GH Update Thursday 7/1/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/1/04

By Jean
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In Heather's room at Kelly’s, she reads an article in the newspaper about Skye's guilty verdict for murder.  She then calls the hospital to check on Leslie Webber’s condition.

At the courthouse an audience full of Quartermaines as well as Jasper Jax watch in distress as Skye is sentenced.

It’s a grumpy day at the penthouse: Sonny insists to Carly that he is better.

Max arrives at the door telling Sonny that there is a lady who insists on seeing him but who will not leave her name. Shortly Lois strides in and Sonny smiles in disbelief to see his former business partner. He is clearly glad to see Lois and states she can stop by anytime. Carly on the other hand is less than amused and says that a call is always appropriate.

As Sam burns photographs at the penthouse in the fireplace, she checks to see if Jason is back. Unbeknownst to her, Jason has returned to the penthouse while her back was turned and asks her what she is burning.

It’s time for strong emotions at the courthouse when Alan, Ned, Emily and Jax all declare their support for Skye, their admiration of her good qualities and remembering various kindnesses she has performed for them.

Jason is still at the penthouse with Sam. He pretends to buy her story of burning remembrance’s of her time with Nico but practices his own subterfuge when she is not around by saving part of a burning document. Sam advises Jason that she has an appointment with Dr. Meadows today and tells him that he does not have to go, but he tells her that he wants to go. Sam says, "I knew you’d say that". She runs upstairs to get changed and Michael arrives.

Across the hall in Sonny’s suite, a genial stroll down memory lane starts as Lois goes over Carly’s history with a fine tooth comb and digs up old misdeeds. Carly makes it clear that she fully intends on giving Lois as good she gets. Lois asserts that Michael is A.J.'s son. Carly counters with the fact that Sonny is Michael’s legal adoptive parent. Sonny stopped the catfight before it gets out of hand. Lois graciously backed down. Sonny asks for the purpose of her visit and Lois says that she wants him out of her company once and for all.

The gazebo is decked out for Fourth of July. Mary and Conner meet to discuss Mary’s plans to conceive a child with him. Conner is puzzled and reluctant. He tells Mary that he does not want their planned discussed with strangers. Mary wonders why Conner is at the gazebo. Mary tells him that she hopes to have a boy with Connor's eyes.

At Jason’s Penthouse Michael asks Jason if Sonny is truly safe. Jason tells Michael that it is his job to see that Michael and his family are protected and that that has been his job since before Michael was born. He comforts the child and advises him to relax and be a kid. Michael sees Sam and Jason going to the doctors and he runs into Courtney in the hallway. Jason passes Michael off to Courtney and she escorts the child back over to Sonny’s penthouse. Michael confines that he is very happy that Jason is having a baby but that he wishes that Jason were having the baby with Courtney rather than with Sam.

Across the hall at Sonny’s place, Lois is explaining the details of what papers she needs Sonny to sign down at the courthouse to remove his name from the articles of incorporation of L +B. records. Carly is suspicious and says that Sonny’s money was fine for Lois in the beginning when she needed capital but now Lois turns her nose up at Sonny's money. At this point Michael and Courtney enter. Sonny introduces Lois to Michael and Lois tells an abbreviated tale of Sonny’s childhood with Lois' family and Benson Hurst. Carly is irritated at Lois' about the Benson Hurst story. She comments that the story may be enthralling and all but she distracts her son with a tale of a book she just got him and sends him upstairs.

Back in court Skye is calm and eloquent describing what she does and does not remember about the night Ross Duncan's died and emphatically denies having been his murderess. She admits to making bad choices. Heather sits in the back of the courtroom taking in all the action with a neutral expression on her face. She is sentenced to 20 years in Pentonville for Ross' murder. Each of her family members say their emotional goodbyes, vowing to fight in their particular way to see that she is exonerated and released. Lucky, Jax and Allen are there to see her off, she turns and gives them a tearful goodbye. Emily rounds to the gazebo where she finds Nicholas. She is crying and he wonders why. She says that someone she cared about has just been sent to prison and that there is nothing she can do about it just as she cannot have him in her life no matter how much she might wish to.

The two best girlfriends, Carly and Courtney, are commiserating back at Sonny’s place. Carly is venting about Lois going on and on about "some sacred childhood friendship that she had with Sonny"  and dragged him out. She felt insulted by Lois' interrupting and imposing on them. Courtney admits that Lois can be over the top but says that Jax adores her and that she doesn’t seem to mean any harm. Carly says that Lois is a minor irritant compared to Sam. Carly has found a way to get rid of Sam permanently. Courtney does not want to hear it, but Carly tells her about her contact with Felicia the private eye to dig up dirt on Sam to give to Jason so that Jason will dump Sam and work at getting back with Courtney. Courtney is less than pleased by this and wonders why Carly does not understand that she does not want to go back to Jason anymore that she has moved on with her life.

