GH Update Thursday 7/15/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/15/04

By Suzanne
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Ric gives Alexis a hard time in the courthouse for not postponing Skye's arraignment so that Kristina could spend time with her family (the Quartermaines). She is unnerved and tells him off. She says it wouldn't be appropriate to bring her baby to the funeral of a person she barely knew. Ric goes on and on about how he doesn't understand why Alexis wouldn't want the Quartermaines in her daughter's life. Alexis threatens to complain to the bar association for his getting involved in her personal life. He keeps at it. Later, Alexis tells him that he made some good points, so she'll be taking a few days off. He is shocked that she would actually agree with him.

Brooke Lynn nervously brings flowers in to the Quartermaine sun room as Edward sits in there. She wants to find a vase. He remarks that roses were Lila's favorite. She talks about how she remembers the roses and Lila's dresses from when she visited as a child. Lila told her that she'd teach her how to needlepoint; Brooke wishes they had done that together. Edward does, too. Lois swoops in with her own flowers but sees that she is interrupting a moment. Brooke is obviously embarrassed and makes a swift exit. Lois tells Edward, as she arranges the flowers, that her family sends their condolences. He wonders why she didn't make the effort to let Lila see her great-granddaughter. She feels really bad about that and explains how much she regrets it. They both agree that they made the mistake in thinking she would be around forever.

At GH, Tracy is on the phone with someone, telling them that she is taking over Lila's charity work. Courtney walks by and thinks that Tracy is trying to get in the way of her foundation by doing an end-run around Lila. She tells Tracy that she is going to see Lila about this as she walks away. Tracy tells her to let her know what she said. Courtney turns around, and Tracy tells her that her mother has died. Courtney is upset and feels bad. Tracy tells Courtney off in her usual insulting way. Courtney tries to sympathize with Tracy by saying that she loved Lila, but Tracy tells her that Lila just had good manners (implying she really didn't like Courtney). Courtney decides not to tell Tracy off because she knows she is just acting out her grief in anger.

Emily meets with Jason on the docks. They are both having a hard time believing Lila is gone. She asks for his help with the family. Jason says that he doesn't know how to be a comfort to the Quartermaines. She just wants Jason to be a presence in their lives because they fear losing him since their only connection to him was Lila. Jason worries about Emily spending so much time worrying about everyone else that she is not taking care of herself. She says she has him to lean on, unlike the rest of the Q's.

Heather confers with Bobbie at the hospital (Lesley Lu is there, too). Heather tells Bobbie that they have been having fun preparing for Lesley's exit from the hospital. Bobbie says that Lesley is so disappointed that she won't make it to Lila's funeral. Heather is shocked to learn that Lila's died. Heather says that Edward must be devastated.

Elizabeth and Emily meet up at Kelly's. Elizabeth offers her condolences. Bobbie brings over some chocolate cake for them. They talk about Lila. Bobbie remarks that Lila was grooming Emily to be the new person to hold the family together so now it is her turn. They remember when Jason wanted to throw the family out of Michael's baptism, but Lila asked him to let them stay, so he did. There is a flashback to that time.

Courtney finds Jason on the docks. He is down about Lila. She commiserates. He tells her that she was in a lot of pain but never showed it. He talks about missing Lila.

Emily finds Monica sitting at her desk at home. Monica tells her that she's been trying to write an obituary for Lila but it's hard to condense such a wonderful person's life into two short paragraphs. Emily remarks that Lila hated obituaries anyway. She called them "posthumous bragging". Monica is amazed that they talked about that. She confesses to Emily that she used to be jealous that Emily looked up to Lila as her role model, but now she's glad that Emily had that time with her. They hug. Alan comes in and he hugs Emily, too. He wishes he could be such a comfort to his own father. He makes a remark to imply that Edward is not feeling grief like he should, but Emily points out he's just in shock still. Alan talks about his own pain. Monica tells Alan that he was a wonderful son.

Felicia visits, bringing Edward Lila's unfinished memoirs. She talks about how vivid Lila's memories were of meeting Edward. She tells him that he was everyting to her.

Faith stops Justus in the hallway of the courthouse, but he is no mood to talk to her. She tries to flirt but he tells her that Lila died. She expresses her sympathy because she can see that he's in pain.

Courtney gets Jax to meet her on the docks. He is joking as usual, so she guesses that he hasn't heard the news. She tells him about Lila's death. He gets very upset. Jax beats himself up for not visiting her more. Courtney guesses that this is really about Jax's father, not Lila. Jax doesn't address that point but seems to agree because then he starts talking about missing his father. She reminds him that Lila didn't believe in regret. He agrees that they both lived life to the fullest. He says he hasn't really been living life that full until she came alone.

Jason goes to Sonny and Carly's penthouse. Michael comes downstairs and tells him that his parents are out but asks Jason if he wants to come to the park with him, Morgan, and Leticia. Jason says he wants to talk with him and asks Michael to sit on the couch with him. Michael knows it's something serious since they are on the couch. Jason reminds him that A.J. is his biological father and that he is related to the Quartermaines by blood. He asks if he remembers Lila. Michael knows her as the lady that waves to him at the Christmas party at the hospital every year. Jason tells him that she was his great-grandmother and she died. Michael looks very solemn. Michael questions him about why he didn't visit his family on that side the way he does with Bobbie and Mike. Jason explains there was a lot of fighting about who Michael would live with, so Sonny and Carly decided to keep Michael away from them. Jason tells him that even though Lila is in heaven, she would be happy knowing that Michael spent some time with her family to make them feel better. Michael asks Jason's opinion, so Jason says he would like him to go. Jason makes it clear he doesn't have to go. Michael agrees to visit them.

Felicia chats with Bobbie at Kelly's. Felicia tells her that Robin is coming to town for the funeral. She wonders why it's always a loss that brings people together.

Brooke is surprised when Lois finds her and tells her that she wanted to apologize again for keeping her from Lila. Lois talks about how great Lila was. Brooke tells her again that it's fine and she knows she was just trying to protect her.

Alan and Monica are thrilled when Jason brings Michael for his visit. Monica hugs him. Michael is very polite. Emily thanks Jason quietly.

At Kelly's, Elizabeth tells Lucky that she's worried about Emily taking on too much and not dealing with her own pain. Lucky agrees to help out. Later, Lucky finds Emily and asks her to go take a bike ride and do some other silly things with him. She says that's just what she needs, too.

Heather says hello to Tracy at GH, asking her if she remembers her. Tracy sort of does remember that she did some bad things long ago. Heather mentions Lila and says it's not going to be the same without her. Tracy asks if she even knew Lila. Heather says they met a few times and Lila was really nice to her. Tracy says the same thing to her as she did to Courtney, that talking to Lila a couple of times does not give her the right to consider her death a personal loss. Heather is not deterred. She says she knows Edward will be devastated without Lila and asks if there's anything she can do to help him, to let her know.

Jason brings Michael in to see Edward, too. Edward shows Michael a photo album with some pictures of Lila. He tells Michael about how they met, at a garden party. Edward is very glad that Michael is there.


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