GH Update Wednesday 7/21/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/21/04

By Jean and Suzanne
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At GH, Emily is feeling fine, but Monica wants her to stay and rest, stating that she is exhausted. Em asks why, and that she was only tired. And Monica says it is because she is Em’s mother and she said so. Monica is glad to see Lucky and asks him to convince Emily to get some rest. After Monica leaves Lucky tells Em he is here to break her out.

Over at Kelley’s Nikolas and Alcazar are sharing a meal. Nikolas tells Alcazar he can trust him to give a picture of Nikolas Cassadine’s life, personality and situation before the accident. Alexis arrives, overhears a bit of this and tells Nikolas he is talking to the wrong person.

It’s a lonely morning at Sonny’s penthouse, when Max informs his boss that Carly stayed at a hotel last night, and just left there in a taxi. Sonny calls Sam’s number but does not respond when she answers. Ric arrives at the penthouse looking for Jason and Sam. He tells Sonny he believes both fled town together to avoid having Sam arrested.

Courtney comes home and finds Carly making coffee. Carly reveals father of Sam’s baby is Sonny.

Back at Kelly’s Alexis explains to Nicholas that Alcazar had Nikolas beaten up when Stefan owed Alcazar money, and that that was attempted murder. Alcazar is unfazed by this and looks straight at Alexis and asks her if that is the same as murder in the first degree. Nikolas asks Alcazar about the beating and the debt, and Alcazar explains that the debt has been settled and that the move against Nikolas was purely ‘business.” Alcazar makes himself scarce. Alexis fears for Nikolas and describes Alcazar as “poison,” a man who will destroy Nikolas life and who deals in drugs and weapons. Nikolas says it is his choice whether or not he continues any sort of association with the arms dealer. He asks Alexis what he is Prince of...Alexis starts and says ...”nothing, what you used to say,” but Alexis notes it is a legitimate title. She tells him that Stefan raised him and loved him and has died...she told him that he was drawn to Port Charles by obligation but that Nikolas stayed and became kind. Alexis sees him as the Cassadine soul and conscience. She tells Nikolas that he had a circle of friends his own age and tried to replace plotting and vengeance with reason. Alexis describes Nikolas prior to the accident as happy. Nikolas feels he has common ground with Alcazar. Nik compares his position in family with Emily’s in the Quartermaine clan.

Georgie and Dillon run into each other outside of Kelley’s. They are awkward, they want to reconnect they almost walk away, and then they run to each other and hug. They arrange to meet at his place Dillon is uncomfortable with double entendres and what they will be doing. Lois arrives and overhears. When Georgie leaves Dillon lays his head down on a table and pounds it in frustration. Lois makes her presence known and tells Dillon that he takes himself too seriously. The beleaguered teen without raising his head from the table says, “Yes, because I am doomed.” Lois says she has something that will ease his fear. He advises his life will end later that night.

At Sonny’s Penthouse Ric informs Sonny that he believes Jason has left town and taken Sam with him. Sonny says he should have taken Ric out long ago but did not out of respect for Carly. Sonny advises Ric if he has a warrant then he should arrest him. Michael comes quickly down the stairs and accuses Ric of kidnapping Carly again.

At Courtney’s apartment Courtney asks Carly why Sonny told the truth now. Carly says that Sonny told her that he wants another chance, a new life with Carly. Courtney asks what is Jason’s opinion about this. Carly explains that Jason switched DNA to keep the family together for Michael’s sake and that everything both Jason and Sonny did was a lie. Courtney asks what Carly will do. Carly tells her that he will take care of Sam’s baby but not see her romantically. Carly is uncertain, but states that Sonny wants her back not just for the children but for herself. Carly figures Courtney’s decision should be easy. She tells Courtney to get back with Jason since the baby is not his.

Outside of Kelley’s Lois admits she has Dillon’s pills. She interrogates Dillon about his readiness for safer sex and the state of their relationship. Dillon lays his heart out. Georgie is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, and he loves her more than anything. Lois counsels waiting, “but if you can’t you can’t, and agrees to deliver the pills.

At Sonny’s Ric is interested to learn that Carly did not come home the night before. He asks Sonny if he wants him to file a missing persons report on Carly. Sonny declines with little grace and Michael orders Ric to give Carly back. Calmly Sonny assures Michael that Ric does not have Carly and makes sure Ric leaves. Sonny disciplines Michael about interrupting adult business and tells him not to run downstairs into the middle of a meeting again. Michael has concerns that his mother has left for good and worries that he and Sonny will not be a family again. Sonny assures his son that his mother will never leave him, and that all Sonny wants is for Carly and himself and the boys to be a family. Michael says he wants that too and they hug warmly.

At Courtney’s Courtney says she cannot just run back to Jason after he lied to both her and Carly. Carly applies the same idea to herself and Sonny and grows agitated and runs out of Courtney’s just past an arriving Jax. Jax offers to fly Courtney away for more romance; she declines, he asks what is going on and Courtney tells him Sonny is the father of Sam’s baby.

In the park Ric and Carly have a run in. He accuses Carly of walking out on Sonny; he’s fishing for details but she will have none of it, and tells Ric she will not be interrogated. Carly departs. Alexis arrives just in time to hear Ric making a call on his cell to double surveillance on Sonny. He wants to locate Sam McCall and then charge Sonny with aiding and abetting a fugitive.

Back at the hospital Lucky and Emily are putting the finishing touches on a dummy of her they are planning to leave in her hospital bed. She is more than ready to sneak out for a day at the lake with Lucky. Nikolas sees them leaving, he was arriving to talk with Emily.

