GH Update Monday 7/5/04

General Hospital Update Monday 7/5/04

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A Brief Note: In the recap I did on Tuesday, I wrote that Nico accidentally dropped a picture of him and Sam -- that was a mistake...what he left behind was a piece of paper, on which was written a message saying that he would get the rest of his money when his job was done. Sorry for any confusion that might have on with the show!

THE DOCKS: Lorenzo and Nikolas are watching a shipment come in. Lorenzo tells Nikolas that he found out something about his past -- that he and Emily did have a connection, and she's not ready to let go.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Emily comes storming into the cottage and tells a startled Mary that she knows the truth about everything -- that Nikolas is still alive and under the impression that he is Connor Bishop. She says that it's all ending now, because she's taking Nikolas home with her.

THE GAZEBO IN THE PARK: Elizabeth advises Lucky that Emily just needs some time. Lucky doesn't understand, and finally Elizabeth blurts out that Nikolas is still alive. Lucky is aghast and Emily explains that Emily has seen him.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny is in the infant care unit when Kristina wanders over toward him. He says hello to her and helps her up onto a chair so she can see the newborn babies through the window. Alexis and Ric see Kristina with Sonny, and Alexis has a somewhat panicked reaction -- she asks Sonny to get Kristina off of the chair and to bring her to her.

A BAR IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Carly walks into the bar and asks the bartender if he has any information on Sam McCall. At that moment Jason comes up behind her and demands to know what she's doing there.

THE GAZEBO IN THE PARK: Lucky is angry that Emily didn't tell him that Nik was alive. Liz explains that Emily's reasoning is that if the truth about Nikolas' past was forced on him, he would react the way Jason did (post car-accident and brain damage) by pushing everyone away. She also explains to Lucky the story of Connor Bishop, and how Mary has made Nikolas believe that he is Connor. She goes on to say that now Mary wants to get pregnant, which is why Emily has gone to confront her with the truth.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Emily tells Mary that she saw Nikolas when all of them were in Mexico at the same time. She's quite livid. Mary is crying and she asks Emily to understand -- she flashes back to the night Nikolas appeared on her front door-step...when he woke up, she told him that he was her husband. Emily snaps that Mary shouldn't pretend to be innocent after stealing a man's life.

THE DOCKS: Lorenzo explains to Nikolas that Emily was in love with him before the accident, and is still in love with him now. Lorenzo also says that Mary knew, but didn't tell Nikolas because she was worried that Nik would be lured away by the power and wealth of Emily's family, the Quartermaines. Nikolas declares that he will not allow Emily to hurt his marriage. Lorenzo advises him to go home and sort things out. Nikolas agrees, but after Lorenzo is gone, Nik remains standing on the docks, deep in thought.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is looking at baby clothes when there's a knock on the door. She answers it: it's Monica. Monica says that she came by to talk to Sam about Sam and Jason's baby. Sam cuts her off and says that she knows that the Quartermaines think that she's trash -- but that nothing will stop her and Jason from raising the child together.

A BAR IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Jason is angry that Carly is in South Carolina at all. He orders her to go but she refuses to leave until she's found out what Sam is hiding. She pleads with Jason to understand that she is on his side -- that she loves him, something that Sam will never be able to do.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis takes Kristina away from Sonny. Sonny tries to leave as well but Ric stops him, saying that they have some business to take care of. Shortly afterward, Lorenzo and Faith turn up. Ric tells them that he was the one who arranged the meeting -- he believes that one of them hired Nico to take out the rest of the competition. Sonny, Faith and Lorenzo remain silent, and Ric leaves. After he's gone, Faith remarks that he has a vivid imagination...Sonny retorts that no one ever said that Ric was stupid -- he thinks hat Ric has the right idea, that either Lorenzo or Faith hired Nico to kill him.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Monica promises Sam that she's not here to fight -- rather, she's here to make peace. She loves Jason and wants to be able to love his child. Sam tells Monica that the baby is a girl and Monica is overjoyed. She explains that she wants to reach Jason, and she asks Sam to imagine what it would be like if her own daughter woke up one day after twenty years, unable to remember anything about her past life...and pushing away those who loved her. That, Monia says, it what happened to Jason. She thsnk Sam for being open-minded and Sam says that she is in no position to judge the Quartermaines, since her dad was a con artist. Monica asks her about her mom and Sam replies (with a degree of nervousness) that her mom is dead.

A BAR IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Jason gives up on trying to make Carly leave. He shows a picture of Sam to the bartender, who denies that he has ever seen Sam. Then, the bartender goes to the back...Jason sees him making a hurried call from the payphone back there. He tells Carly that when the bartender returns, she needs to distract him.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Mary is crying and pleading with Emily to understand where she is coming from. She talks about what it was like to know that Connor died in Iraq...far away from her. Emily says that she's sorry for what happened for Connro, but that gave Mary no right to take Nikolas. Mary says that she was out of her mind with grief...then a man showed up on her doorstep, and she made herself believe that Nikolas was a gift from Connor. She asks Emily if Em wouldn't have done the same thing.

