GH Update Tuesday 7/20/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/20/04

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KELLY'S: Heather is standing outside Kelly's talking on her cell phone to someone at the mental institution about Luke Spencer. Unfortunately for her, Lucky overhears her conversation and asks her what she knows about his father.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Emily wakes up from her fainting spell and the first words out of her mouth are, "I love you Nikolas." Nikolas, who is holding her in his arms, looks uncomfortable.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly comes downstairs when she hears Max and Faith arguing outside the penthouse door. Max tells her that he's trying to get rid of Faith, who sees Carly and asks her if she knows where her husband is?

JASON AND SAM'S SAFEHOUSE: Sonny tells Sam pointblank that he is planning to tell Carly the truth -- that Sam's baby is his.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney and Jax are alone in the loft...Jax has brought wine with him and not the usual champagne. Courtney tries the wine and likes it...suddenly they both smell smoke. Courtney runs to the oven and sees that dinner has been burned to a crisp. Jax is amused.

KELLY'S: Heather makes up an excuse to Lucky about talking on her phone to an "old friend" in town about Luke -- she says that she was telling her friend that she is now babysitting Luke's daughter Lulu. Lucky asks how her friend knows Luke and Heather smiles and reminds him that Luke did used to be mayor of the town. Suddenly Lulu comes running over to them...she asks if Lucky can stay and have dinner with them. Lucky agrees, saying he would like to get to know her new friend Heather. Heather smiles.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Nikolas wants to call the hospital, despite Emily's protests that she is fine -- that she is just upset over the memorial, and hasn't been getting enough sleep lately. Nikolas doesn't think it would hurt to check. She stands and almost falls again...he catches her, and says once and for all that he's taking her to the hospital. She doesn't object.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly assures Max that she will handle Faith. Faith comes into the penthouse and she and Carly are alone. Carly asks her what she wants and Faith says that she wants to talk -- as she (Faith) and Sonny have now entered into a new phase of their relationship.

JASON AND SAM'S SAFEHOUSE: Sam promises Sonny that she wants what's best for his sons, and that she will do whatever she can to make the arrangement easier on them. She even goes so far as to suggest that she and Sonny live somewhere together with their daughter. Sonny stops her and says that Carly is his wife and he wants to stay with her.

THE HOSPITAL: Monica has met Emily and Nikolas at the hospital. Nikolas explains how Emily fainted for a couple of minutes. Monica asks Nikolas to excuse them as she wants to get Emily into an examination gown. Nikolas leaves and Emily wants to know what's going on. Monica says she wants to check Emily out and Emily realizes that Monica wants to make sure that the cancer hasn't come back.

KELLY'S: Lucky, Lulu and Heather are enjoying dinner at Kelly's. Lucky gives Lulu more money for the jukebox and she runs off to go select songs. While she is gone, Lucky takes the chance to get to know Heather a little better -- he asks what her plans are in Port Charles and she says that ultimately she would like to get a job, maybe working with children. She brings up the fact that Lulu considers Luke something akin to "Santa Claus" and intimates that Luke isn't around much because he feels the pressure of raising a daughter without her mother around. Lucky switches subjects, asking Heather if it's correct that she was married to Liz's dad once. Heather agrees that she was. Lucky asks what she did after she left town. Before Heather can answer, Lucky's phone rings -- it's Nikolas telling him that Emily is in the hospital after a fainting spell. Lucky says he'll be there soon, says bye to Lulu and leaves. Lulu asks Heather if Heather can read her a bedtime story later and Heather says she won't be able to, as she has an errand she has to run.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney has called Kelly's and is ordering food from Mike. She orders quite a lot. After she hangs up, Jax comes over with a platter of appetizers. He says that he has an idea for a meal that will go well with champagne. Courtney protests that she probably doesn't have ingredients. Jax says that she does, and they kiss.

JASON AND SAM'S SAFEHOUSE: Sonny assures Sam that he will honor their daughter as much as he does his sons...that he'll get Sam a house or whatever she wants and needs -- that he will be proud of Sam and their daughter. Sam asks if he will want to live with them and Sonny replies that he doesn't want to leave Carly and his family. Sam realizes that Sonny has always loved Carly and never really stopped. She admits that she "broke the rules" in falling in love with Sonny herself, and Sonny replies that he wishes he could return her feelings. Sam says that she understands that he can't. Sonny says that he doesn't regret the time they spent together, or the baby. He also assures her that they'll figure out the murder rap. Sam, now openly crying, promises that she won't run anymore. Before Sonny leaves, she asks him what he'll do if Carly leaves him. Sonny doesn't answer, and goes out the door.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney and Jax are still kissing when there's a knock on the door -- it's Mike with the food. Courtney panics and jumps up from the couch...she and Jax smooth off their clothes and Courtney goes to the door. Mike is happy to see her -- but doesn't look particularly thrilled to see that she's with Jax.

KELLY'S: Lulu asks for more coins from the jukebox and Heather gives them to her. While Lulu is choosing songs, Heather has a fantasy of marrying Edward in the Quartermaine mansion. After the wedding, she asks him if he really meant his promise to always make her happy. He says yes -- he is thankful to her for showing him happiness after Lila's death. She smiles and says that she thanks him for his "sacrifice." He begins to get drowsy and rests on the couch. As soon as he falls asleep, she grabs a pillow and starts to smother him with it. Heather comes out of the fantasy with a smile on her face.

