GH Update Tuesday 7/6/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/6/04

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Yet Another Correction: Yesterday I said in the recap that Sonny and Max were bringing in a big screen television set box. Yeah...that was just a guess because I couldn't see what was written on the box and just decided to write that it was a flat screen t.v. It was in fact a crib, which Sam puts together in this episode.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Emily and Mary are in the middle of an argument over Nikolas. Emily is angry that Mary is trying to get pregnant and accuses her of trying to trap Nikolas with a baby. Mary begs Emily not to cause Nikolas more trauma by breaking the truth about his past to him. While they are arguing, Nikolas walks in and tells them to stop lying -- that he knows the truth already. Needless to say, but Emily and Mary are taken aback.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam tells Sonny that they need to be more careful, or else someone will figure out that he's the father of her baby. Neither realize that Faith is outside, lurking in the hallway. She hears Sam and realizes that she now knows the truth about the paternity of the child, giving her leverage against Sonny. Just then, Lorenzo comes up the elevator. Faith hides while he knocks on Sonny's door, then sneaks back down the elevator herself. Lorenzo realizes that no one is at Sonny's and tries Jason's door. Sonny asks what he wants and Lorenzo shows him that he's holding an envelope that Sonny should find interesting.

A HOUSE IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Stuart tells Carly and Jason that he knew Sam as "Sandra McIntire" -- the woman who killed his wife. Carly and Jason ask for an explanation and Stuart says that Sandra burned down a house while his wife was in it...and his wife was also Sandra's own mother.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Lorenzo walk back over to Sonny's penthouse. Lorenzo says that he has come to tell Sonny that he is not the man who sent Nico after him -- he points out that if he wanted Sonny dead, he would be. He then shows Sonny some pictures of Faith talking to and paying off Nico.

FAITH'S OFFICE: Faith sits at her desk and writes a note to Carly explaining that Sonny -- not Jason -- is the father of Sam's child.

A HOUSE IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Stuart tells Jason and Carly the entire story: his wife, Evelyn, had a daughter -- Sam -- but wanted nothing to do with her, as it was part of her "old life." Evelyn met, fell in love with and married Stuart. Then Sam showed up and started asking questions of Evelyn...Evelyn didn't like being reminded of her old life and didn't like Sam's pestering. He has a flashback of Evelyn arguing with Sam, grabbing hold of her arm and throwing her out of the house. He says that later, Sam came back to the house and burned it down. Jason asks how Stuart can be sure but Stuart insists that it's true -- he says that Sam was arrested but made bail and fled. He plans to track her down and kill her himself. Carly says that she'll help him do it.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Nikolas tells Mary that he needs to talk to Emily alone. Nik and Em both go outside...Emily is under the impression that Nikolas now knows the truth about their life together, so she is unprepared for his anger. He accuses her of trying to hold onto him because she's in love with him, and warns her that it's not going to work. He calls her a stalker and Emily (who is at this point very confused) asks him if he's remembering all of this on his own. Nikolas admits that he remembered a piece of it and then was told the rest -- but he won't tell Em who told him. He says that she was only pretending not to have known him in order to take advantage of his weakness.

Meanwhile, Mary is in her bedroom, crying over a picture of her and Connor (the real one). She laments the fact that she has turned into a person he wouldn't even recognize...and now she'll lose Nikolas just like she lost him.

Back outside, Emily exclaims that Mary has kept secrets from Nikolas as well. But Nikolas says that even if Mary has, it was because she was trying to keep from losing him, her husband. He says that he and Emily are nothing to one another, not even friends...and that he'll never be able to trust her again.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Lorenzo assures Sonny that the photos are not doctored. Sonny brings up the fact that Nico took a shot at Faith as well, and Lorenzo replies that it was nothing more than a set-up designed to make it look like Sonny was the one who sent Nico after Faith in order to start a mob war. Sonny asks what Lorenzo wants in exchange for this evidence and Lorenzo replies that he wants what Sonny wants -- Faith's removal. He then leaves the penthouse.

FAITH'S OFFICE: Faith continues writing her letter to Carly -- in it, she says that Carly will only get it if Sonny manages to kill her (Faith). She seals the envelope and addresses it to "Carly Corinthos."

A HOUSE IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Carly assures Stuart that she wants Sam dead just as much as he does -- because Sam tried to break up her family by stealing her husband. She promises him that she'll take care of Sam for him. He asks her if she means it and Jason, gesturing towards Stuart's gun, points out that it won't bring his wife back. Then he apologizes for Stuart's loss and drags Carly out of the house.

Once outside, he applauds Carly on distracting Stuart with the lie. But Carly asks him what makes him think she didn't mean every word of what she said?

A BAR IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Carly and Jason sit down at a table and Carly gets out her cell phone to call Sonny. But Jason opposes telling Sonny yet, because he says that there is always another side to every story. Carly is angry that Jason is so willing to believe in Sam, but as Jason points out, Sam is the mother of his child. He tells Carly to go home, that he is going to stay in South Carolina to try to find out more about this mystery. Carly reluctantly leaves and as soon as she's gone, a man comes in and tells Jason that he heard that Jason was asking questions about Sam. He shows Jason his badge -- he's a police officer.

THE DOCKS: Faith hands the letter for Carly to one of her henchmen and instructs him to give it to Carly only in the event of her death. The henchman agrees and then leaves. While Faith is alone on the docks, two of Sonny's men come over to her.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Emily pleads to Nikolas, saying that she only wanted to protect him. But Nik is angry that she could have helped him, but pretended that she didn't know him because she's nothing but a spoiled rich girl who wanted him all for herself. He says that he's in love with Mary and will never leave her for Emily. Emily, crying, says that she can see now that she and Nikolas shouldn't be together...because even if they were to start over, it wouldn't be the same because he would always equate her with a stalker. Nikolas accuses her of trying to make it sound like Mary was the one to come between them, and Emily snaps that if it helps him to believe that then he can. Then, she leaves.

