GH Update Monday 7/19/04

General Hospital Update Monday 7/19/04

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KELLY'S: Nikolas is standing outside of Kelly's when Mary walks over to him...she looks excited -- apparently he called her and asked her to meet him here. Mary thinks that this means he's going to forgive her, but Nikolas has something else on his mind -- he knows that as a Cassadine he's wealthy, so he wants to use his money to provide for her.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Courtney and Carly are back from the service. They remark on how beautiful it was. Carly wonders why Courtney hasn't said a word about a certain someone who came to pay her respects -- "What did you think of Robin?" Courtney doesn't answer right away.

THE CHAPEL: Jason is sitting in the side chapel when Sonny comes in. Sonny asks him how he is supposed to let his daughter grow up without knowing that he is her father?

KELLY'S: Mary, somewhat offended, tells Nikolas that she didn't take him in because of the money. She explains that along the way she fell in love with him. Nikolas argues that if they had stayed together they would have been living a lie. Mary says that since Emily isn't giving up on him, neither will she...Mary asks if Emily's love means more to Nik than hers? Before Nikolas can reply, Lucky and Emily walk over to them. Lucky asks Nikolas what he's doing with his "kidnapper" -- Nikolas looks exasperated.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly asks Courtney if it was difficult for her to see Jason and Robin together -- knowing how much Jason loved Robin and how she was such a huge part of his life. Carly goes on to complain that Robin is to Jason as Brenda is to Sonny -- Robin and Brenda are both "angels" up higher than everyone else. Courtney, amused, asks how Carly can be worried about Brenda. Carly replies that she's not "actively worried" -- after all, it's not like Sonny is going to jump on a plane to Europe to go see her. She just hates that Brenda's the ideal for Sonny, while she (Carly) is just his wife. Courtney tries to reassure Carly about how much Sonny loves her, how Carly is everything to Sonny. Carly points out that she's only with Sonny now because of Sonny's promise to God not to break up Michael's family. Courtney thinks that Sonny and Carly are trying to protect themselves from hurting one another again.

THE CHAPEL: Sonny says that he can't accept letting his daughter live a lie. Jason replies that the baby's months away from being born...he wants to know what Sonny wants -- to have a marriage with Carly or to tell the truth about the baby and have Carly leave him so he can go back to Sam? Sonny says that he and Sam were together long enough to enjoy one another's company and long enough to make a baby together. But he says that he can't love Sam because his family is always there in his mind. He reminds Jason of when he was injured in the convent in Costa Rica, and how he called out for Carly...and miracle of miracles, Carly came! He wants Carly to be more than just his roommate, he wants her to be his wife again. Jason argues that there are other people involved (like Michael and Sam), and Sonny can't blow the secret out of the water without hurting them as well. Sonny -- now very, very pissed -- yells that he wants a real marriage or none at all. Jason demands to know where that leaves Sam -- as Sonny's back-up when Carly's not around? Jason begs Sonny to keep the secret, to let him take care of Sam and the baby.

KELLY'S: Lucky begins yelling at Mary about how Mary stole Nikolas' life from him. Mary tries to defend herself but Lucky cuts her off, calling her a criminal who deserves to be in jail. Nikolas explodes and demands that Lucky stop. Mary quickly leaves and Nikolas turns on Lucky -- he says that HE is the one who hates Lucky, so Lucky should direct his anger towards him and not Mary. Emily demands to know how Nikolas can defend Mary after what she did.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Lois is outside in the hallway waiting for Courtney. When Courtney shows up, they exchange their hellos and Courtney unlocks the door. Lois cuts right to the chase -- she tells Courtney that she can tell that there's something between Court and Jax -- and that Robin saw it fact, Lois drove Robin to the airport and Robin passed on a message for Courtney to make Jax happy. Courtney explains that she doesn't see what Lois and Robin see in terms of her relationship with Jax. Just then there's a knock on the door -- of course, it's Lois explains she left Jax a phone message "from Courtney." Lois leaves, Jax comes in and Courtney looks like she feels very awkward.

JASON AND SAM'S SAFEHOUSE: Jason returns from the church -- Sam has been waiting for him. She tries to talk to him about the memorial service, but he's still obviously upset from his argument with Sonny. Finally she says that she needs to take him somewhere. When he objects that they can't risk being caught out in the open, she admits that she wants to tell him the last secret that she's been keeping from him. Jason looks intrigued to say the least.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Edward is sitting on the park bench by himself when Lulu comes over holding a bunch of flowers. She says that the flowers are from her friend Heather. At that moment, Heather comes over to them and tells Edward that she wanted to say something to him about Lila's death, but decided that flowers might be more appropriate.

KELLY'S: Lucky and Emily argue with Nikolas over the fact that he appears to be treating Mary better than he's treating the two of them. Nikolas points out that they all lied to him -- the difference being that Emily and Lucky were supposed to be the ones who loved him. Nikolas turns and stalks off, leaving Lucky and Em staring sadly after him.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly is going through pictures to put in a photo album. She shows Sonny a picture of Morgan's christening -- she compares it to Michael's christening, which she says was hellish...she had just come back from Florida, only to walk into a room full of Quartermaines. She notes that even from the pictures alone you can tell that they were all miserable. Sonny wonders aloud whether it would have been better if Carly had told them all the truth right away about AJ being Michael's father.