THE HOSPITAL: Lucky comes running into the hospital. He is very worried about Emily. Nikolas meets up with him and tells him that Monica is worried that the cancer is back...the other Quartermaines are on their way right now. Lucky asks Nikolas why he isn't in there with her, and Nik replies that he's done all he can do. Lucky is angry that Nik can't see that he is the one that Em needs right now.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly wants to know what arrangement Faith has going on with Sonny, but Faith is being deliberately coy. Carly kicks Faith out. On her way to the elevator Faith runs into Sonny. Sonny wants to know what she said to Carly and she assures him that she said nothing about Sonny's secret...and it will stay that way, if he gives her Pier 37. Faith goes downstairs and Sonny goes into the penthouse. Carly asks him what is happening with Faith and he tells her to forget Faith for the moment -- he has something to tell her. Without missing a beat, he finally tells Carly the truth: he, not Jason, is the father of Sam's baby.

THE HOSPITAL: Lucky tells Nikolas that though he is in love with Emily, Emily is in love with Nikolas only. He wants Nikolas to go into Emily's room and "fake it" if he has to...he has to support Emily. Nik relents and goes inside. Emily, somewhat startled to see him, admits that she is a little scared. She asks Nikolas to hold her hand and he does.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Mike begins unloading the food on the table...Courtney tells him that she and Jax can take care of it and Mike admits that he told Lucas to close up Kelly's so he could stay and eat with Courtney. Courtney thinks maybe that would be a good idea for another night, as right now she and Jax have plans. Mike snaps that he realizes that Jax has "plans" using her to get back at Sonny -- Jax tries to jump to his defense but Courtney interrupts and calls her father on being out of line. Jax agrees to leave, and Court is left alone with Mike. Mike reminds Courtney that Jax and Sonny hate one another, that Sonny destroyed Jax's chances with Brenda. Mike says he doesn't want her seeing Jax again and Courtney snaps that he doesn't get to tell her how to live her life.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly and Sonny sit on the couch...Carly is in shock. Sonny explains that he told Jason that she would leave him if Sam's baby was his -- so Jason went and changed the paternity results. Carly can't believe that Jason lied, and that Sonny would let Jason lie. Sonny admits that he wants his family back, but that he can't have a future with them based on a lie.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily is telling Nikolas about when she had cancer, and she felt like she was slipping away...she had a dream about marrying him and it brought her back. Then she pulls her hand away from his. He says that he wants to help her, but she tells him that he can leave, as she knows that he doesn't like her very much. Nikolas mumbles that he hopes she feels better and exits the room. On the way out, he tells Lucky that Lucky was wrong, and then leaves. Lucky immediately goes into the room and comforts Emily, who is crying.

In another area of the hospital, Heather runs into Edward, who is waiting for news on Emily's condition. Heather gives Edward some reassuring words about Emily and he thanks her for her positive outlook.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Mike and Courtney are still arguing -- Mike says that he knows Jax and Courtney says that she knows Jax better. Court also says that she has learned the difference between men that are using her and men that are good, from her marriage to AJ and from what went wrong with her marriage to Jason. She says that she wants to continue seeing Jax.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is talking to Danny on her cell phone...Danny is somewhere in hiding with Jason. He tells Sam that she sounds sad, but she assures him that she's fine, though tired. They talk about the baby, and Sam promises him that he can help take care of his niece, and that he will be the best uncle ever.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tells Carly that he wants a real marriage, and so he had to go and settle things with Sam once and for all -- they won't be lovers again. Carly starts crying, and reminds Sonny that Sam is actually carrying his baby. Sonny says it doesn't matter, as Carly is his wife and the one he loves.

THE HOSPITAL: Lucky is reminding Emily of a funny memory involving Elizabeth and some brownies -- Liz isn't very good at cooking, and they laugh about how Liz's baby Cameron will have to get used to frozen food and take out. While Emily is giggling over the story, Edward and Alan come in and comment on how great she is looking. They are joined by Monica who tells them happily that Emily is still cancer free. The Quartermaines and Lucky celebrate, while Nikolas watches from the hallway.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Courtney is sitting on the park bench waiting for Jax...she has ice cream with her. Jax arrives and sits next to her...they start eating the ice cream -- they also discuss Mike. Courtney tells him that Mike can't forbid her to do anything -- no one can, as she doesn't live by anyone's rules but hers. They kiss, then laugh and start eating more ice cream.

THE HOSPITAL: Heather is talking to someone on her cell phone when she sees Edward and abruptly hangs up. Edward tells her that Emily is fine, and admits that he had an impulse to call Lila to tell her the news. Heather replies that Lila already knows that Em is okay. Edward wonders why she is still at the hospital and Heather says she just stopped by to see Lesley. She also asks Edward if it would be okay if she occasionally stopped in to check on Lila's rose garden, since she knows how much Lila loved the roses, and she happens to have a bit of a green thumb herself. Edward hesitates at first, but then admits that it's a good idea.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam settles down on the couch and touches her stomach lovingly. She tells the baby that even though she and Sonny can't be together, the baby was conceived out of love. With that, she falls asleep.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly, crying, insists that she can't think about the future right now. She gets her purse, tells Sonny that she has to go somewhere to think, and leaves. Sonny is left in the penthouse, alone with his thoughts.

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