Nikolas goes back inside and sees Mary lying on the empty pill bottle is on the ground. He frantically tries to wake her up.

LUCKY'S ROOM AT KELLY'S: Lucky has just gotten out of the shower. He looks at a picture of Nikolas and Emily that is up on his mirror. Suddenly there's a knock on the door -- it's Emily. Lucky quickly puts an undershirt on and she comes in. He admits that he knows now about Nikolas being alive because Elizabeth told him. He's momentarily angry, but when Emily begins to cry about how she has messed everything up, he asks her what happened. She tells him that she could not bring herself to tell Nikolas the truth.

MARY'S COTTAGE: The paramedics have arrived to check out of them tells Nikolas that she is going to be fine, it was just an overdose on sleeping pills that looks accidental. The paramedics leave and Nikolas sits on the couch next to Mary (who is still sleeping) and tells her that he is going to stay with her, always.

THE DOCKS: Faith tries to plead with Sonny's men to spare her until she has a chance to talk to Sonny about a very important matter. She tells them that Sonny will be very angry if they kill her before he's heard what she has to say. The men, without speaking to Faith, pick her up and carry her to another portion of the docks.

A BAR IN SOUTH CAROLINA: The sheriff tells Jason that Stuart is very suspicious and believes that Jason and Carly were just friends of Sam's, trying to get her off the hook. Jason assures him that Carly is no friend of Sam's. The sheriff asks Jason if he is, and Jason dodges the question by asking about whether or not there's really a reward on Sam's head. The sheriff says that there is -- Sam committed a horrible crime, and Evelyn was beloved in the town, where there is still a lot of anger over her death. He says that the safest place for Sam is prison.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam drags Sonny over to Jason's penthouse to show him that she has put the crib together all by herself. Max comes out of the kitchen -- he is eating a sandwich and still studying the crib's instructions. He's surprised to see that Sam managed on her own. Max leaves after Sam tells him that he can take the rest of his sandwich with him, leaving Sam and Sonny alone. Sam explains that it just became very important to her to build her baby's first crib on her own. The two of them then argue teasingly over a stuffed bunny.

Suddenly, Carly comes into the penthouse. It's an awkward moment. Carly acknowledges that the crib is decked out in pink for the baby girl. Sonny gets a call on his cell phone -- it's one of his men, informing him that there's a problem with Faith. Sonny hangs up and tells Carly and Sam that he has something he needs to take care of. After he leaves, Carly stays behind to talk to Sam. She tells Sam that when the baby's born she'll enter into a special mother/daughter bond -- she asks Sam if that scares her. Sam is startled and replies cautiously that any mother would be worried of repeating her own mom's mistakes. Carly comments that the past can be relentless, coming back front and center when least expected. Sam asks what she means by that and Carly says that she's just making observations, as you never can know what the future is going to throw at you.

THE DOCKS: Faith is tied and gagged when Sonny gets there. He asks why she's still alive and the men reply that Faith said she needed to speak to him first. Sonny grabs one of their guns and holds Faith at gunpoint himself. He shows Faith the pictures that Lorenzo gave him and accuses her of using Sam to get to him.

LUCKY'S ROOM AT KELLY'S: Emily tells Lucky that Nikolas found out that they had a relationship but believes that she's stalking him because she can't let go. She thinks that he's happy with Mary and that telling him the truth now would only make things worse -- if he finds out that his life with Mary is nothing more than an illusion, it could shatter him. Emily admits that even though he hates her, she still loves she won't be the reason he's destroyed.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Nikolas is still talking to a sleeping Mary. He tells her that nothing is ever going to happen between him and Emily...because Mary is the only one he wants to be with. He begs her to wake up so that they can have the new beginning they have always wanted. Mary does wake up and immediately asks him why he's still with her (she is still under the impression that Emily has told him the truth). He asks her where else he would be and she asks where Emily is. He says that Emily is gone. Mary tearfully pleads with him not to stay with her out of guilt, when what he wants is to be with Emily. After she accidentally calls him Connor, she corrects herself and calls him by his "real name" -- Nikolas -- telling him to go and be happy. Nikolas stares at her, unable to say anything.

LUCKY'S ROOM AT KELLY'S: Emily is crying so hard that Lucky goes to get her a towel from his dresser. Emily is sad that Nikolas will only ever see her as manipulative and clingy. Lucky asks her if it's over between her and Nik and she says that it is. He says that that means that there's room for something new to start.

THE DOCKS: Sonny is still holding Faith at gunpoint, while she tries to talk through her gag. The henchmen tell him that before he got there, she wrote the name "Sam" in the dirt with the toe of her shoe. Sonny tells the men to give him a few minutes alone with Faith. He removes her gag and she immediately tells him that she knows that he's the father of Sam's baby. He says that that's more reason to kill her, and she replies that if he does, a letter will be sent to Carly informing her of the baby's true paternity.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason comes into the penthouse and Sam is excited to show him the crib. But Jason (after informing her that he has just returned from South Carolina, where he learned that she is wanted for arson) has a question for her -- did she really set the fire that killed her mother? Sam admits that she did.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly calls the police station back in South Carolina...the one that is looking for Sam. She tells them that she knows exactly where Sam is.

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