GH Update Wednesday 7/14/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/14/04

By Jean and Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

It is an ordinary morning in Port Charles. Sam and Jason are in the safe house, up early. He is drinking coffee.  She tells him it's rude to drink coffee in front of her since she loves coffee but can't have any while she's pregnant.  He tells her that he will give up coffee until the baby is born. He wonders why, if Sam is comfortable having him raise her child, that she will not trust him with whatever she's hiding.

At the hospital, Dillon is looking for Georgie but is told she isn’t scheduled to volunteer that day; obviously she has been avoiding him since their problems the previous day.  He jumps when Lois shows up right behind him.

At Kelly’s, Emily and Lucky are outside Kelly's; He wonders if she's avoiding him.  She reiterates that with all she’s gone through his friendship is so important to her. She’s making her point that she doesn’t want a romantic relationship, but she does still want to be friends.  He suggests ice cream.  He flips a coin to see whether they should go, and it lands near Nikolas's foot.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Justus arrives for a scheduled morning meeting, striding through the French doors from the garden. Edward sits unkempt and looking distant in his robe. Justus wonders at his grandfather’s state of undress.   My wife is dead,” moans Edward.

At the L&B studios, Georgie is talking to Brooke about her sex life.  Brooke thinks she should just stop pressuring herself, but Georgie wants to get a sexier look.  Brooke laughs when Georgie talks about her goth phase.  The phone rings, so Brooke answers.  It's Alice, the Q maid, asking for Ned.... She calls for her father, thinking he is in the sound booth. He does not answer. Brooke asks Alice if she can take a message. The news on the phone makes her unusually quiet. She hangs up the phone; Georgie asks what's wrong.  Brooke goes to find Ned but he comes in the door as she is going out. She tells Ned that Lila has passed away.

At the Q’s, Edward is speaking of Lila. Justus has sat his grandfather down carefully, and listens attentively. “She looked so tired yesterday. We went to bed early and I thought I would read a little. Then I thought the light might bother her so I shut it off and looked at her. She looked at me and said, “’Thank you honey. I love you dear’” ...he is walking through the moments carefully, as if allowing too much emotion would crack his control. “’Thank you honey. I love you dear.’” Those are the last words I will hear from my wife.”

Lois hands a package full of impotence drugs to Dillon that she signed for at L&B. She cannot believe these meds could be for “a young strong buck like Dillon" and so she thinks they might be for Ned, but she is amazed to think that “ Eddie would have trouble running up the flag for love.” Anguished with embarrassment, Dillon quickly states the pills are Alan’s. To his continued mortification, Lois calls Alan to the second floor nurse's desk to pick up his delivery.

At Kelly’s, Emily tries to stop Lucky and Nikolas from fighting by telling Nikolas that she is just friends with Lucky and there is nothing going on.  Her cell phone rings. Nikolas asks Lucky if he's told Emily that he offered to her off his hands.  Quietly, Emily advises both Lucky and Nik of Lila’s death. She is clearly devastated. 

Tracy arrives in the breakfast room at the Q Mansion, going on cheerfully about why she cannot conceive of Edward and Justus winning a fight against her for ELQ. She advises that she will have the two of them for lunch.  Justus rises. “Brace yourself Tracy.” He is reaching out to her. Before she even knows what is up, her hands are thrust out, protecting her from the news.  “Whatever it is, it’s not going to work. I’ve called my attorneys...I’ve called.. To put and end to this little power play. Don’t think you can stall me. Don’t...” she is puzzled and afraid, looking at Edward with his circuits all blown.  “Lila died in her sleep last night, Tracy,” says Justus quietly.  “NO!” she screams. He holds her as she shrieks and fights against him, mourning and battlecry all at once.

Emily has a flashback Lila’s wholehearted love and support for her as she went through chemotherapy. “Emily, you are going to live. You have to believe that. Choose to fight for your life,” advises Lila.  “Sorry for your loss", says Nikolas in the present.  Lucky leaves with her to find Jason.

At the studio, Ned advises Brooke to tell Lois and then come to the house. He cries with his daughter and then heads for the mansion. He remembers bringing baby Brooke Lynn to the house and Lila’s cry of joy: “She’s beautiful.”

At GH, the second floor nurse’s station is full and Lois babbles on to Alan, wondering why in the world Alan should be ashamed at needing “a little kickstart.” Alan begins to understand Dillon’s query of the day before, and is about to break into laughter when Monica arrives and asks him if they could go to the chapel. He senses it is bad news but declines, saying ”We’re all family”.  “It’s Lila. She’s gone,” says Monica. Alan’s head bows and he cries unashamedly.

At the safehouse, Sam attempts to put another light on Jason’s protection of Michael. She asks him why he protects Michael. He mentions their connection but she insists that it is more than that; he protects Michael because Michael is innocent, and requires protection due to his innocence. Emily arrives at the safehouse and tells Jason his grandmother is dead.

