GH Update Thursday 7/22/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/22/04

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At the Haunted Star, Dillon and Georgie apologize to one another and kiss tenderly. Dillon’s pills fall into Georgie’s hands. She is angry and weeping and questions him until he admits what they are for. She takes this to mean he does not desire her. Dillon says no, that Georgie is completely what he wants, but she is too far gone in her own perception and yells:

“You have to take a pill to make love to me?”

At Courtney’s loft, Jax admits to Courtney that he did make the bet between them “for a lark,” and to annoy Sonny. Now he’s angry because it seems that just as he and Courtney are beginning to discover real feelings, something he never planned to allow himself to do, to realize how great Courtney is, she could be taken away from him...they kiss gently.

At the Penthouse Sonny admits he realizes Carly won’t get past the paternity of Sam’s child overnight. Carly says quietly that she may not be able to get past it.

At the Port Charles police station Ric is yelling at Sam while she’s held back... “I get my phone call, “ she pleads. Ric tells her she is to be extradited to South Carolina where her baby will be born in prison.

Back at the Haunted Star Georgie is horrendously insecure and assumes that Sage or Lois must be the person that Dillon wants, and that the pills prove that he doesn’t want her. He is giving it his best shot, upset and earnest. He wants it to be right but he feels as much pressure as if his first film was opening, he tries to explain that placing so much emphasis on lovemaking might be the problem. Georgie is crying the whole time and runs out exclaiming that this is” disgusting.”

Back at Courtney’s place she and Jax are smiling at each other. He asks her to make him a promise. She is wary and asks what kind of promise. Jax tells her to promise him not to do anything that she will regret.

Back at the PCPD Sam tries to make a case that being extradited will hurt her baby. Ric isn’t buying it. She asks to speak with him privately. He inquires after and insults Jason. He finally consents and goes in to an interrogation room with her where she reveals that her baby is Ric’s niece hoping that will cool his zeal for sending her to prison.

Sonny’s Penthouse is the scene of a man fighting for what’s left of his marriage. Sonny will give Carly time, space, he’ll even leave if she needs it. Carly tells him she always knew in her heart that the child was his. She grieves for losing a part of Jason too since for the first time he was complicit in a long-term deception of her, a part she thought would always be hers. She tells Sonny she thought about heading south and starting over with nothing, but the thought of her boys stopped her. She affirms she will never leave her children.

Sonny says, “I never understood how you could lie to me and still love me. Now I do.” He was driven to tell the truth because he thought the lying was the best answer at the time to make her stay, but it turned out to be wrong. It came between them, but now Sonny says there is no more deceit between them.

At Kelley’s Edward arrives and thanks Mike for attending memorial. Mike remembers Lila as a great lady and seems glad Edward made the trip to thank him. Heather arrives. Edward is glad to see her, but she says she believes she has made a mistake.

Outside, Brooke comes upon Georgie weeping over Dillon. Georgie says “Love is awful.” And explains to Brooke Dillon’s pill problem.

Back at Courtney’s loft, Jax is afraid Courtney will return to Jason. She tells him she got over Jason a long time ago and decided to leave him due to his connection to Sonny’s business. Jax still wants to romance Courtney in Europe. She asks him to take it slow and stay around Port Charles. He agrees and asks her simply that if she decides to go back to Jason, she should let him know. He offers to take her sailing in the moonlight.

Over at the police station Ric disbelieves Sam. Ric focuses on the law, says the baby is in no danger, and that as far as he is concerned the baby is Jason’s. He does not care that custody of the child will go to the father if the baby is born in prison.

At their home Sonny apologizes to Carly for his lies and the affair with Sam. He tells Carly he wants a life with her, and he wants to get back their humor and their love. He doesn’t want to lose her. He wants to build on what remains of their love. He admits what he did was irresponsible and wrong. He asks her to say ‘yes’ to a new start. She is weeping, and doesn’t answer...anger and surrender are both in her body language. She goes into his arms and they hug. Max who has a call from Ric interrupts them.

At the PCPD, Ric calls Sonny and says with an air of triumph, “I have Sam McCall in custody.” I thought you might like to stop by.”

The Q house is where Dillon heads for advice from Lois. He explains the disastrous meeting between him and Georgie at the Haunted Star, and that he was “working.” Lois admits pills where “sugar pills.” Dillon asks where the real ones are, and Lois points to Alan and Monica makin’ it on the terrace.