Nik asks for a moment to talk with Emily in private, and they duck back into her hospital room. Monica shows up and asks if something is wrong with Em...she encourages Lucky stating he has known her longer than Nicholas.

Back inside the hospital room Nikolas and Emily discuss who Nikolas Cassadine used to be. Em says Nikolas was happy with her. He says he’s ready to find out who he was and who they were to one another.

In the park, Alexis states that all of his machinations are about Sonny, not doing his job. Ric counters with the observation that Alexis is just angry because she was wrong about Sonny. Alexis accuses Rick of being obsessed. He starts to walk away but Alexis calls him back.

At Courtney’s place, Jax is no longer the cheerful romantic playboy he’s been showing Courtney; Jax gets lost in his old hate of Sonny. Courtney wonders why he is so upset. Sonny arrives at her apartment.

Carly shows up at the safe house to tell Sam, “here’s how its going to be from now on,” now that she knows Sam’s baby is Sonny’s.

At the hospital Monica tells Lucky not to forget his history with Em. Lois advises Alan to switch Dillon’s prescription with sugar pills. Alan is concerned if Dillon will be using protection Lois advises yes, and he agrees to the switch, taking the bottle from Lois.

In Emily’s room, she is telling Nikolas a tale of her first less than successful attempt at horseback riding under his tutelage, and that he never laughed at her sailing over the horses back. He wants to continue their conversation on a ride home. She agrees..

In the park, Alexis advises she has let go of her old anger regarding Sonny and Jason and that Ric needs to let go of his vendetta. Ric says he is concerned for the welfare of Sam’s child. Alexis reaffirms that she believes all of his actions stem from his obsession with Sonny. Suddenly Ric surprises her with a real invitation to dinner in New York or Montreal, away from the cases and the pressures. He appears to really mean it. She tells him she never thought of such a thing, but he asks again “would you consider it?” Alexis says yes.

Sonny is reluctant to address Jax directly and Jax jibes at him about why he chose now to tell Carly the truth after successfully lying all this time. Sonny ignores this at first, concentrating on Courtney and asking her if she has seen Carly, did she come to the apartment and did Courtney have any idea where Carly was now? Finally as Jax continues cutting at Sonny’s wife-mistress situation, Sonny asks him if he ever shuts up. Sonny advises Carly as his wife, needs to hear the truth. Courtney steps between them both and tells them both they are done arguing. She advises Sonny to go home, wait for Carly, and if she does come back, to...”be nice to her.” Sonny leaves, and Courtney asks Jax for a second time that day why he is so upset by this revelation. He says that it means that now there will be nothing to stop Courtney from going back to Jason.

At the safehouse Carly offers Sam two options, Either leave town, get set up in a place and let Carly and Sonny raise her child, or stay and have the baby in prison. Sam says she is not going to prison, and that she will see Carly in hell before she will allow her to raise her daughter. “If you fight me on this Carly, you will lose.” “Oh, no, “ replies Carly, “you’ve already lost, “ and makes a quick departure.

Aboard the Haunted Star, Dillon receives a package of pills from Lois, not knowing they are only sugar pills. He takes one and Georgie arrives and throws herself into Dillon’s arms.

At her apartment, Courtney and Jax continue to talk. Courtney figures that when she was with Jason, she always took second place to his long loyalty to Sonny. She theorizes that with Jax it is much the same...the romancing, the bet the beginning of real feelings all take second place to Jax’s old hatred of Sonny. Jax agrees that it does all come down to Sonny.

Faith arrives at Sonny’s penthouse just ahead of Carly, she tells Faith that she already knows...Carly advises Faith to run out the door and she does. Sonny asks Carly how she is. She tells him softly that she’s been angry, hurt, and sometimes understands why he did it, all in the last twenty-four hours. Sonny tells her he doesn’t know what else he can do; that he has given her his heart and soul. “I know,” says Carly, “That’s what scares me.”

At the hospital Lucky gracefully bows out and allows Nikolas to take home Emily, but there’s real pain on his face.

At the Haunted Star, Dillon offers Georgie a soda. She doesn’t want a soda, but she apologizes for being such a jerk to him...he tells her he cannot wait to make it up to her. “Don’t wait,” she says, and they kiss. In the middle of the kiss, the pills are knocked around and Georgie grabs the bottle and stares at it in amazement.

Back at GH, it’s obvious that Dr. Alan Quartermaine used the real pills for their intended purpose...behind a backlit hospital curtain, he and Monica are sharing a tryst, and she wonders what’s gotten into him, to pursue some romance in the middle of his shift.

Outside of Kelley’s Faith accosts Lorenzo and begs for his protection, since she believes Sonny is going to kill her.

It’s time for a serious conversation at Sonny’s penthouse. He has always hoped and believed he could keep his family clean and safe apart from his business, and he admits that he has failed at that, and hurt both Carly and Michael. He notes, he has lied when he became angry about being lied to. and let his hatred and anger push Carly away from him. He makes a passionate plea to start over, “to be a better man” and he wants to start over, now that there are no lies, no secrets between them. “If I lose you,” he says, “I’ve got nothing. You’re my life.” She is touched by his earnestness, but she says nothing, only weeps and stares at him with eyes full of emotion.

At the safehouse, Sam is speaking with Jason by phone about Danny. She knows he will be safe. She assures Jason she is fine. When she hangs up her cell, the door busts in with police and Ric Lansing. He announces that Sam McCall is under arrest.

Teasers for Thursday

Georgie is upset that Dillon needs pills to make love to her.

Carly may not be able to get past Sonny’s newest secret.

Sam tells Ric her baby is his niece.

Carly tells Alexis that she is going to reveal that Kristina is Sonny’s daughter.


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