GH Update Friday 7/9/04

General Hospital Update Friday 7/9/04

By Dixie
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At the penthouse, Carly and Sonny discuss Sam and the danger she brings with her and that they have obligations to their children. There is a knock to the door and its Ric. Sam is a convicted murderer, he divulges and someone in Port Charles wants her caught. Ric lists Samís crimes. Ric believes Jason whisked her away and if so, heíll charge Sonny with aiding and abetting. Sonny has to go and leaves Ric to let Carly know he knows that she called the cops in Bailey Beach about Samís whereabouts. Carly threatens to call her lawyer and avoid Ricís accusation. He needles her about Sam and offers to rid her of Sam if she co-operates.

Emily visits Sam at the safe house and hears her say she will come for someone. Em jumps to a pretty accurate conclusion that Sam was going somewhere and asks what she is hiding from him. Emily and Sam discuss her situation after she covers for her phone call. Jason will help her, Emily assures Sam. Sam reveals to Emily that she is having a girl. The two discuss

Jason shows up at Windermere and questions Alcazarís motives in Nikolasís life. Nik tries to stop Jason in his tracks but Jason blasts that Emily watched him destroy his life and does not want that for Nikolas. Nik rambles on about what he knows about Jasonís past life. Jason understands he is angry, that itís not the lies that hurt. That other people know more about him than Nik does. Jason hits the nail on the head as he explains just how Nik feels. Nik threatens to throw him out, he doesnít understand. Did he have a fiancťe who lied to you? To bring you to your home, have sex and still lie. Emily did it because she loves him. Nik curses Emily out and Jason punches him. He warns the prince to not hurt his sister, or what Nik asks, youíll kill me. Jason says he could never hurt his sister like that and leaves.

Dillon and Georgie discuss a newly returned Lucas while sitting at Kellys. Georgie points out that she does not love her cousin, and Dillon points out only by adoption is he related and that they have been emailing each other since he is been away. He also points out that Lucas was the reason Georgie even kissed Dillon when they met. Dillon is jealous. Georgie is jealous of Sage, he counters. Well he slept with Sage; she says but does not want to have sex with her. Georgie and Dillon bicker about sex and Lucas and Sage and even Lois. Dillon has no right to be jealous, but Georgie does. They are at a stand still and Dillon leaves.

Elizabeth and Lucky come into the diner and discuss Nikolas having no memory and his actions towards him and Emily. Liz tries to dissuade Lucky from becoming attached to his brotherís fiancťe. Lucky believes that he has a chance because Nik isnít the same as he was before. Lucky canít change how he feels and puts the ball in her court.

On the docks, Jason explains to Emily what he discovered about Nik and Alcazar. Emily lets out her frustrations to her brother. Jason is supportive and comforts her. She has to believe that Nik will remember. Em mentions Samís phone call.

Still on the docks, Sonny and Jason discuss what to do about Sam and now with Ric on the trail, they should send Sam out of the country because Sonnyís baby will not be born in jail.

At L&B studio, Brooke Lyn accuses her parents of stealing her music. No, Lois says, her song would be perfect for the Sageís first demo. Brooke hands over the music and leaves. Sage thinks Lois is only using her to get her daughter to sing. While Sage isnít the best singer, she can perform and Lois promised the young star she would do all she could to make her happen. Sage leaves and Alcazar shows up, wanting to have drinks with Lois. Ned is not pleases and Lois turns him down. Ned confronts her about turning down Alcazar if she wants him to invest in the company. Lois says she doesnít need Alcazar, but he controls Sage and canít lose her if Brooke doesnít sing for them.

Back at Windermere, Nikolas is surprised by his Grandma, Helena. She is thrilled to see him alive. Her same old delusional self, Helena goes on about how close they are. How much he trusts her. Sheíll get the best doctors and have him cured. She thinks sheís staying at Windermere. He says no. Helena then discusses Emily and how she was never good enough for him and that before his accident he finally figured it out and turned to his loving grandmother. Nik yells that heís tired of being lied to and he doesnít believe a word she said. He wonít be told what to do. Helena rattles off about how unworthy Em, Alexis and Lucky are of Nikís affections. Nik calls Helena on her lies and kicks her out.

Jason returns to the safe house and confronts Sam about taking her from the country. Sam canít go. Sam convinces Jason that she canít leave Port Charles as it is the closest thing to a home she has ever had. She says she is tired and Jason leaves. But Sam has other ideas.

Back at the penthouse, Sonny and Carly discuss Sam leaving town. Carly wants to know if Jason will go too. She canít go alone, Sonny says as it no longer matters what Sam did before. The baby will not suffer for her parents mistakes. Carly wants to let Sam go to prison and have Jason take the child. Sonny asks her to not get involved, but Carly already is after covering for Sam with Ric. Sonny tells her to accept Sam for the babyís sake

Faith and Alcazar meet outside of Kellyís where she gloats about her power to stay alive.

Inside, Georgie and Brooke Lyn discuss Brooke slip up to Dillon about Georgie wanting to have sex. Brooke wants to help but Georgie is unmoved. They fight over stupid things she moans, Brooke suggest they try sex because Dillon is the one and she is obviously ready. Donít make it like a movie, Brooke urges, do what you feel is right.Emily arrives at Kellyís and gives Liz and Lucky the lowdown on Nikolas. They canít give up, Em urges. They need to help Nik remember. Lucky tries to make Emily see his side, and to be honest that Nik might not come back. Lucky leaves and Liz explains to a confused Emily that Lucky believes while Nik doesnít remember, Lucky still loves her. Emily is convinced that Nik will remember their love, Lucky will see them happy and everything will be okay. Liz is not so sure.

On Windermere, Nik is looking at a picture of him and Emily in happier times and he smashes the frame against the wall just as Lucky appears. What do you want? Nik demands. Let Emily be, he canít remember her, but Lucky can and he loves her.

Georgie finds Dillon at the studio and they both offer apologies on why they over-reacted. They kiss and one thing leads to another and they start to get down but then Dillon realizes his little friend does not want to come out and play.

Alcazar comes from the diner and sees Carly. He lets it slip that Faith purposely knew Michael was in the room when he overheard that Sonnyís shooter was dead. An angry Carly demands proof that Nico and Faith worked together to kill Sonny, and not because of Sam like Carly believed.

On the docks, Sonny and Faith bump into one another and she assures Sonny his secret is safe as long as she breathes. Carly, coming from another direction, witnesses their exchange.

At the hide out, Sam convinces the guard to get her more pre-natal vitamins, and then takes off. Jason follows as Sam goes into a shady warehouse and embraces a man.

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