GH Update Friday 7/16/04

General Hospital Update Friday 7/16/04

By Nancy
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Alan and Monica are in the Quartermaine house getting ready to leave for the funeral. Alan talks about his mother, and about the service to come. They laugh over how frustrating it was that Lila never took sides. Monica tells him how obvious it was that Lila loved Alan more than anything, and how intimidating that was to her when she decided to marry him. Tracy comes into the room and ruins Alan's mood. She starts to pick a fight by telling him that he needs to take charge of the situation or "interlopers and hangers on" will over-run the memorial. Monica points out that Lila liked interlopers and hangers on, and more than she liked Tracy. Alan reminds Tracy that Lila had kicked her out of the house before, and Monica threatens to do it now.

The Scorpio family is getting ready to go to the service, and Felicia is obviously concerned that they all look their best. She tells Georgie that Lila was very special to her and that showing proper respect is important to honor the woman.

Carly is giving Jason her condolences. She tells him that Lila had every right to hate her, but didn't; Jason says her that Lila liked her. She laughs and says that the whole time she was married to AJ, Lila was her only friend in the house. She asks if it's true that he took Michael to see the Quartermaines yesterday and he says yes, and hopes she doesn't mind. She isn't upset, and tells him that while she doesn't see the Q's as Michael's family, they are Jason's family, and if the boy's presence helped them, then she's glad.

Sonny runs into Robin at the church. She says she had just been inside lighting a candle for Lila. She brings him a message form Brenda for him: that she is happy, and hopes he is, too, and that she believes he and Carly were meant to be. Sonny comments on how grown up Robin is now; she tells him that she has missed him.

Tracy asks Alan to protect her from Monica. Alan tries to stay out of it; Tracy throws Jeff Webber back in Monica's face, and it's all on! Tracy even speculates that Jeff is AJ's father, and then asks if AJ - the thief - is going to show up for the funeral. She says that considering all the money he stole from the family, he ought to be able to send a huge boquet! Monica has had it, and calls Alice to throw Tracy's belongings out the window. Everyone ends up in the room, and Tracy demands that Ned take her side. Lois points out that loyalty is earned and Tracy goes off on her, too. Everyone is arguing, and Edward can barely stand it. Emily finally has enough and yells at everyone to calm down, living up to what Bobbie told her about having to take over for Lila as manager of the family. She says that Lila would want Tracy there and that they all need to show some patience with each other. Everyone calms down and leaves the room, except for Alan and Tracy. Tracy apologizes to Alan once everyone is gone from the room. "I am sorry I picked a fight with you on the day of our mother's memorial service." She is essentially jealous of everyone's having had a relationship with Lila and impatient of their grief, when it is hers and Alan's mother who is dead. They share a memory of Tracy's first cotillion which brings them to tears, but is obviously special to them. Tracy had pushed Alan into a pond, so Lila pushed Tracy in after him, then jumped in herself, ruining her silk dress. Tracy says that was the day she realized she had the best mother in the world. Alan agrees that they did, and they hold each other for a moment before getting up to go to the church.

Robin is telling Sonny about her favorite memory of Lila and mentions how beautiful Lila was. They get around to talking about Stone; and Sonny remembers that he promised Stone he'd take care of Robin, and he hasn't done a very good job of it. She says she hasn't done a good job of letting him, either. They discuss the time and distance between them, and she says she is happy with her life now.

Kevin and Lucy arrive at the Scorpio's house, and everyone wants to know why Lucy is wearing red. She says it is in honor of "mother Quartermaine". Lucy reminds them all that she was briefly married to Alan, and that it was a mistake, but she wanted to do it. She wanted the "dress of all dresses" for that wedding and when it arrived, it was red. She decided to wear it anyway and have her wedding and everyone laughed at her, but Lila liked it and told her that she looked wonderful; Lila also told her once that Lucy and Alan's wedding was her all time favorite wedding besides her own. Lucy's affection for Lila is obvious; she points out that Lila was the only person who was always happy to see her, and she knows that Lila understands why she is wearing the dress.

Robin and Sonny run into Alan, Monica, and Tracy at the church. Tracy is obviously not thrilled when they both talk about their respect and affection for Lila but stays silent. When they have walked away, Tracy tells Alan that this is what she was talking about - every stray Lila was ever kind to will show up - and Alan tells her to behave as Lila would want her to, with grace.

Amanda Barrington offers her condolences, and Tracy thanks her for coming.

