GH Update Friday 7/9/04

General Hospital Update Friday 7/9/04

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Carly walks in as Sonny gets off the phone, and she picks up the argument over whether or not Sam is a threat to the family.  Ric shows up and tells Sonny that “someone” called in the tip to the police in NC and that he is looking for Sam to take her in.

Emily walks in on Sam and berates her for lying to Jason again by not telling him about everything.  It is obvious Sam has more secrets she hasn’t told everyone yet.

Jason lays out his suspicions for Nik as to what Alcazar may want with Nik.  Nikolas is still obnoxious about Emily and her lies to him, but Jason yells at him that Emily “watched me wreck my life” and how she didn’t want to be responsible for Nik doing the same thing.

Georgie and Dillon are at Kelly’s still discussing her “relationship” with Lucas.  He is obviously jealous about the e-mails he didn’t know about.  She throws Sage in his face again and he tries to reassure her again.  Georgie points out that he had no problem having sex with Sage but seems to have no interest in being with her.

Lynn is angry that her parents seem to be using her song to try to get her to sing.  She agrees to them letting Sage use the song, and storms out.  Sage tells Lois that she really wants to be a singer and if Lois doesn’t think she can do it to say so now, and not use her to get to Lynn.  Lois says that, while she thinks Brook Lynn is a better singer, Sage is a performer and she will do her best to make her a star.  She tells Sage to go home and talk Lorenzo into letting L&B sign her.  Ned is angry that Lois is still trying to manipulate Lynn into singing.  Lorenzo shows up and invites Lois out for a drink.

Ric lays out all the charges Sam has been convicted of, and wants Sonny to tell him where Sam is.  Sonny says he doesn’t know, and Ric says that if Jason is hiding Sam, he will charge him with various crimes.  Sonny is called away by Max, and in his absence, Ric tells Carly that he knows she is the one who called Bailey’s Beach about Sam’s whereabouts.

Sam and Emily are still talking and Emily tells her to just trust Jason and not do anything without Jase’s approval.  Sam lies and says the guy on the phone was a man she owes money too, and Em says that Jase can handle that, but Sam doesn’t want that help.  Sam tells Emily that the baby is a girl.  Emily continues to sing Jason’s praises to Sam.

Nikolas continues to be sarcastic and offensive to Jason and says that the brain damage didn’t do much for Jase’s intelligence since he went to work for a criminal.  Jason points out that Alcazar is a criminal too, and then proceeds to tell Nikolas exactly what all the anger is about, how he knows Nik can’t stand people searching his face for the recognition, how he hates that everyone knows all about him, yet he remembers nothing, being told what he was like and not feeling it.  He obviously hits a nerve, as Nikolas is near tears.  Jason just keeps on and finally Nikolas can’t take it any more and  tells him to leave the house.  Jase won’t leave and Nik goes off about how Emily betrayed him by keeping the secrets through all the time they were together, even when they had sex on the couch at Wyndermere.  Jason tries to take the blame for that, saying he advised Emily to let Nikolas remember on his own and not push him, but Nik won’t listen. He tells Jason that he hopes he never sees “that bitch of a sister of yours” again.  Jason punches him a good one in the mouth and says to stay away from Em, to let her come to him if she can stand it, but that Nikolas better not deliberately hurt her, ever.  Nik asks if Jason would shoot him or beat him if he did – obviously not that impressed, although his jaw is still apparently hurting - and Jason says no, he couldn’t do that to Emily because she loves Nik and that’s her right.  He walks out.

Lorenzo and Lois tell Ned that they are going to continue negotiations to sign Sage, and Lorenzo even says he would take her to Brooklyn for dinner.  Lois says she can’t go, maybe later, and Lorenzo leaves.  Lois tells Ned that while she doesn’t want Lorenzo’s money in L&B, they need to stay on his good side so that they can sign Sage, which will help get L&B off the ground.  When Ned asks why she declined Lorenzo’s offer of dinner, she tells him that she had a better offer.  From him.  He doesn’t understand.

Dillon and Georgie continue to discuss their insecurities, and she accuses him of having a crush on Lois.  He finds that silly, and she then tells him how upset she was when he spent the night on the road with Brook Lynn before they knew who she was.  He is still upset that she was corresponding with Lucas and he didn’t know about it. Dillon figures out that Georgie doesn’t trust him, and he’s not sure he trusts her,  and asks if they don’t trust each other, what are they doing.  He then announces that he doesn’t want to talk to her right now and he leaves.

Lucky and Liz walk into Kelly’s and talk about Nik.  Lucky explains how Nikolas has changed since his injury. Liz understands that Lucky wants Emily, but says that since Nik has his memory back, she doesn’t think that will work.  Lucky states that his future with Emily is up to Em herself.

Jason tells Emily what happened with Nikolas, in a nutshell (he leaves out the “bitch” part and the punch in the mouth).  Emily says her treatment of Nik, and handling of the situation, before he knew who he was, was a mistake.  She says she just has to trust that he will remember on his own one day.  Jason offers to help in any way he can.  They mention Sam, and Em tells him about Sam’s call; Jason wants all the details.