In the breakfast room at the Q’s, Tracy is quiescent at her father’s feet, holding his hand. “She loved you, daughter. Even at your most exasperating.”  Tracy replies, “I know Daddy. I counted on it.”   She remembers her own terror for Dillon when he was so young and Lila’s encouragement...”You know as well as I do, Quartermaines are fighters.”  Tracy sighs,  “She always saw the good in both of us, Daddy.”  Edward replies simply, “She was the reason that the good was there to see.”  Tracy goes on to say that she saw hope in Lila's eyes and wonders where she will find it now.  Edward has no answer to that.

At Kelly’s, Nikolas and Alexis have an awkward conversation.  Nikolas takes a chance and tells Alexis that Lila is dead, on the chance that she would want to know.

In the safehouse, Jason and Emily reminisce about drinking tea with Lila. Jason recalls Emily helping he and Lila to reconnect while Edward blustered. “She was always good at that. Knowing what people meant, instead of what they said.” Jason thanks Emily for giving Lila the gift he could not, the gift of time.

At L&B, Lois, too, is upset about time, the time her choice to keep Brooke away from the rest of the Quartermaines stole from Brooke and Lila. Lois explains her relationship with Ned to Brooke, and her reasons for keeping Brooke in Brooklyn. She remembers that Lila liked people.

Tracy tries to keep away from Ned’s support when he arrives at the Q’s. He holds her anyway. Dillon comes to her as well.  Monica says that Lila chose the best way to die, in her sleep.  She says,  ”It’s like the angels just came and got her.”  Edward tells them that Lila was thinking of others until the end, planning Alan and Monica’s anniversary party.

At Kelly’s, Alexis and Nik still talk; Alexis remembers her abortive marriage to Ned, and Lila’s forgiveness.   Inside, Felicia is remembering working with Lila on her memoirs, surrounded by Mac, Maxie and Georgie.  In flashback, Lila says, “Learn from my mistakes, Felicia. Hold on to all mementos of your past. They’re more precious than you realize.”  Both Felicia and Alexis characterize Lila as full of grace.

At L&B, Brooke goes to her mother’s defense for raising her apart from Lila, saying”I’ve hated you many times, but this is not one of them.” Lois realizes that Lila is the one Quartermaine who would have truly loved Brooke and should have been allowed to do so.

Jason arrives at the Q’s. His mother and father thank him, then he does the thing he has never done since the accident; he kneels at Edward’s feet and pays him respect.  Edward speaks softly as he tells Jason that of all of them, Jason reminds him the most of Lila. “You have her strength. You have her determination". He puts his hand to Jason’s face. “You have her eyes.”  Jason reluctantly lets Edward touch him and then nods in agreement. 

Mac, Felicia, and the girls trade stories about Lila and the Q’s over a dish of Lila’s favorite ice cream at Kelly’s.

Edward thanks Jason for not getting shot or imprisoned whilst Lila lived. Edward is grateful that Jason loved Lila.  Jason leaves, having told his parents that he can't stay.  It means a lot to them that the is there and he clasps hands with Alan on his way out.  Monica, Lucky, and Emily are in a corner laughing over the longtime outrageous flirting that Luke did with Lila, and the joy she took in returning it. Lois and Ned embrace, as she arrives with Brooke,

Lois comes to Edward looking to his welfare...Tracy rouses and bites out: “Well, would you look at us. Gathered all together. Just like a real family. And all it took was my mother’s death!”  Everyone looks shocked and disgusted.

Jason is at the safehouse. His eyes are wet. He and Sam talk about a box of candy he "stole" for Lila early in his post-accident career. He remembers Lila could talk with him, and he took her name, Morgan. Sam proposes that they name her little girl Lila, Lila Morgan, and that Jason’s grandmother could be her guardian angel. He looks at her and says yes, he feels his grandmother would love that.

Back at the Q’s, Monica and Alan warn Tracy against throwing a tantrum, but it's too late.  She is full of rage. “This is not a fair representation of what this family really is...I deeply resent the hypocrisy that is on display here in my dead mother's name.”  “Tracy, knock it off,” says Lois.  “Oh, My God!!!!!! YOU stay out of it, you little guttersnipe! Why the hell are you here, anyway?”

“TRACY,!” roars Edward with some last bit of strength.  He seems as if he can barely move, then says softly, ”This is your pain, this is not your anger. Please don’t attack the family, today. Please. "  They hug as he tries to calm her down.  She blurts out, “I want my Mommy!” Edward holds her through more unearthly shrieks, then suddenly it is just too much to bear and he flings himself out, alone. Alan hugs Tracy on the couch.  Edward staggers to Lila’s place outside, her garden. He picks up her gardening gloves that are still there.  He sees the roses blooming there and then bends to smell one.  He says to them,  “I love you too.”


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