THE DOCKS: Nikolas is standing alone, looking out over the water, when Alexis approaches him. Nik sees Alexis and immediately tells her that he already knows about his connection to Emily.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny tells Faith and Lorenzo that he knows that Nico was working for someone because he has seen the note that Nico had on him, promising him the other half of his payment with the completion of the job. He promises that when he finds out which one of them wanted him dead, he will return the favor. Then he leaves. After he is gone, Faith and Lorenzo look at one another suspiciously.

THE DOCKS: Nikolas tells Alexis that he knows that Emily is in love with he heard from his boss, Lorenzo Alcazar. Alexis is stunned to hear that Nik is working with Lorenzo and hints that Lorenzo is only using him.

A BAR IN SOUTH CAROLINA: The bartender comes back to the front of the bar and Carly tells him that the jukebox ate her quarter (Jason is nowhere in sight). The bartender makes the jukebox works and Carly asks him to dance with her. As they dance, Jason is in the back of the bar, looking around for the number that the bartender called. Once he's got it, he slips out the door, and Carly immediately stops the dancing on the grounds that the bartender was "groping" her. With that, she storms out of the bar, and meets up with Jason, who tells her that he got the they are going to find out who the bartender was calling.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Monica and Sam are discussing the ups and downs of parenting. Monica suggests that Sam should move she's not across the hall from Sonny. Monica thinks that Sonny is very dangerous. As if on cue, Sonny and Max come in with a large box (it's a big screen television). Sonny sees Monica and they exchange a tense greeting. Then Sonny and Max leave. Sam turns to Monica and says that even though it's difficult living across the hall from Sonny, she doesn't want Jason to have to rearrange his life even more, so she'll live with it.

THE HOSPITAL: Lorenzo knows that Faith is the one who hired Nico. Faith insists that she had Nico shoot at Lorenzo only as a diversion, so Ric would believe that Nico was working for Sonny in an attempt to start a mob war: "You were never in any danger." Lorenzo remarks that he cannot say the same thing about Faith...then he walks away, leaving Faith standing alone.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Emily snaps that Mary is making the entire situation all about her pain, and not about Nikolas at all. Mary insists that Nikolas loves her, and that when you have a whole in your heart, the way she did, you look for anything you can to fill it. Mary points out that it's the same thing that Emily is doing with Lucky.

THE DOCKS: After Alexis has gone, Lucky is walking on the docks when he and Nikolas see one another. Lucky (despite having already been told that Nik is alive) is in shock. Nikolas says, "I guess you know who I am." Lucky says that he does -- Connor Bishop. Nikolas says that he's sorry that Lucky lost his brother. He also points out that while he and Emily had something at one point, it was based on lies, so he doesn't care if Lucky moves in on her or not. With that, he leaves. Elizabeth rushes over to Lucky and points out that it doesn't seem like Nik knows the truth yet. She thinks that Nik didn't tell Lucky simply because he wanted Emily to be the one to do it, but Lucky says that he didn't tell Nikolas for another reason.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Mary thinks that it would cause Nikolas a lot of trauma if Emily uproots him from this life. She begs Emily, saying that if Emily loves him she will let him stay with Mary. Emily snaps, "Like hell I will."

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: After Monica has gone, Sonny comes into the penthouse to try to help Sam set the television up. They talk about the Quartermaines -- Sonny says that Monica hates him because she believes that after he stole Jason he stole AJ's son, Michael. Sam notes that Monica wants to be a part of the baby's life, and Sonny refuses, saying that he doesn't want the Quartermaines teaching "our daughter" to look down on him. Sam quietly says that Sonny needs to stop calling the child "our daughter."

FAITH'S OFFICE: Faith calls Justus and leaves a message on his voice mail, asking him to try to reason with Sonny before he comes to kill her. She has a flashback to Sonny vowing to get whoever put the hit on him. She looks very worried.

A HOUSE IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Carly knocks on the door of a house, and a man named Stuart answers. Carly asks him about Sam, and the man notes that he'd been told (by the bartender) that a man was with her. Actually, Jason is already in the house, to Stuart's surprise. Carly and Stuart come into the house and Jason shows Stuart a picture of Sam. Stuart goes to get his glasses from a drawer but pulls out a gun instead. He demands to know where Sam is.

THE DOCKS: Lucky admits to Elizbaeth that he didn't tell Nikolas the truth because it seems like he has another life now, like he is really Connor Bishop. And, Lucky points out that he himself wants a chance with Emily.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Emily tells Mary that she knows that Mary is trying to get pregnant, and she is not going to let Mary trap Nikolas like that. But Mary doesn't give up, she continues to try to convince Emily to let Nikolas stay with her, on the grounds that it would do his memory lasting damage to wrench him away. While they are arguing, Nikolas walks in.

A HOUSE IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Stuart tells Carly and Jason that he's been searching for the woman in their photograph for ten years. He shows them a picture on his computer of Sam with blonde hair, when she was known as "Sandra." He says that Sam burned down a house and killed his wife.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam tells Sonny that they have to be careful when referencing the baby -- they can't slip up, since it's supposed to be Jason's. Sonny agrees. He asks Max to go get some tools from the penthouse across the hall and when Max goes, Faith comes up the elevator. She arrives just in time to hear Sam say that they can't let anyone find out that Sonny is the father. Faith realizes she has just hit the jackpot.


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