GH Update Wednesday 6/30/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/30/04

By Jean
Pictures by Juanita


Georgie has told Lois she can’t have Dillon. PCPD jail Rick tells Skye is satisfied that he has won the case when she said she is innocent he doesn’t immediately deny it.

At Kelly’s Bobbie runs into Heather and they try to catch-up over old times.

Heather is interested in Scott, Lu Lu Luke and Bobbie.

Bobbie invites Heather to come by later. Georgie is feeling embarrassed about being jealous of Lois.

Georgie takes Brooke’s side and Dillon takes Lois's. Dillon assures Georgie that his relationship with Lois is business only and reassures Georgie that she’s cute.

On the patio Sage and Trent are talking... Trent advises he would like to produce Sages work for L +B. .At first Sage is not interested and threatens Trent with retribution from Alcazar should he approach her with a deal.

Sonny and Carly are at the penthouse sharing some playful banter over Mushroom omelets that Carly insists that she is allergic to. She is joking about an allergy he feels is fake; she is remembering their lovemaking on the island. Sonny of course has cooked them they are splendid and sitting uneaten on the table as Carly and Sonny banter. Carly finally breaks down and eats. Sonny gets a call from Jason and Sam on the jet they are en route home from the island after Jason has killed Nico.

Carly wants to go to her club and do some work. Sonny is paranoid that is not yet safe even with Nico dead.

At the jail Skye pleads with Rick she knows there’s no logic in her wanting Laura out of the way. Skye pleads again that she is innocent. Alexis arrives. Skye accuses Rick only being in it for the win. Alexis confirms her determination to appeal the murder verdict. Skye asks to see her family. Rick is quite calm he believes he has the case won. Alexis apologizes to Skye.

At the studio Ned explains Eddie Main to Brooke Lynne and he and Brooke Lynne sing duets as an enraptured Lois listens.

Skye meets Alan and Edward at the jail. Tracy interrupts.

From her room at Kelly's Heather stares at picture of Leslie and makes her plans.

Carly fakes an allergy attack to freak Sonny out at the penthouse. Sonny buys it. Carly says scaring him is payback for scaring her all those times. Sonny says his laughing at her is payback for all the secrets she ever kept from him... but they are both laughing. It is clear from this sequence that they are reconnecting.

Sam and Jason arrive at the penthouse further explaining Nico's death. Sam assures Sonny that she is okay. Sonny and Jason try to find out whom Nico was working for. Jason has a note that dropped in the bar on the island he was not able to discuss or find anything about Nico. Sonny asked Sam and Jason if Nico said anything before he died. Trent comes in to Kelly’s and meets Georgie and Dillon over French fries. Trent lets Dillon know that he would rather be a producer then sing as evidenced by his lousy edition the day before. He is offered a gofer job. Trent then goes back out to the patio and informs Sage this will be the perfect time for them to produce a single. Lois advises Brooke that the Quartermaines are dysfunctional. Lois and Brooke come to realize they’re very much the same. Brooke accuses Lois of trying to live her life through the accomplishments she wants for Brooke. Lois states that all she has at heart are Brooke’s best interests and the nurturing of her undeniable singing talent.

In lockup Edward agrees to run interference between Skye and Tracy Skye declines their offer of help and listens to Tracy alone. Skye says to Tracy that she is well aware that the Quartermaines are rallying around her, that they love her that they support her even though she is not a biological Quartermaine and that if Tracy were in the same position the family would do nothing for Tracy. Tracy counters that they are her family. Skye says to Tracy, “I have some advice for you: the next time that you want to be hateful don’t. Ask Alan his opinion. Take Dillon out to lunch. Because Tracy you don’t have to be hateful you choose to.” Tracy taken aback says Skye has gone from psychologist to convicted murderer. Tracy tells Skye..."you will have all your time in prison to study that..." Skye comes back with a last-minute truth. Skye admits that even if she spends the next 30 years in prison she, Skye, will have a much better life than Tracy ever could.

Heather, Bobbie Leslie and Lu Lu meet at the Brownstone. Bobbie and Leslie share concerns that they believe Heather is too good to be true. Bobbie says that people can change. Leslie wonders what she wants. Bobbie figures they’ll find out eventually.

Ned strolls into the locked studio where he has left his family to settle their differences. Lois has said that she and Brooke are very similar and that's why they fight. She knows that Brooke has a smart mouth just as Lois did, and Brooke Lynne will not do anything that her parents do just to be contrary. Lois feels that as much as Brooke hates her now she shall be thankful for Lois when she’s grown up. Ned wonders if they’re ready for work.

Leslie leaves Lu Lu with Bobbie at the brownstone and Heather and Lu Lu send Bobbie inside to get some brownies. Heather and Lu Lu talk about her father. Heather says it would be nice if someone found Luke and brought him back. Heather drugs Leslie’s glass of lemonade: Unbeknownst Lu Lu gives the drink to Leslie.

Sonny and Jason discuss Nico’s death and they are resolved to dig into Sam's past and why she is so afraid to tell Jason what Nico knew. Jason advises Sonny that Nico said that there was someone else after Sam that Sam did not disclose to Jason. Carly over hears part of this conversation.

In jail Skye warns Lucky to be careful because whoever really did kill Ross is dangerous. Heather and Lu Lu are at the brownstone and Lu Lu asks if Heather knows where Luke might be Heather flashes back on her last sight of Luke, bound gagged and drugged in a mental institution. Bobbie sends Lu Lu back into the brownstone for a brownie. Bobbie advises Heather that Leslie has met with a mysterious accident. Heather drinks some lemonade, smiles at the camera and says "cheers."

Carly has called Felicia to Kelly’s to discuss her doing some private eye work. She believes digging into Sam’s past will help keep her family safe.

Sandra McIntyre is Sam McCall’s real name per a computer lookup done by one of Jason’s associates.

Teasers for Thursday: Skye Quartermaine is sentenced to murder. Mary talks to Nik about having a baby. Lois visits Sonny. Sam burns some paperwork in the fireplace of Jason's penthouse.

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