GH Update Friday 7/2/04

General Hospital Update Friday 7/2/04

By Tori
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Nikolas asks Lorenzo to find out about himself, "Conner Bishop". He asks Lorenzo to keep it between them. He tells him about Emily and Mary wanting to start a family. Lorenzo says he'll help however he can, and that he has a job for him to do in the meantime. Lorenzo wants him to follow Sonny's shipment coming in that night, and to keep him posted. Nikolas leaves. Lorenzo goes to Mary's. He tells her about Nikolas's interest in his past and about Emily. She asks him to help her, by giving Nikolas, Conner's past information. He says he won't. She begs, saying that if he does, she'll be grateful for the rest of her life. Nikolas walks in, and asks what she'll be grateful for. Lorenzo says he found a operative who was willing to change his status from AWOL to kilder <not sure of correct word, if you know, please let me know> national. Mary goes to look for his military ID, etc. She comes out with an envelope. Lorenzo leaves. She says she has a new view on Lorenzo. They begin to kiss. We come back to them in bed, Mary asleep. Nikolas gets up and leaves. Mary begins to cry when he leaves the room, and prays to God that she'll get pregnant. We see Nikolas on the docks, looking out at Sonny's ship. Lorenzo shows up and says he have some information about his past. Emily shows up at Mary's house, demanding to take Nikolas home with her.

Mary asks Dr. Meadows how long it could take her to conceive, while Emily listens from the hall. Mary leaves. Emily walks over to Dr. Meadows and asks her if Mary is there. Dr. Meadows tells her she isn't. Emily claims they were supposed to meet after Mary's appointment. Emily asks if Mary is ok, and Dr. Meadows says she can't give that information. Emily keeps trying to pry it out of her, by asking if bringing champagne to celebrate would be appropriate. Dr. Meadows says, "Let me put it this way. A little champagne for tonight would be fine, but enjoy it while you can." Emily goes to the park, and leaves Jason a message asking him to call her, and that it regards Nikolas. Elizabeth shows up, and asks how she is. Emily says she's not even close to okay. Emily tells her that Lucky wants more from her that just a friendship. Elizabeth finds it absurd, but sort of understands. Emily tells her that Nikolas is still alive. Elizabeth questions Emily's sanity in not telling Nikolas the truth. Emily explains about Jason. Elizabeth explains to her, that no matter how bad that is, she must tell Nikolas before Mary gets pregnant. Emily agrees, and decides to tell him later that night. Emily leaves. Lucky shows up at the park, and Elizabeth and him talk. He tells her that Emily and him have been getting closer. Elizabeth reveals to him that Nikolas is in fact alive.

Alexis and Ric get stuck in an elevator, with both of their tempers flaring. Alexis, in attempt to get the elevator working, throws Ric's briefcase against the console. The alarm stops ringing, but they are still stuck. The continue to fight about Alexis liking him. Alexis claims he's obsessive compulsive. She then begins to clean up his papers on the floor. She then freaks out on him, yelling at him to be quiet. He sees a paper on the floor which has a laboratory report, which he does not want her to see, so he begins kissing her, and pulls her to the floor. Alexis freaks out, and he says he thought it was the easiest way to make her shut up. He then grabs the paper, and begins to caress her face trying to get her to admit that she likes him, when the elevator lurches, she falls into his arms, and the elevator doors open. The people standing outside of it, take a picture. Alexis and Ric are followed by the photographers, asking them if they are having an affair. Alexis denies it. Ric says they were just making the best of a bad situation. We see Alexis walking down the hall with Kristina. Ric shows up, giving her some information about court. They continue to argue, and don't see Kristina walk away. She walks over by Sonny. Sonny sees her and shows her the babies. Alexis realizes Kristina is missing, and runs looking for her. She finds her with Sonny, and just stands looking at them. Ric comes up and sees the scene.

Felicia informs Carly that Sam disappeared from public records from 7 till she was 17. When she turned 17, she showed up in Bailey’s Beach, South Carolina. Carly says she's going to head down there, and Felicia suggests she tells Sonny first. Carly says she doesn't have to. Carly says she can't wait to find out what happened to Sam, and to tell Jason and Sonny. Felicia questions if the baby is really Jason's. Carly says she believes it is, because Jason has never looked her in the eye and lied to her. Sonny asks Sam to tell him what she's hiding for their daughter's sake. She says he can't help her. He say's he'll do anything for her to keep her and the baby safe. She keeps avoiding the question. He asks about her mother, and if she hurt Sam. She says yes, by abandoning her. He says there's more. They talk of how great of father Jason will be. He says he's not sure he can do it, not being a father to his daughter. He says he's got to go, as he opens the door, Carly is there. Carly asks if she's interrupting something, and Sam covers it up. Carly says she's came to try and make friends with Sam. Sonny doesn't believe her, and refuses to go to his doctor appointment. She says she's not going to do anything. Sonny leaves. Sam asks her why she's really there, Carly says it's exactly why she said. Sam finds it unlikely. Carly tells her that she's a hypocrite, she's done much worse than Sam. They being to talk about each other's past. Sam questions why Carly is sharing anything with her. She says it will be hard on the kids if they hate each other. They decide to work on things more later, and Carly leaves. Carly calls Felicia, seeing if she has anymore information, but she doesn't.

We see Sonny at the nursery in the hospital. He remembers Sam telling him they were going to have a little girl.

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