Outside Kelley’s, Brooke tells Georgie she should believe in Dillon because he has gone to a lot of trouble to prove he loves her. Georgie says, “I can’t turn him on.” Brooke, a little frustrated with Georgie’s fixation tells her not to say that again. Georgie figures Dillon should be turned on 24/7. [Substance of conversation preempted by weather alert] until...

Carly shows up at Alexis' apartment and says she must tell Sonny Kristina is his.

Back at the Q’s Dillon is gleeful and silly about not needing the pills. He thanks Lois, spins her around and runs out on the terrace on his way back to Georgie. When he interrupts Alan and Monica he tells them to enjoy themselves. “You heard the man, “ says Monica and she and Alan go at it again.

Park Casper walking home discussing Courtney’s inability to conceive. Jax apologizes for discussing babies around Courtney; he feels he may have been insensitive. Courtney tells him she doesn’t feel that he was but reminds him they are taking it slow. He does admit he wanted to raise Sam’s child had it been his. She tells him she doesn’t want to continue the conversation and leaves.

At the police station Sonny and Sam talk he asks where Jason is. She says she does not know. Sonny tells her Justus will keep her here. Justus arrives and asks Sam what did not come out in court since she was tried in absentia. She bluntly states her guilt.

At Alexis apartment Carly tells Alexis Sam’s baby is Sonny’s and that since he has been completely honest with her and wants her to start over she must tell Sonny Kristina is his. She knows that if he finds out that she knew ahead of time there will be trouble. Alexis says not telling him is the better way because if Carly tells him now he will know she has known about this for months and will consider it a betrayal. Carly is emphatic. She does not want to live with the secret anymore and she is resolved to tell Sonny.

Alexis cries out that she doesn’t want her daughter afraid and raised by thugs. Carly tells her Sonny will protect Kristina. She pleads with Carly stating her and her daughter’s live will be ruined. Carly says that if she doesn’t tell her and Michael and Morgan’s lives will be ruined. Alexis pleads with her never to tell and appeals to her as a mother.

At Kelley’s Dillon races over to Brooke’s table and gives Brooke too much information about his function she puts her hand over his mouth to stop him from talking and sends him off saying Georgie is waiting for him at his place he laughs and flies off.

Edward and Lois are chatting at Q’s about Lila’s garden. Lois is very gentle with the old man, but asks him whether or not it is too soon to have anyone looking after Lila’s roses as Heather arrives. They are introduced and Lois does not take to Heather as wholeheartedly as Edward has. Heather looks over the decoration of the room and approves as if she has some kind of say over it. Lois warns them about looking on the terrace.

Carly blows into Courtney’s loft, agitated about Sonny “running” to Sam. She believes she is an idiot for trusting Sonny because he will always run to her if she is in the picture. Courtney counters that Sonny does not love Sam. Carly says she should back her kids and her things and just leave. Courtney asks her if she’s sure she wants to do that.

In the Port Charles police station, Justus tells Sonny he will not take Sam’s case. He says that the fact that he is Sonny’s lawyer can only make things worse for Sam. He tells Sonny she needs someone who hates Ric and loves the law. He recommends Alexis to a stunned Sonny.

At the Haunted Star Dillon cannot wait to tell Georgie his news. He is jubilant and tries to explain the mishap and that the pills aren’t real or necessary but she will not let him complete a sentence and tells him that she wants to be just friends. He is truly hurt and tries again to explain.

At the Q’s Lois is concerned about Heather. She discusses Heather caring for Lila’s roses with Edward while Heather takes in the house as if she wants it. Heather and Edward cut through the terrace to view the roses. Alan pops up from behind a hedge and demands some privacy; Monica proceeds to yank him back down behind the hedge.

Ric is having fun at the police station toying with Sam asking her how she thought he was able to find her at the safe house...he tells her straight out that they have her in custody because of Carly.

At Courtney’s loft. Carly is questioning the truth of Sonny’s love given that Sam is still present. Courtney tells Carly how much it would mean to her if Jason walked through her door and wanted her back. She tells Carly she has a second chance and two great children. She wants Carly to recognize the choice she has been given: to take another chance on Sonny.

Alexis holds Kristina and shares a cookie. The doorbell rings and Sonny arrives at Alexis' apartment. [The rest of show preempted by weather alert.]

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