GH Update Monday 7/12/04

General Hospital Update Monday 7/12/04

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L&B RECORDS: Dillon and Georgie are ready to make love, but Dillon's having problems "getting it up." Georgie asks if this problem happened with Sage, and when Dillon says no, Georgie decides that it must be her.

OUTSIDE OF A HOUSE SOMEWHERE: Jason is lurking in the shadows, watching as Sam goes to the door of the house and walks inside. He can see the shadows of two people -- Sam and a taller man. She embraces the man, and they move out of view. A few moments later, Sam exits the house and hurries on her way. Jason watches her leave, then casts one last glance at the house, wondering who is inside.

THE DOCKS: Sonny asks Faith if she's certain that she won't get "greedy" in their arrangement. But Faith assures him that they have a deal -- if she stays alive, she won't tell Carly that Sonny fathered Sam's child. Sonny seems satisfied with this and leaves. Suddenly, Carly comes over to Faith and asks what Faith and Sonny have going on together.

L&B RECORDS: Dillon tries to reassure Georgie by calling her a "wonderful person" and one of his "best friends." She freaks out and he tries again by telling her that she's sexy and he does want to make love to her. They try again by kissing. Dillon fakes a moan and Georgie calls him on just pretending. Georgie snaps and leaves.

THE CELLAR: Lois tells Ned that he was always a wonderful dancer. Ned cuts to the chase and asks her exactly what the evening is about. Lois assures him they are just there as friends. Across the room, Jax and Courtney have returned from their camping trip. They are both in very good moods. They go over to talk to Lois and Ned, and Jax orders champagne. The guys go to pick it out, leaving Lois and Court alone. Lois asks how the trip was, and Courtney says that Jax was great, and that's the problem.

THE DOCKS: Carly and Faith are sniping at each other. Carly thinks that Faith was the one who arranged the hit on Sonny. Faith tells Carly that as long as she's (Faith) alive, Sonny's life will remain much easier. Then she goads Carly about leaving the business to the professionals. Carly lunges at Faith and they are about to get into it when Lorenzo comes upon the scene and tears the two apart.

JASON AND SAM'S SAFEHOUSE: Sam returns to the safehouse to find Jason there waiting for her. She apologizes for going out, but he demands to know why she had to leave...what was so important that she would risk being found and sent to jail. At that point, Sonny enters and asks Sam the same question: what was she doing out of the safehouse?

KELLY'S: Brooke Lynn finds Georgie crying at a table at outside of Kelly's. Georgie cries to Brooke that she doesn't turn guys on.

L&B RECORDS: Dillon is doing research online about sexual dysfunction. Trent shows up and looks over his shoulder. Dillon is none too pleased to see him.

THE CELLAR: Courtney admits that sometimes she starts to fall for Jax...then she starts to wonder if he's really so great, or if he's just trying to win the bet. Lois thinks that maybe it's a little of both. Meanwhile, at the bar, Jax is telling Ned about the camping trip with Courtney. Ned asks how the bet is going and Jax sighs and says that he keeps forgetting that there is a bet at all.

JASON AND SAM'S SAFEHOUSE: Sonny and Sam are arguing over the fact that Sam doesn't want to leave the country. Sonny thinks that it would be better if she was gone while he and Jason get the murder charges against her straightened out, but Sam admits that she wants to be close to Sonny for when the baby is born.

THE DOCKS: Lorenzo makes Faith leave, and then tells Carly that she needs to be more careful. Carly says that she saw Faith and Sonny talking together, and she thought it felt "wrong." Lorenzo smiles and says that Carly should listen to her instincts. Suddenly, Sonny's bodyguard Max comes rushing over to Carly. He asks Carly if she needs help with Lorenzo and Carly says no -- then she slaps Lorenzo across the face. She fakes a fight with Lorenzo for Max's benefit. Lorenzo catches on and leaves. Carly then demands that Max tell her what's going on with Sonny.

KELLY'S: Brooke tries to assure Georgie (neither are aware that Sage is listening from a few feet away) -- but Georgie tells her that she can't give Dillon what he needs, because "he couldn't rise to the occasion." Sage puts a hand to her mouth to hold in the laughter.

THE CELLAR: Jax admits to Ned that he likes Courtney a lot more than he thought he would, and now it's starting to get in the way of the bet. Ned thinks that Jax should talk to Courtney about his reservations. Back at the table, Lois is telling Courtney that Jax is better for her than Jason is -- because Jason (like Sonny) is a bad boy, and like all bad boys might not have a very long life span...bad boys get girls to fall in love with them by making the girls think that they are the only ones who can "save" them, but they don't want to be saved. Courtney's better off. As Lois is speaking, Lorenzo walks in...Lois sees him and stops talking.

L&B RECORDS: Dillon lies and says that he was looking up "family dysfunction" and got a lot of results for sexual dysfunction instead. Trent marvels about how many guys there are out there with that problem, and then says that all a guy really needs is the right girl to make the mood right. Suddenly Sage walks in, smiles at Dillon and asks what's going on?