The expectant parents of Sam and Jason wait a general hospital for Dr. Meadows test results the pregnancy is proceeding normally the baby is fine. They are advised that Sam is having a girl.

In the hallway outside the corporal Lois & he had finished their business removing his name from L +B. He is still suffering after effects of his gunshot wounds and sits gingerly down on a bench. Rick and. Alexis come into the hallway and are arguing at great length about the case just past; Alexis opines that the only thing more repulsive than sleeping with Sonny would be sleeping with Rick. Lois who always speaks before she thinks says out loud to Sonny "What you slept with Alexis?" Sonny and Alexis are exceedingly uncomfortable with the conversation, Rick is smarmy as usual and Lois is trying to make the best of what she perceives is a bad situation. Alexis thankfully extricate yourself from conversation as does writ Lois F. Sonny if you must if he wants to tell her about it Sonny says.

To back at a hospital Sam tells Jason that she wants to tell funny herself that his child is a girl. She asked Jason to tell funny that she wants to CM and check to see if Carly is around and if not send Sonny over to Jason penthouse to talk with salmon private about the child. Back at the courthouse Jackson’s doing everything he can to exert all the influence money can buy to see that skies released Courtney has come to courthouse to support ham. See grins at him and says sees that they can out-of-town and she won’t signal for an answer.

Conner and Emily are at the gazebo Conner says that while he cannot pursue the relationship with her or hampering his life he can certainly listen while she’s upset. She calms down a bit and explains to him Skye's importance in her life. Connor flashes back on a moment when he remembers seeing Emily in the hospital near death; he looks at her in wonder, saying, "I knew you were sick and you did not tell me." This makes him afraid and he says he must leave. Emily pleads with him to stay because he is remembering.

Heather ever solicit this comes to the hospital to check unless Lisa progress. She and Bobbie discuss howl not having Leslie around for awhile will be difficult for loop. Bobbie advises that Lu Lu will be staying with her Heather admits that she is unemployed and that it would help them all if she babysat Lu Lu at Bobbie’s brownstone..."Or even in the Spencer house. Bobbie it wonders if Heather is sure about this. Heather meals and asked Lou what she would think of spending the summer with Heather.

In the hallway between Jason and Sonny’s Penthouse Jason and on his way to talk Sonny heated minuses Sonny that he Knoll is that Sam is hiding something.

In the park Emily in lucky decide that solving the mystery of Ross's murder has to come before their troubles. They discuss the situation again and come to the conclusion that whoever really did kill Ross has Lucky’s mother otherwise how would they have her hair and have her DNA. They then make the leap that the killer has Luke as well and Lucky says he was probably forced to write that letter. Emily says it is as if someone is targeting Skye Luke and Laura.

At Kelly’s Heather finishes another entry in her malevolent little scrapbook any answers the door by these beards UK and who ought to Heather and Heather advises loom that she will have so much fun with Heather.

Emily is working later in the day at the hospital when she overhears Mary and Dr. Meadows discussing Mary’s plans for pregnancy Dr. Meadows specifically says that the earliest that Mary could hope to conceive a child is a month from the day she goes off birth control. At the gazebo Connor asks a favor of Alcazar he requested Alcazar use his resources to compile a complete dossier on who Connor Bishop was before the accident. Connor is desperate to understand and integrate his past. He also asked if there is any way possible that Connor knew Emily Quartermaine.

At the courthouse, Alexis is leaving the elevator when another passenger asks her to hold the elevator and she finds herself face-to-face with Ric. Ric commences a lengthy list of Alexis annoying qualities. He pronounces that he is not pleased by her and is not attracted to her; she’s irritating and worst of all of sore loser he then accuses her of being attracted to ham and trapping them in his elevator she gives him and nasty look and hits the button. After all that however, the elevator is stuck.

In the woods outside of Port Charles, Courtney and Jax bond over water bottles and backpacks... he says that he never knew that she liked the outdoors She admits to being a city girl but feels that he could teach her about living off the land and surviving. Courtney also says that she is beginning to trust him.

Carly meets Felicia at the courthouse and Felicia clues Carly in on what she has found so far about Sam McCall. Sam McCall existed between her birth and the age of 7 and then dropped out of sight until she was 17 and requested a Social Security card in the town of Bailey’s Beach North Carolina.

Back at the penthouse Jason is giving Sonny some of the same information because the piece of paper he saved from the fire has a Bailey’s Beach address on it. Sonny discussed whether this address  is part of what Sam has been hiding. Sonny and Sam talk about the baby alone in Jason's penthouse she’s overjoyed to tell him that he’s having a girl; his reaction is less enthused because he’s worrying about the secret. Sonny asks her to tell him what she’s been hiding.

Scenes for Friday:

Alcazar gets more questions from Connor. Alcazar advises Mary that Connor is looking for information on his past. Carly and Felicia talk further about Sam's information and Sam is pushed into a corner regarding her past.

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