THE GARAGE: Jason and Sam approach the garage...Jason has his gun out for protection but Sam tells him that he won't need it. They walk inside, and Sam goes to the back room...when she comes out, she's not alone -- a tall man in a baseball cap is with her. She introduces him to Jason as her half-brother Danny. As it turns out, Danny is mentally challenged. Sam and Danny and Jason talk for awhile about how Danny has been getting along in the garage, then Danny goes back to his room to watch a sports game on television. As soon as he's gone, Jason realizes that Danny -- not Sam -- was the one who burned down the house with their mother inside. Sam admits that that's true.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney tries to explain to Jax what happened -- that Lois left a message for him claiming that it was from Courtney. She is upset that Lois and Robin keep trying to push them together. Jax notes that he wanted her to go out to dinner with him, but maybe they could do it some other time. Before he leaves though, Courtney stops him and says that she was planning to cook steak and salad for herself...she could make some for him as well. Jax agrees to stay.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Lulu is playing on the ground while Edward and Heather sit on the bench talking. Edward tells a story about how he and Lila once went swimming in a lake together. Heather says that Lila was an amazing woman with a great husband, great family, and a great dedication to social causes. Edward says that it was very important to Lila to keep her life in balance. He tells Heather that he has enjoyed their conversation.

KELLY'S: Lucky and Emily are still standing outside of Kelly's, upset at Nikolas' behavior. Lucky changes the subject to Emily's eulogy at Lila's funeral. Emily admits that she doesn't even remember what she said, it was all a blur. Lucky reminds her that the theme of her speech was to always tell your loved ones that you love them an extra time. He then goes onto say that he is in love with her, and that he never would have had that chance if Nik hadn't lost his memories. Emily is obviously uncomfortable but Lucky clarifies that even if Emily and Nik get back together, he'll continue to love her even then.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny is sitting on the couch with Carly. He tells her that it was good to see Robin again, despite the fact that they aren't as close as they used to be. He worries over the fact that he told Stone he would always take care of her, and he hasn't really kept his promise. Carly notes that Sonny always treated Robin like a china doll. Sonny explains that Robin had a tragic childhood and that she came out of it with a lot of wisdom. Carly concedes, calling Robin a "know-it-all." Sonny tells her that Robin said that she thinks that he and Carly and their children are "meant to be." This catches Carly off guard.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Nikolas is in the park when Emily approaches him. He doesn't want to see her, but she pleads with him to listen -- all she wants is for him to stop being so cruel to Lucky. She fills him in on his past with Lucky...that they went through a lot to be brothers, despite their warring families...and it's killing Lucky to have Nikolas so angry. Nikolas snaps that Emily is obviously here to ask for his blessing in moving on with his brother...well, if she wants his blessing, she has it.

THE GARAGE: Sam tells Jason the whole sordid story of the fire -- she knew she had a brother and when she went to track down her mother in South Carolina, she asked her mom about Danny. Sam's mother denied that she knew where Danny was. One night, Sam snuck into the house and found Danny living in the basement...his parents were so ashamed of his handicap, they kept him down there. She regularly went back to visit Danny. Eventually she decided to bust him out. Danny was the one who accidentally started the fire that killed their mother (but he doesn't know it). Everyone assumed that Danny died in the fire and that Sam was the culprit. Sam sent Danny away to a special school, took the blame for the fire and used the money she made from cons to try and provide for Danny. She says that Danny wants to get a job on his own, and that she can't let the police get him. Jason assures her that no one will find out.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly asks Sonny if he believes that they are meant to be and Sonny points out that they are still together...he says that when they first slept together he hated her, and when she turned up pregnant he took it as a punishment from God. But then, he began to admire her attitude, as she was unlike any of the other women he was usually involved with. He says that it scares him that he gets so angry when they fight...he doesn't want to get angry like that with her anymore. She agrees with him. He brings up the time he had the breakdown and she let him put his head in her he knew that she meant everything to him. She says that she felt the same way in that moment. They both admit that they miss being married for real (not the fake kind that they are currently living). Sonny quickly stands up and heads out the door, saying that there's something he has to take care of but promising to tell her everything when he returns.

THE GARAGE: Danny comes back into the main part of the garage and Jason explains the situation to him -- Sam is pregnant and it's his (Jason's) job to care for Sam and the baby. Now he needs Danny's help...he needs to take Danny away, so the police won't find him and -- by extension -- Sam. Danny and Sam protest this at first, but Jason manages to convince them that it's best...he appeals to Danny's love for his "little sister" as he has a little sister himself (Emily) who he will do anything to protect. Danny agrees to help protect Sam, and he leaves to pack his stuff. Jason assures Sam that he'll take care of Danny.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney and Jax are enjoying what's left of dinner. Jax tells her that he believes that some people have a light inside of them...these people are not perfect to the point of boredom, but they do give with an open heart, always. He says these people are "transcendent." Courtney points out that Lila was like that and Jax answers that she is as well.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Emily tries to clarify her position -- Lucky is her friend, but Nikolas is the one she is in love with. She's worried that he'll do something he'll regret when he finally does regain his memories. While they are arguing, Emily faints and Nikolas catches her.

JASON AND SAM'S SAFEHOUSE: Sam goes back to the safe house and finds Sonny there waiting for her. She tries to explain why she was gone, but Sonny has come to tell her something very important -- he is planning to tell Carly that Sam's baby is his.

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