GH Update Tuesday 7/13/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/13/04

By Ali
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KELLY'S: Georgie is sitting across from Lucas at a table. She tells him to act natural -- then she plants a kiss on him. After the kiss, he asks if she's all right...she asks him how the kiss made him feel.

THE DOCKS: Jax hands Courtney a check for ten million dollars -- he concedes in the bet. Courtney asks him why he's giving up when time isn't up yet...Jax replies that time is up for him, now nothing will stop them from sleeping together. Courtney smiles and tears the check up.

THE GARAGE: Jason is lurking around in the garage (where Sam's "friend" has been hiding). Suddenly he hears a noise coming from outside.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Ric is sitting in a chair waiting for Sonny...apparently he has been summoned there. Sonny enters and tells Ric that he has a proposition: he will give Sam up to the police.

THE SAFEHOUSE: Carly asks Sam if she's scared, and Sam asks why. Carly replies that she is not leaving until she gets the truth out of Sam -- she wants Sam to admit to using Jason and the baby to get to Sonny. Sam warns Carly that she's getting more than she bargained for.

KELLY'S: Georgie asks Lucas if the kiss got him going -- did it turn him on? Lucas stresses that they are cousins, but Georgie shrugs it off because they aren't biologically related. Lucas insists that while she's cute, it's kind of incest. He asks her how things are with Dillon for her to be acting out like this, and she tells him to just forget it. He tells her that she can come to him if she needs help...then he leaves. Brooke Lynn walks over to Georgie and says that Georgie needs to look on the bright least Lucas said that she was cute. Georgie moans that she has zero sex appeal.

THE DOCKS: Jax asks Courtney if this means that she is giving up her mission to help the children -- Courtney says no, she just wants to win the bet fair and square, because she's a competitive person. Jax smiles and says that she just can't get enough of the foreplay.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Ric asks Sonny why he would give Sam up and Sonny explains that Sam is clouding Jason's judgment, making him unable to be objective. He wants Ric to give him the murder file so he can prove to Jason that Sam needs to be in prison. Ric smiles and says that Sonny isn't fooling him...he knows what Sonny's up to.

THE SAFEHOUSE: Sam and Carly start arguing...Carly insists that Sam is using Jason, and Sam says that if Carly doesn't back off, she'll never see Jason again. At that moment Jason walks in and Carly asks him if he's hearing this -- how Sam is treating him like she owns him. Carly rants that Sam is not a victim, she is just trying to steal Jason. Sam tells Jason that she wants Carly to leave...that Carly is only angry because she feels threatened. Jason interrupts them and asks for a moment alone with Carly. Sam agrees but promises Carly that no one is going to take her baby away from her. Then she leaves. After she's gone, Jason tries to get Carly to understand -- once upon a time, when Carly was pregnant with Michael, she asked Jason for his help and he gave it to he needs to help Sam, and he promises that he'll protect Sam and the baby from everyone, including Carly.

THE DOCKS: Courtney laughs and says that foreplay is only a prelude to sex -- which they are never going to have. She vows to prove to Jax that he cannot seduce her. Jax and Courtney banter for a bit, and afterward he grabs her and kisses her passionately.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Ric asks Sonny if he wants Sam free and Sonny stresses that he wants Jason free from Sam. He says that he owes Sam nothing as she has shown him no loyalty in their relationship. Ric smiles and says that maybe they can work something out. As they are speaking, Carly enters.

THE DOCKS: Courtney pulls away from the kiss and Jax calls her a coward. He thinks that she is scared of kissing him -- he points out that she has only initiated one kiss during their bet...after the trip to Italy...he thinks that that kiss scared her because it stirred up some feelings she didn't want to deal with. Courtney laughs and insists that she's not scared of kissing him. She changes the subject by telling him he should treat her to dinner, and he agrees on the condition that she give him a goodbye kiss afterward.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Ric smiles and says that for the first time he and Sonny are on common ground -- and Carly is a witness to their discussion. He leaves. Carly asks Sonny why he is working with Ric, and Sonny says that he and Ric both have something the other wants. Carly says that Sam needs to be gone because of the threat she poses to their family...she says that Sam told her that she could get Jason to take her out of the country. Sonny asks Carly why she went to see Sam

THE SAFEHOUSE: Jason warns Sam about Carly -- he says that when Carly feels like her family is threatened, she becomes vicious...he thinks it would be better if next time, Sam lets him deal with Carly instead.