Carly tries to get Ric to leave, but he continues to explain how he knows she is the one who called the police.  He says that he wants Sam out of the picture, too, and tells Carly that if she will tell him where Sam is, he will get her out of their lives for good.

Sonny and Jason are talking about ways to get Sam’s conviction to go away, and Sonny says that until they do, Sam needs to leave the country because he doesn’t want to take the chance that his baby might be born in jail.

Helena walks in on Nikolas in the study.  He says that she must be Helena, his grandmother.  She is happy to see him, but he doesn’t look too impressed.

Em arrives at Kelly’s and tells Liz and Lucky what happened with Nikolas.  She says that eventually he will become the real Nik and that they have to find a way to help him remember, together. 

Jason goes to Sam and she thanks him for sending Emily.  She tells him how protective Emily is of him.  Jason announces that she needs to leave the country, and she says she can’t go.

Sonny tells Carly that Sam is leaving the country, and Carly wants to know if Jason is going with her.  “She can’t go alone” he tells her, and she says – again – how Sam is a danger to Jason and all the rest of her regular argument.  Sonny says that what Sam or hasn’t done is unimportant in light of her pregnancy and that the baby shouldn’t have to suffer for her parents’ mistakes.

Lorenzo walks up on Faith outside of Kelly’s and says he is amazed that she’s still alive.  She says that everyone underestimates her ability to survive.

Carly is still harping on sending Sam to prison and letting Jason take the baby from her while she is still locked up.  Sonny says that Sam is only being protected for the baby’s sake and that Carly needs to accept it.  He walks away form her.

Sam is resistant to leaving the country because she wants to stay near Sonny.  She reiterates that the murder was an accident.  Jason tells her that it was Sonny’s idea to leave the country, and she begs him to find another way.  She goes to rest and he leaves her for a few hours.  Jason is obviously uncomfortable with leaving Sam alone, but does so anyway.

Brook and Georgie are talking about what is wrong with Georgie and Dillon’s relationship, and Brook says she wants to help.  Georgie starts telling Brook about what goes wrong every time they try to be together, and Brook says she doesn’t get why their first time has to be a big production.

Emily and Liz and Lucky are still talking about helping Nikolas remember everything. Lucky points out that it’s not about helping Nikolas be their friend again, it’s about helping him remember so he will love Emily again.

Helena says how much she loves Nikolas and Nik says he will have to take her word for it.  He explains his situation to her, his inability to remember anything, and that he wants to be alone right now.  He rants that the name “Nikolas Cassadine” means nothing to him.  She tells him she is going to her room, and he says that she doesn’t live in his house and orders her to leave.  She ignores that and starts to talk bad about Emily, and  lies to him, to convince him that he intended to break up with Emily just before the accident, but he sees through her, telling her to stop, that he doesn’t intend to be lied to any more.  He informs her she is just like everyone else, trying to tell him who he is supposed to be and what he should feel.  She says that Alexis is out to destroy them both and wants to turn Nik against her.  She also tells him that Lucky is just jealous of him.  He realizes that she is just trying to use him, and tells her so, then walks out on her.

Emily protests that she is not tying to get Nikolas back to his old self just for her.  Lucky tells her to stop lying to herself, and after he leaves, Liz tells her that Lucky thinks as long as Nik doesn’t remember, he has a chance with Em.

Georgie shows up at L&B to apologize to Dillon, and they make up and start kissing. 

Lorenzo is leaving Kelly’s when he runs across Carly.  They chat about Michael and he tells her that Faith may have meant for Michael to overhear all of things he did.  He tells her that he gave Sonny proof of Faith’s attempt on his life because Faith is reckless and a threat to them all.

Jason has put a guard on Sam, but she cons him into leaving to get her vitamins.  She sneaks out;  Jason comes out of hiding in the hallway, and follows her.

Liz lets Emily know that Lucky has really fallen for her, and that Emily needs to tell Lucky if he has no chance.  Emily doesn’t see it that way and thinks that everything will go back to “normal” one day.

Nikolas finds a picture of him and Emily, together and smiling, obviously happy with each other, and throws it against the wall, just as Lucky walks in and says “You’re not my brother”, explaining that Nikolas as he was could never hurt the people who love him they way he is doing right now.  Nikolas asks, if it hurts Lucky so much to see him like this, why is he there?  Lucky says that he loves Emily and Nikolas doesn’t and tells Nik that he wants him to “let Emily go.”

Dillon and Georgie are on the verge of making love right there at L&B, when he stops, saying he doesn’t know what’s wrong, he wants to do it, but nothing is happening “down there”.  She looks perplexed, and then understanding dawns on her.

Sonny runs into Faith who tells him again that as long as she is alive, his secret is safe.  Carly spies on them.

Jason follows Sam to the backdoor of a closed business where a man lets her in.  He sees her – in - shadow hugging the guy in a very affectionate way.

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