JASON AND SAM'S SAFEHOUSE: Sonny assures Sam that they'll take care of her. Sam thanks both him and Jason for their help. Then Jason and Sonny walk outside into the hallway. Jason tells Sonny that Sam went to visit some other guy...and walked right into his arms.

THE CELLAR: Lois waves at Lorenzo and Courtney sees. She asks Lois if she knows who Lorenzo is and Lois says of course, his brother Luis saved her best friend Brenda's life, before he went crazy and died "may he rest in peace." Courtney says that Lorenzo is bad news, she even lost her baby -- Jason's baby -- partly because of Lorenzo. A waiter brings some champagne over and Courtney thinks it's from Jax in an attempt to distract Lois from Lorenzo. But the waiter says that the champagne is from Lorenzo. Courtney rises from the table and goes to see the men at the bar, while Lorenzo takes her seat.

At the bar, Courtney urges Ned and Jax to do something. Jax says that he and Court will be able to get a better view of Lois and Lorenzo from the dance floor, and he leads her out to dance. Back at the table, Lorenzo and Lois discuss her plans for Sage. Lois thinks that Sage needs to plan her singing career on her own, without Lorenzo's help. But Lorenzo insists that he'll be hands-on. Lois asks what that means and he replies matter-of-factly that one way or another he and Lois will end up in bed together. Lois chokes on her champagne.

L&B RECORDS: Sage gets Trent to leave and she tries to talk to Dillon about whether or not he thinks guys would find her irresistible in a music video. She's obviously trying to turn him on. He gets so flustered that he backs into some supplies and falls on the floor. She kisses him.

KELLY'S: Georgie is still crying to Brooke. Brooke tries to assure her that this problem happens to lots of guys...but Georgie is upset that it happened when she was with Dillon and not when he slept with Sage a few months ago.

L&B RECORDS: Dillon tries to get away from Sage and she mockingly asks him if he can be a "standup guy" with her...if he has "performance anxiety." Dillon looks at Sage warily.

JASON AND SAM'S SAFEHOUSE: Jason fills Sonny in on everything that's been happening...he says that he followed Sam to a house where another guy was waiting. Sonny orders Jason to find out who the other guy is. Jason leaves and Sonny continues to stand in the hallway.

THE CELLAR: Ned comes over to Lois and Lorenzo's table and asks Lois if she's okay. Lois says that she is, and Ned takes her to go dance. While they are dancing, Ned warns her to stay away from Lorenzo, but Lois assures him that it's all just business. A few feet away, Jax and Courtney are dancing and are getting pretty close. Suddenly Jax pulls away and says that he needs to go back a business call. Courtney looks obviously disappointed but says that she understands. She watches him leave.

KELLY'S: Brooke takes Georgie inside of Kelly's and they sit down at a table. Brooke tries to reassure Georgie, telling her that she's sure she's just overreacting to the situation. Just then, Lucas walks into the diner. Georgie sees him and gets an idea for a "science experiment." She immediately begins primping by looking at her reflection in the napkin dispenser. Then she goes and sits down next to Lucas, telling him that she needs his help with something.

L&B RECORDS: Dillon tells Sage that she's very pretty and single, which he thinks is great: "For someone else." Sage slaps him as Tracy walks in. Tracy sees Sage and immediately says that Dillon will not have time for Sage's temper tantrums, as it's time for him to get ready for his new and improved career.

JASON AND SAM'S SAFEHOUSE: Sonny goes back into the safehouse and tells Sam that she has to promise not to leave, for the baby's sake. Sam replies softly that Sonny really wants her out of the country and Sonny says that he does want her to go -- it would be a sacrifice, but everyone is making those lately. He puts his hand on her stomach and Sam looks at him sadly.

Meanwhile, Carly is lurking outside in the hallway.

L&B RECORDS: Tracy mocks Dillon's job with L&B. Sage leaves. Dillon and his mom begin to argue...Dillon insists that his future is with L&B, but Tracy wants him to work for ELQ. Suddenly Ned and Lois enter, and a free-for-all ensues as the bickering between the three adults begins. Dillon slips out the back door while they argue. Eventually Tracy leaves as well.

THE DOCKS: Courtney meets Jax out at the docks. Jax tells her that he has had time to think, and to come to a decision. With that, he hands her a check for the money they bet on. Courtney is confused, and she insists that the time limit for the bet isn't over yet. But Jax says that the time is up for him -- now nothing can stop them from sleeping together.

A HOUSE SOMEWHERE: Jason sneaks over to the house and walks inside with his gun drawn. He hears a noise from another room and says, "I know you're in there."

JASON AND SAM'S SAFEHOUSE: Sonny leaves and as soon as he's gone, Carly enters. She asks Sam if she's scared of her and when Sam says she isn't, Carly locks the door and says that she should be -- Carly intends to stay with Sam until Sam tells her the truth.

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