Gail and Lee Baldwin are there, and with Monica and Alan, talk about when Monica kicked Edward out of the house. It is mentioned again that the house now belongs to Monica since it was Alan's and he gave it to her.

Robin meets Michael, who is arriving with Carly. Robin tells Michael that she knew him when he was small. She says she heard that there is another son now and is pleased that they named him after Jason. Carly says nothing at all during this exchange.

Tracy is snobby to Lucy over the dress, but Alan loves it. He says his mother would have loved it. Lucy is still Lucy, and she tries to speak to Monica but just makes herself look silly and finally gives up. Monica understands and is polite about it.

Robin runs across Jax, who introduces her to Courtney. She says she has heard about Courtney from Brenda. She is surprised when she is told that Jax is pursuing Courtney, not the other way around.

Georgie, Dillon, Brook Lynn, and Maxie are talking about Lila, and Dillon says how sad he is that the sisters got to know Lila better than he and Brook - Lila's family - and what a loss it was for himself and his niece.

Emily, Justus, Lucky, Bobbie, Tony, Mac, and Felicia are all standing around the church, talking to various people. Alan thanks Felicia for bringing Lila's memoirs to the house. Tracy is still obviously upset at all the people who are there but says nothing.

Robin goes outside to find Jason, who is standing there, seemingly lost in thought. He is surprised, but glad to see her. She says she thought someone would have warned him she was there, and he says how glad Lila would have been that she made it. He tells her to say hello to Brenda for him. Robin comments on how hard this must be for him. He tells her that he knows the Quartermaines need him, and says that his being able to be there and give them any comfort at all is because she encouraged him to spend time with his grandmother, and that he realized what it meant to Lila when he did. He says he owes Robin more than he can ever repay. She just tells him that they should probably go in, and heads for the door.

Monica gives the first eulogy, talking about Lila's warmth, graciousness, and welcoming of her, when she first joined the Quartermaine family.

Alan talks about his mother with great love and humor; he mentions her laughter, and her open heart, and her great beauty.

Tracy talks about overhearing 2 of her mother's friends once, wondering how a woman as delightful as Lila could have raised someone like Tracy, then says that Lila always saw the best in her, despite other people's disdain for her, and knows that her mother loved her despite her shortcomings; she says that is what has sustained her all her life. She mentions her mother's style and uniqueness and love of learning. She vows to honor her mother by learning from her.

Ned talks about his grandmother being the only person who truly understood how much he loved performing. He thinks it was because she was a gifted performer, since he knew there were times she was tired or fed up and had to make herself be what everyone needed and expected her to be - smiling, loving, gracious, wise, kind. He says that she was always there for him, and gave everyone the best of herself.

Jason stands in front of Lila's portrait, just looking at her for a minute, tears in his eyes, before going to the podium to speak. We can see that he is in a lot of pain over the loss of his grandmother. Emily comes to stand with him and give him support, and he goes back to his seat, never having said a word. Emily takes the podium instead, and talks about how Lila's spirit was free despite the wheelchair. She also mentions how Lila encouraged her to take chances, and find true love, as she had found with Edward. She tells everyone about the last time she saw Lila, waving from a window as she left the house, and tells the assemblage that the best way to pay tribute to Lila is to tell someone that you love them, to take the extra time to make sure they know how much they mean to you. She is in tears as she leaves the platform to sit with Jason, who comforts her.

With no backup music, Brook Lynn sings:

I would be true, for there are those that trust me
And I would be pure, for there are those that care.
And I would be strong for there is much to suffer.
And I will be brave, for there is much to dare.

I will be friend to all the foe and friendless
I will be giving, and I'll forget the gift
I will be humble for there I know my weakness
I will look up to laugh and love and live

The priest ends the ceremony with a prayer, and then Edward thanks everyone for coming. He says that Lila would be so moved by this outpouring of love and that she so loved everyone in return. He says that he believes that she is in heaven now, and that she is probably a little embarrassed by all this attention, but that she knows how much they all loved her and will miss her, and that she is irreplaceable in their lives.

The show ends with a montage of clips of Anna Lee with all the different characters. Many memories, including clips of actors no longer in the roles. And then a final shot of Anna Lee, with the dates 1913 - 2004.

(Personal note: I just cannot convey to you in this update the emotion of this episode. I apologize for that failing; it was a fine and fitting tribute to a great character and a wonderful, talented, and beautiful actress.)

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