not the pills that did it for him. Georgie can’t believe that Lois knows about the pills and the problems and is embarrassed that even Lois knows now that she can’t turn her own boyfriend on. Dillon says no, it means that everything is working fine; It was a “one-time” problem, he insists. Georgie is still reluctant to have sex and says she has decided she doesn’t want to have sex with Dillon ever.

Lois and Brook are outside Kelly’s, talking about Brook’s singing at Lila’s service. Lois is trying to say she’s proud of Brook, but Brook thinks her mom is trying to trick her into singing for L&B. Lois tells Brook that she is misunderstanding what she’s saying, and walks off angry and upset.

Ric is still talking to Sam, saying she’ll be in prison forever now and Sonny will have her baby. He is cruel, asking if Sonny was worth it and telling her that Sonny used Sam and threw her away and that she’s not the first. An officer comes into the room, and gives Ric the extradition order. He tells Sam what it is and gloats that she will soon be in prison.

Carly is explaining to Coutney that she is the reason Ric found Sam, because she is fairly certain that Ric had her followed when she went to see Sam at the safe house that morning.

Sonny is telling Alexis how they used to be friends, that he doesn’t know what changed the situation; she still doesn’t realize that he’s not talking about taking Kristina. He finally explains to Alexis what he wants and she is shocked and relieved. She isn’t sure she can help with the situation but Sonny says he just needs her to make sure his daughter isn’t born in prison. She says she can’t do that.

Georgie is telling Dillon how she had a lot of fun last summer. He agrees, and talks about how his life had been before he settled in Port Charles. Georgie points out that they were friends then, and things were great. She tells him how much he has helped her along, and how they fit together then. He insists that they still do. She asks where all their pressure is coming from; he says their relationship is not about pressure. She keeps insisting that she wants to go back to being just friends and not thinking about sex. Dillon is obviously unhappy and says he can’t believe that she doesn’t want to touch or kiss or hold hands any more, and says that he supposes then she won’t mind if he hooks up with other girls. Georgie gets angry over that.

Lorenzo happens upon Lois crying in the park. She says her tears are from allergies, but eventually tells him that it’s because Brook hates her that she is crying. She believes she is a horrible mother.

Jax walks into Kelly’s and tells Mike that he’s not giving up on Courtney.

Justus is in the police department and Ric tells him that Sam will soon be extradited. Justus points out that she can’t be transported without counsel and he’s not it anymore. Ric says he’s aware of that, but that as soon as she has an attorney, she’s on her way to Bailey’s Beach. Justus announces that Alexis will be Sam’s new attorney.

Faith, in disguise, is on the phone, frantically leaving a message with Lorenzo about business, and about needing his help.

Sonny is trying to convince Alexis to take Sam’s case. He points out that if Sam had lied to him, or tried to keep her baby away from him, he might be willing to let her rot in prison, but that she didn’t. He tells Alexis that he intends to take care of Sam and his baby. She is still reticent, but he finally appeals to her competitive nature with Ric, asking her if she is afraid she can’t beat Ric.

Mike is telling Jax that his hate for Sonny is well known, and he will not allow Jax to use Courtney in that way. He compares Jax to AJ, and Jax takes exception. Jax points out that he's not going to treat Courtney badly, and Mike protests that he doesn’t want his daughter hurt the way she was when her marriage to Jason ended. Just then, Courtney walks in and announces to both of them that they are not in charge of how she lives her life or what she does.

Dillon turns Georgie’s anger around and says he doesn’t really want other girls, but that it’s proof she doesn’t want to be just friends. He says that it’s normal for people who love each other to want physical contact. Georgie is trying to stick to her resolution, and Dillon is trying to convince her that she doesn’t mean it, reminding her of what it has been like the times they’ve almost made love. It doesn’t help, and Georgie remains adamant. He recalls how they used to be “dorks” who only made sense to each other, and how he loved that she understood him, and that he doesn’t want to lose that, so he will abide by her decision. She just wants to go back to where they started, and is relieved. She makes an excuse to leave, and as she goes, Dillon’s face is sad, he clearly doesn’t want to be in a solely platonic relationship with her.

Lorenzo and Lois are talking about whether she is a good mom or not, and he says he is sure she is. She talks about missing Bensonhurst and how her mother would know how to handle the situation with Brook. He offers her some advice and comfort, and she is impressed. She says that despite his slick demeanor and the danger around him, he’s a good guy. Faith shows up in a black wig, wearing all white, and says she and Lorenzo have business to discuss. Lois takes the opportunity to leave.

