GH Update Thursday 7/8/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/8/04

By Nadine H.
Pictures by Juanita

Jax and Courtney are camping, and Jax claims that Courtney looks way too experienced to be a first time camper. He shows her the fish that he caught, and she laughs at how small the fish is. Courtney suggests that she tries her hand at fishing, seeing that Jax’s attempt was less than successful. She ends up falling in the lake, getting herself all wet, and Jax having to rescue her. She orders him to turn around as she changes, but he still sneaks a peek. They continue their friendly, sarcastic comments around a campfire.

Lorenzo shows up at the L&B studios, confused about why Lois would call him back, since she’s made it clear that she doesn’t want him to have anything to do with owning the studio. Lois tells him that actually, she called him to talk about Sage’s career, and that she wants to represent Sage, but still doesn’t want Lorenzo to have anything to do with L&B. Lois explains that she thinks Sage is really talented and wants to represent Sage, but that Sage was in the studio without supervision and shouldn’t have been. Lois says she is willing to forgive and look past that, if L&B can represent Sage. Lorenzo answers that the only way that will happen is if he remains involved and stays in control of her career. Lois sets out to convince Lorenzo otherwise, and he complements her on her negotiation skills. He is clearly impressed, probably more so by Lois herself as a woman, rather than Lois’ pitch. Lorenzo agrees to think about it. Ned walks in to find them exchanging friendly banter, and is confused about seeing Lois “fraternizing” with Lorenzo. Lois confirms that she’s made Sonny take Lorenzo’s name off the L&B books, but she explains that she is interested in Sage’s talent. She has a strategy on how to convince Sage to sign with L&B. She explains to Ned that she is gonna bust Sage and Trent for rehearsing in the studio late at night, calling it reverse psychology, saying that Sage is gonna fight for a chance to stick around L&B studios.

Emily is waiting for Nikolas, she wants to explain her actions. Nikolas is still furious, and Emily says she’s never seen him being so cutting and sarcastic. She tells him that Nikolas is a wonderful, kind, generous and forgiving person, but Nikolas says that he’s not feeling that way at all and is not prepared to forgive all the people who lied to him. He also explains that he’s been reading up about Nikolas Cassadine and is not impressed with him or his family history. Emily tries to explain why she didn’t tell him the truth. She tells him about Jason and his brain damage. Nikolas does not accept that the same applies to him, and is still furious that she chose to lie to him. Emily reminds him that this was not easy for her to watch him with Mary. Nikolas remains sarcastic and hurtful, and tells her not to expect that he’s gonna suddenly wake up and feel “warm and fuzzy” towards her, and that he doesn’t remember anything about his feelings for Emily. He asks Emily to leave. Emily agrees to, and even tells him that it’s ok for him to stay mad at her as long as he wants, but that he shouldn’t loose hope of getting his memory back.

Sam is hiding away. Jason comes over to bring her groceries. Jason asks her to trust him, but Sam is worried about how Jason is gonna protect her, she is worried her baby will have to pay for her mistakes. Jason said that he’s promised to protect her, and he says that’s what he’ll continue to do, even in light of this new information. Sam says that it’s not fair, he didn’t know what he was getting himself into. Jason asks her if she meant to kill her mother. She says “absolutely not”. So he says nothing’s changed, he will continue to protect her. At that moment, he gets a call from Emily, who says she needs to see him right away. When he leaves, Sam is alone, imagining moments after her daughter’s christening, Jason is there, she even says that Morgan and Michael were there. Jason, Sam and the baby seem blissfully happy. Suddenly, Rick enters with a warrant for her arrest, and she is taken away, as Jason is left holding the baby. Sam comes out of her daydream, rubbing her tummy, and telling her unborn child not to worry, that “mommy will somehow make everything ok”.

