GH Update Wednesday 7/7/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/7/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

In Lucky's apartment, Lucky asks Emily if she's sure that she and Nikolas are through. She has been crying and says sadly that it's true. He wonders if she can move on now (with her), but she tells him that she's not ready. She says it's not only that she still loves Nikolas, but she doesn't want to use him to get over her grief the way that Mary used Nikolas. He understand but tells her that he'll be there when she's ready.

Nikolas is shocked that Mary called him "Nikolas". She is surprised because she thought Emily told him everything. He puts the pieces of the puzzle together as he gets angrier and more upset. He realizes why the things Mary told him didn't fit, like carving wood and knowing Greek. She explains that when she first saw him, she thought it was her dead husband Connor. She says she told him those things about his past to fill in the blanks and she wasn't really thinking. He realizes that the reason she wanted to keep him from Emily is that she's his fiancée. She says that her love for him was real. She really did fall in love with him. He yells at Mary that it was all a lie. He leaves and goes outside, where he sobs loudly into his hands.

Nikolas finds Emily on the docks. He tells her that he's found out who he is from Mary. At first she thinks he's remembered but he sets her straight. He starts yelling at her about why she lied to him. She explains what happened and how/why she was trying to protect him. They argue; he accuses her of manipulating him, but she denies t. He doesn't know whether to believe her or not. She says she loves him. He says that's really sad because he doesn't remember and doesn't love her. They keep arguing. He calls her a liar and keeps maintaining that she thought it was better for him to remember on his own. He wants to know what gave her the right to make his decisions for him. She says her love for him did. He laughs and says that's exactly what Mary said. He gets in her face and yells that Mary smothered him with need but what Emily did was worse. She treated him like a lab rat. Lucky comes up just then and yells at Nikolas to knock it off, as he stands by Emily's side protectively. Nikolas laughs sarcastically and says, "Look who it is, my brother--another person who betrayed me". They argue. Nikolas keeps yelling. He punches Lucky and they get into a fight. Emily pulls Nikolas off Lucky and gets in between them. Nikolas yells at them both to just go away and leave him alone. Emily runs off crying. Lucky follows her. Nikolas cries more and holds his stomach as if he's in pain, sinking to his knees.

Jason asks Sam if she started the fire that killed her mother. She says yes, much to his shock. She tells him, with some help from flashbacks, that she didn't think anyone was home. She burned pictures of her mom (there was a lit fireplace in a house where no one was home??). She started the fire but then thought better of it and put it out. But she figures it she was wrong about that part. She didn't know her mom was upstairs asleep after taking some sleeping pills. She had taken the pills after being upset with Sam. Sam mentions that they told her that her mom didn't wake up (so she didn't suffer). They arrested her for arson and she skipped town after they let her out on bail. She's been running ever since.

Carly phones the Bailey's Beach police department to tell them where Sam is.

Sonny holds a gun on Faith as she tells him that she knows that Sam is carrying his baby, not Jason's. He still wants to kill her, but she tells him that if she dies or disappears, a letter will go to Carly telling her the truth. He thinks she's lying but she swears it's true. She suggests they make a truce. He will let her go and she won't tell Carly.

Heather and Lesley Lu visit Lesley in the hospital. Lulu wonders if Lucky will come stay with them. Lesley says probably so since she'll be recuperating. Heather volunteers to move in and take care of her and Lulu. Lesley says she doesn't want to impose, but Heather insists on helping out, saying she doesn't have a job yet anyway. Lulu pleads, saying that Heather is so much fun. Lesley reluctantly agrees.

Georgie and Brook Lynn have lunch at Kelly's. Mike comments that he hasn't seen Dillon lately. Georgie tells him that Dillon has just been really busy at the L&B studio. Georgie and Lynn talk about Dillon's past with Sage. Georgie tells Sage that she's a virgin and that Dillon slept with Sage. She still worries that Sage will win him over because they have that sexual connection. Lynn assures her that he doesn't seem interested in Sage and that she thinks Dillon will have sex with her if she wants to. Georgie worries that Dillon is not interested in her in "that way".

Sage goes to the L&B Studio; she almost gets hit in the head by Dillon, who thinks she is an intruder. Dillon yells at her that he is not going to sleep with her. Trent comes in behind her and makes a comment about Dillon's ego. He tells Dillon that Sage is with him. They tell Dillon that they want to use the studio after hours to work on some music, so they can have something decent to present to Lois. Dillon suggests they get Lois' permission at first but then strikes a deal with them to use the studio later in the evenings when he's not around, so he doesn't have to know about it. Trent leaves but Sage wants to chat with Dillon for a second. She reminds him that she ended up in the hospital. He tells her that it's great that she is doing well but she needs to get the idea that he won't be more than her friend. She points out that he's the one that keeps bringing up her supposed crush on him. She says she is over him. Lynn walks in toward the end of their conversation. Sage leaves. Dillon explains that Sage is just a drama queen. Lynn isn't so sure that Georgie understands.

Dillon goes to Kelly's and finds Georgie. She is surprised that he's done with work. He wants her to take her for a walk and spend more time with her. She suspects that Brook told him about their conversation. He tries to downplay her role in his decision. George blurts out, does this mean that Brook told him that she wants to have sex with him? His mouth drops open.

Heather and Lulu run into Lucky at Kelly's. Heather and Lucky introduce themselves. Lesley has already filled Lucky in that Heather will be staying with her.

Sonny tells Jason about what Faith knows. Jason fills Sonny in on what Sam told him. Sam tells Sonny that it really was an accident, and he believes her. She tells him apologetically that she wanted to keep it all in the past. He says they have other problems. He wishes she had told him sooner. She says she was ashamed. He tells her that she shouldn't. He shares how he felt with his step-father. He talks about how you should feel safe in your house and mentions the pain. She agrees that her mother made her feel bad. He reminds her that she's dead and Sam (and his baby) are not going to jail for an accident. She wonders what she will tell the baby when it's older and asks about her grandmother. He suggests that she tell her the truth about how her mother abandoned her. Sonny asks her to tell him all about her life so he can help her.

The sheriff from Florida visits Kelly's, looking for Sam. Mike says that he's never seen her before.

Jason tells Carly about Sam's explanations, but she doesn't believe them. Jason also mentions that Sam's name really is Sam, not Sondra. Her father came up with that name. Carly thinks Sam has fooled Jason with her lies and calls Sam a murderer. Carly argues that Sam is dangerous and could resort to anything. Carly makes a flippant remark about how Jason is willing to risk her children. He reminds her that he took care of Michael when she couldn't so she'd better not ever suggest that he would put them in danger. Carly wants to protect her family, including him. He yells at her not to protect him and to leave Sam alone. He walks out, slamming the door. Sonny goes to his place just as Jason leaves. Jason says he can't be anywhere near Carly right now. Carly tells Sonny that Sam is dangerous and has to go. Jason goes back to his place and tells Sam that he knows she's not a killer. He needs to protect her now. Jason tells her there can be no more games. He wants to know if there's anything else he should know. Carly and Sonny keep arguing about whether Sam is dangerous. They hear noise outside their door and rush out. The police rush into Sam and Jason's place with their guns drawn, but they are already gone.

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