GH Update Tuesday 6/29/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/29/04

By Ali
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THE ISLAND SAFE HOUSE: Sam and Jason are together in the house. It's raining outside. Jason tells Sam that she shouldn't be scared but she says she can't help fearing for the baby's life.

L&B RECORDS: Ned and Lois enter the recording room. Apparently there are kids lined up all around the building waiting to audition for L&B -- it is part of Lois' plan to inspire Brooke Lynn to sing. She also tells Ned that Randy Jackson (one of the judges from American Idol) might be stopping by to help judge the candidates. Ned is skeptical that Randy will show up. Lois then tells him that she's declined Lorenzo Alcazar's investment in favor of money from Jax. Ned isn't happy to hear about her decision and Lois asks him if he's jealous of Jax.

SKYE'S HOUSE: Alexis stops by while Skye is getting ready for the day in court. Alexis tries to reassure a nervous Skye, but it does little good. When Alexis stoops down to pick up an earring that Skye dropped, she notices the blood stain on the floor. Skye says that it's Ross' blood and that she has never been able to get it out of the carpet.

They don't realize that Heather Webber is watching them from the window. As Heather looks inside she has a flashback to the night she murdered Ross with the ice-pick.

Back inside, Alexis tells Skye that all she has to do is look the jurors in the eye and tell them that she's innocent. Skye thanks Alexis for defending her, and they head out. As soon as they are gone, Heather sneaks into the house and checks out the blood stain herself. Then she picks up a framed picture of Skye and Luke and breaks the picture frame's glass.

L&B RECORDS: Ned denies that he's jealous of Jax...besides, he (Ned) and Lois aren't together anymore. Just then the teens enter, and they want to know what's going on with the crowd of kids outside. Lois explains that they want to audition the kids to sing for L&B, and she asks Georgie, Dillon and Brooke to be judges. Dillon and Georgie agree immediately, but Brooke is hesitant.

THE COURTHOUSE: Alan, Monica and Edward have come to the courthouse in support of Skye. They are joined by Tracy, who is gleeful at the prospect of Skye going away to prison. They bicker with one another in the usual Quartermaine fashion.

In another part of the courthouse, Courtney has come to meet up with Jax (who thanks her for being there). He says that he wishes he could have done more for Skye but Court assures him that he did as much as he could.

At that moment, Skye, Alexis, Lucky and Emily enter the courthouse, surrounded by reporters who are hounding Skye. Skye sees Jax and thanks him again for his help. Jax, Skye and Courtney go inside the courtroom while Alexis talks to Lucky and Emily. Alexis warns Lucky that to get Skye off she will have to argue that Laura framed her. Lucky assures Alexis that she must do whatever it takes to save Skye.

A BAR ON THE ISLAND: Nico is sitting at the bar, looking at a picture of him and Sam. A waitress looks over his shoulder at the picture and tries to flirt with him, asking him to forget his ex for a night of fun. Nico shrugs her off and says that Sam is the kind of woman that men would kill for.

THE ISLAND SAFE HOUSE: Jason gives Sam a rifle and asks her if she'll be able to fire it at Nico. She assures him that she'll have no problem with it -- she also admits that she's killed someone before. Suddenly she puts her hand to her stomach in surprise -- the baby is kicking. Jason feels it as well. They share a moment bonding over the baby.

L&B RECORDS: Brooke agrees to help judge, but Lois warns her that she will have to defer to the senior judge, Randy Jackson. The teens are in disbelief but Brooke (like her father) doesn't believe that Randy will really show up. Dillon brings in the first candidate, a guy named Trent. When Brooke sees Trent she (apparently recognizing him from somewhere else) punches him out, to the shock of the others.

SKYE'S HOUSE: Heather rips the picture of Skye and Luke in half. She has a flashback to the time she imprisoned Skye in a secret room at Wyndemere...Skye, believing that Heather was Laura, pleaded with her captor to remember "her" children, Lucky and Lulu. Back in the present, Heather crumbles one half of the picture (Skye's half) into a ball.

THE COURTHOUSE: Alexis is delivering her closing argument to the jury. She goes through the facts that they know about the night that Ross was killed and says that while all of it was true (Luke and Skye argued, Skye was drunk, she took Ross back to her place, etc.) it doesn't prove that Skye murdered Ross. She then tries to pin the crime on Laura, explaining how Laura could have framed Skye because of Skye's relationship with Luke.

After Alexis  is finished, Ric begins his closing argument -- he starts by telling the jury that Skye's crime was committed because of her sick, obsessive love for Luke Spencer.

THE ISLAND SAFE HOUSE: Jason brings in the waitress who talked to Nico at the bar -- the waitress actually works for Sonny. The waitress tells Sam and Jason that she saw Nico in the bar. Jason is going to go there with the waitress -- but first Sam asks him to make sure to kill Nico...or he'll come and kill her.

THE COURTHOUSE: Ric is still delivering his closing argument. He tells the jury that they have a mountain of evidence at their disposal, including a picture of Skye killing Ross as well as a letter from Luke that pins Skye as the killer. He says that the only reason that Lucky got on the stand in Skye's defense is because of his connection to Skye's relative, Emily Quartermaine. He closes by saying that Laura was an innocent victim, used by Skye. With that, the court goes to recess.