Georgie confronts Brooke about running to Dillon with her innermost feelings. Sage tries to explain, but Georgie is furious and insults Brooke and tells Brooke to stay out of it. Dillon walks in and tries to calm things down, but Brooke swears she won’t interfere again and walks out. She’s very upset, and doesn’t see as she walks right into… Lucas. Brooke walks off with her guitar, but forgets her book, it’s a book of songs she’s been writing. Lucas finds it and tries to give it to her, but Brooke has run off. Georgie and Dillon are discussing their sexual status, and the fact that neither of them have discussed it since the evening in the boat house. Dillon tries to be understanding and tell her that it’s ok if she’s nervous and scared. But Georgie’s not listening, she’s just seen her cousin Lucas walk in, and runs to him to hug him. Dillon is furious when he realizes the connection between Georgie and Lucas, and accuses Georgie of still having a crush on Lucas. In fact, he believes that that is the reason why Dillon and Georgie haven’t made love yet, because Georgie is saving herself for Lucas.

Mary is on the docks, crying. She called Lorenzo, and he shows up to make her feel better. She tells him what happened. He says that he’s not one to judge, and she turns to him, realizing that he’s not judging her, is not angry at her. “Love is love, no matter how badly or imperfectly expressed”, answers Lorenzo. He offers to help.

Nikolas calls Alexis, but when she shows up, he tells her not to hope for a sentimental reunion, he just called her as his lawyer and wants to know how much he is worth. He wants to know if Alexis’ motive for lying to him was the Cassadine estate, but she explains that Nikolas left money for his niece Kristina and his sister Lesley Lu. She also tells him that his will is being challenged by his grandmother Helena, and she tries to warn Nikolas that Helena is evil and will try and control him when she finds out that he’s alive. “As opposed to you and Emily and Mary and everyone else”. At that moment, Lorenzo walks in, explaining that he’s here to explain why he lied to Nikolas. Nikolas asks Alexis to leave, before she does, she tries to warm him that both Helena and Lorenzo are bad people who will hurt him, and that she hopes that his anger against those who love him will not lead him to making wrong choices. She leaves. Nikolas is willing to listen to Lorenzo, explaining that at least Lorenzo is the only one who has openly accounted for his lies. Lorenzo explains that Carly is tied to Jason, who is tied to Emily, who is tied to Nikolas, and Lorenzo thought that he could use that connection to his advantage, in the course of which he realized Nikolas was a great employee and wanted to continue working with him.

Jason shows up at Emily’s, and Rick is there waiting for him. He orders Jason to tell him where Sam is, if he doesn’t want to be considered her accomplice and also go to jail. He suggests that Jason tells him the truth, so that, when Sam goes to jail, at least Jason can be there to raise Sam’s daughter, rather than both Jason and Sam being in jail. Jason gives Rick a look, and doesn’t answer, meaning that he’s not prepared to even discuss Sam’s whereabouts. Rick pleads to Emily to talk some sense into her brother, then leaves. Emily tells Jason about Nikolas, and, while she realizes that Jason is really busy with Sam, she wonders if Jason could go speak to Nikolas, not to defend Emily, but just to be a friend and a listening ear.

Sage and Trent arrive at L&B, and Lois tells them that she’s unhappy with them being in the studio without supervision, and that it’s grounds for instant dismissal, unless Sage comes up with something that’s gonna make Lois change her mind. Trent tries to defend himself. Lois confirms that she thinks that Sage is talented and thinks that Sage would be an asset to L&B. At that moment, Lucas walks in. He was told by Georgie that this is where he should return Brooke’s book. Lois looks at it and is really impressed with the songs that her daughter’s been writing. Lois convinces Ned and Sage to sing one of Brooke’s songs, and they are all impressed with it. Brooke walks in and hears them and is furious.

Alexis wants Rick to find some way to put Lorenzo into custody as soon as possible so that he doesn’t hurt Nikolas.

Jason walks in to find Lorenzo and Nikolas talking. Nikolas seems none to happy to see Jason.

Sam is on the phone to someone, promising that person that, as soon as she can, she will make her way to see that person. Emily overhears the conversation and accuses Sam of trying to run away again, after everything Jason has done for Sam.


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