L&B RECORDS: Lois is at the studio when Lorenzo comes in...he wants to hear the work that Sage has been recording. Lorenzo and Lois fight over whether or not Sage should go on contract -- Lois is in favor, but Lorenzo wants to wait awhile. Lorenzo insists that Lois needs him more than he needs her.

THE HOSPITAL: Dillon comes into the hospital to see Alan...Alan has a minute to talk to him before he has to go deal with a patient. Dillon tries to hint around his problem -- but isn't getting through very well to Alan. Alan gets that it's sexual in nature, but that's all. Suddenly Alan's beeper goes off and he leaves Dillon in the care of a young, female doctor who specializes in the field that Dillon has questions about. Alan leaves, and Dillon is a little embarrassed. The doctor guesses that he's impotent. Dillon gets even more embarrassed.

THE SAFEHOUSE: Jason asks Sam what she imagines her life like, in the future. Sam says that she's never really thought about it before. Jason says that he just wants to get to know her -- he's made a commitment, but he doesn't know much about her. Sam points out that she knows very little about him too, but that she likes that what he says, he means. Jason asks her if she's certain that she'll always put the child first, and Sam swears that nothing will ever come before her daughter.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly is upset because everytime she finds Sonny out he's alone with Sam. Sonny tries to excuse himself by saying that Sam and Jason are together now...while he's talking, he feels pain in his side. He admits that he hasn't been taking his pain medication because he needs to think straight. Carly asks him if Faith's threatening him -- because she saw him talking to her on the docks. Carly says that every instinct she has is telling her to keep Sam out of their lives. Sonny argues with Carly, saying that Sam has only made a mistake she is now running from -- it's not like either of them have always told the truth. Carly asks if Sonny's really going to protect Sam, and Sonny agrees, saying that things would be best for everyone if Sam remains free and out of jail.

THE HOSPITAL: The doctor goes through a long list of reasons why Dillon could be experiencing impotence...including stress and sleeping problems. Dillon asks her if there's some medication she can give him, but she says she would have to check him out first. Dillon wants something quicker, but she urges him against buying medication over the counter or online.

KELLY'S: Brooke tells Georgie that her problem is that she thinks about sex too much -- the difference between Sage and Georgie is that Sage doesn't let the guy know when she's making a move. Georgie just needs to calm down and let it happen, according to Brooke.

L&B RECORDS: Lois snaps that Lorenzo can take Sage to another record label if he so desires. They discuss the fact that their negotiation is like a game...Lorenzo says he likes games, and he thinks quite a lot of Lois -- she's intelligent, he says, but too passionate to be a good player.

THE DOCKS: Jax and Courtney have finished their dinner and are now walking home. Jax thinks that one day Courtney will wake up (in bed with him) and feel angry with herself for tearing up his check. Courtney laughs and says again that they will never have sex because she is determined to resist him. They share a goodnight kiss.

KELLY'S: Dillon stumbles upon Georgie and Brooke Lynn sitting at their table. Brooke quickly makes an excuse for herself and exits -- leaving the two sweethearts alone. Dillon wants to go out on a date, but Georgie is still too upset and embarrassed. She leaves. Dillon gets on his lap top computer and starts checking out online medication that will help him get an erection.

L&B RECORDS: Lois and Lorenzo continue their argument. Both are firm in their positions. Lorenzo applauds Lois on being pretty good at negotiations, and then leaves without a deal being made.

THE SAFEHOUSE: Sam is sleeping on the couch...she dreams of being in Sonny's penthouse, dancing with Sonny in a beautiful dress. In the dream, she and Sonny kiss. Suddenly, Sonny becomes Jason, who smiles at her. Sam wakes up, very startled.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Jason comes into the penthouse to find Sonny sitting by himself. They discuss Carly and Sam. Sonny thinks that Carly could know that Sam's child is his...he says he almost wishes that Carly would find out the truth from Faith, so that he wouldn't have to lie to her anymore. Jason admits that it hurts him to lie to Carly, but he's doing it so that she can keep her family. Jason vows to take good care of Sam, to find out who the guy is that she's been meeting. Sonny says that once Sam's free from the charges, they will decide what their next move is.

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