A South Carolina deputy arrives to pick up Sam and is arguing because Ric won’t release her until she has representation. Just then, Alexis shows up and asks to see her client. Ric points out, with a smirk, that Sam and Alexis have a lot in common.

Faith is asking Lorenzo if he got any of her messages, and he says he is ignoring her. She wants to trade him her entire Port Charles operation and $5 million for the use of his jet. He declines.

Courtney reassures her father that she can handle her own life and ignores his attempts to justify his behavior. She walks out of Kelly’s and Jax runs after her, trying to get her to spend some time with him. He says he has something he wants to tell her.

Ric asks Sonny where Carly fits in to this whole Sam mess, and Sonny walks off. Alexis tells Ric that she will get the extradition dropped; she and Ric engage in their usual posturing. Sonny is on the phone with Carly and she says she needs to see him. He promises to be there very soon, then goes into the interrogation room to tell Sam that Alexis is her new attorney. Sam is apprehensive about that, as she realizes that Alexis hates her. Sonny tells her it will be fine and that Alexis can help. (I had a small household emergency here and missed the remainder of the conversation between Sam and Sonny. I do know that they continued talking and then the show went to commercial).

After dealing with Faith, Lorenzo locates Lois at Kelly’s and apologizes for the way Faith treated her. She says it’s good that Faith showed up to remind her that he is a gangster, and dangerous to be involved with. He asks if she isn’t judging him unfairly since she really doesn’t know him.

Georgie finds Brooke outside of Kelly’s and tells her that things with Dillon are worse than ever.

Someone is banging on Dillon’s door and when he answers it, it’s himself, dressed like a player. “Smooth” Dillon tells him that Georgie is playing hard to get and wants to be pursued when from the other side of the room, another Dillon – with an Irish accent – tells him that respect and a platonic relationship are the way to go here. When the real Dillon turns around to look, he sees another self, this one dressed as a priest.

Jax tells Courtney that he likes her a lot and wanted to let Mike be clear on that. He also tells her that Mike thinks Court doesn’t want a relationship because she can’t have kids. He points out that for all her protestations of not wanting others to make her decisions she is making plenty for him, because he doesn’t care if any kids he has are biologically his or not, and that isn’t a good enough reason to not have a relationship with her. He postulates that she is using her infertility as an excuse to avoid getting close enough to to fall in love with him.

Ric and Alexis are still sparring, and Alexis says she is going to be applying for bail while she and Sam fight the extradition process. They both speculate on how they’ll win in court, and then Ric – with an amused smile - says he can’t figure out what Sam and Alexis have in common, besides both having slept with Sonny.

Sonny arrives home and apologizes for taking so long to get home. Carly cops to having set the Bailey’s Beach police on Sam. Sonny says he thought she had. She explains her reasons for doing it, and then tells him how she thinks Ric found Sam that morning by having her followed. She protests strongly that she didn’t do it deliberately and that she just wanted Sonny to know. He says he believes her and is glad she told him.

“Smooth” Dillon asks if Dillon wants his advice or not. Priest Dillon says that waiting for marriage is the better choice. Smooth Dillon points out how Georgie was always ready and “wanted it” whenever she and Dillon were together, and Priest Dillon argues with him. Real Dillon wakes up.

Georgie is telling Brook about what she has said to Dillon, and Brook is distracted. She wants to know if Georgie knows the guy (Lorenzo) her mom is talking to inside Kelly’s.

Lorenzo and Lois are talking about life and teenaged girls, and she points out that Sage must worship him. He says it’s because he spoils her and can’t say “no” to whatever she wants.

Jax gets Courtney to admit how disappointed she is about being infertile. He also announces again that her ability to get pregnant has no bearing on his ability to love or care for her, and she is relieved to have it all out in the open. They kiss goodnight, and Court walks off as Jax stares after her. Faith walks up behind Jax, holds a gun on him, and tells him she needs him and his jet to take her somewhere.

Alexis and Ric are still bragging about how each intends to beat the other in court, then Alexis walks away from him to go see Sam. Sam mentions that she is surprised to see Alexis there, and Alexis says she really isn’t interested in seeing Sam deliver her baby in jail. Sam doesn’t really buy that, and wants to know what Alexis has to gain by having Sonny in her debt.

Carly thanks Sonny for believing in her. He says of course he does, she is his wife and he loves her. She says she loves him, too. They are silent, as he pulls her close, gently holds her face in his hands, and looks into her eyes as she looks back into his. They kiss…


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