L&B RECORDS: Dillon holds a very angry Brooke back from trying to beat up on Trent. Brooke accuses Trent of stealing one of her songs back in Bensonhurst. Trent says that he didn't think she would have a problem since she hates singing anyway. Lois wants Trent to continue with his audition (while Brooke sulks at the judges' table). Unfortunately for all involved, Trent's not a very good singer. The judges dismiss him. On his way out, Randy Jackson comes in. Everyone except Lois is astonished that he showed up.

A BAR ON THE ISLAND: Jason and the waitress are looking around the bar for Nico, but a waiter says that Nico took off awhile ago...on the way out, he dropped the picture he had of Sam.

THE ISLAND SAFE HOUSE: Sam is shocked to see Nico waiting for her in one of the rooms of the house. He asks her why she keeps running away, since they belong together. Sam begs him to go before Jason comes back, and then tries to grab the gun in order to defend herself. Nico's too fast for her though -- he wrestles the gun away and says that they'll both wait for Jason to come back...then, Nico will shoot him, and while he bleeds to death Nico will tell him all about Sam's sordid past.

L&B RECORDS: Randy says that he can't stay long, but everyone is just thrilled that he came at all. He takes a seat at the judges' table and the auditions continue. A steady stream of singers come in -- including an opera singer, a rapper, and a spastic red headed guy in a silver jacket. All of them are miserable. After these auditions, Randy says that he has to leave -- but before he can, Lois asks him if he'll listen to Brooke sing a song. Ned (realizing that Brooke is about to blow a fuse) steps in and says that Randy *does* have to leave. Once Randy's gone, Brooke and Lois start to argue. They are interrupted by Ned, who wants the auditions to continue. Lois says fine, and calls for the next person. It turns out to be Sage Alcazar.

SKYE'S HOUSE: Heather looks at the ripped picture of Luke and has a flashback to when Lucky shot at her in the park (following her attempt on Skye's life).

THE COURTHOUSE: Outside of the courtroom, Skye is sitting with the supportive Quartermaines. Edward is certain that the verdict will be not guilty, but Skye still looks nervous. Across the hall, Alexis asks Ric why he came down so hard on Skye and Ric tells her that it's his job to prosecute.

Back with the Quartermaines, Jax sits down next to Skye and takes her hand in his. He tells her that he admires her composure and that, while he feels that the verdict will be not guilty, even if it isn't, there's still hope and he'll do whatever it takes to get her off.

Lucky and Emily are also talking outside of the courtroom. Emily tells Lucky that she's very proud of the way he handled himself in court while Alexis was talking about Laura. Lucky says that whatever happens, Skye needs to be found innocent. Their talk is interrupted, however, by Tracy talking to reporters a few feet away. She's telling them that she always felt that Skye was guilty. Emily walks over to the group and admonishes Tracy, who lashes out at Emily, calling her (in front of the reporters) a fake Quartermaine who was taken in as an orphan by the family -- and now, Emily is with her fiance's brother, before Nikolas is even cold in his grave. Emily glares at Tracy furiously but says nothing.

Just then, the jury comes back with a decision. Everyone files back into the courtroom and listens to the verdict: it's guilty.

L&B RECORDS: Sage sings for the judges. When she's finished, Dillon halfheartedly says that it was good, but Georgie says that it seemed like all Sage was about was selling sex...there was no heart in the song. Brooke agrees with Georgie, but Lois steps in and says that she thinks that Sage could be the next star of L&B. Sage is thrilled that L&B still wants her even after they turned down her uncle Lorenzo's offer of an investment.

Lois continues to gush over Sage, but Brooke interrupts and accuses Lois of trying to use Sage in order to provoke her (Brooke) into singing. This leads to a mother-daughter argument which ends with Brooke yelling that Lois treats her like a project instead of a daughter, and is only covering for her own failure in life. Lois glares at her daughter and storms out of the studio in silence. Sage, Dillon and Georgie all rush out after her, leaving Ned alone with his daughter. Brooke apologizes to him for being harsh with Lois, but Ned snaps that this is all going to end, right now.

THE ISLAND SAFE HOUSE: Nico asks Sam who she liked being with better -- Sonny or Jason? Sam tries to make Nico think that she wants to be with him, but he isn't buying it. He tries to grab Sam and when she begs him to be careful of the baby he screams that he is sick of hearing about the baby -- in fact he *hates* the baby! At that moment, Jason comes running into the room -- he shoots Nico.

THE COURTHOUSE: Skye is stunned by the verdict. Alexis, Jax and the Quartermaines all try to reassure her, promising her that it's not over. She says nothing. The judge asks the police officers to take Skye into custody...they handcuff her, and still she says nothing. Lucky and Emily also promise Skye that they'll go looking for evidence that will clear her name. Still, Skye says nothing. As the cops lead her out of the room, she sees Heather sitting in a chair against the wall. Heather and Skye look at one another, but no words pass between them.

KELLY'S: Sage is sitting outside of Kelly's at a table by herself, when Trent comes over and sits next to her. He compliments her singing and says that he thinks she has potential -- he wants to be a producer, himself. He assures her that he thinks he knows what she needs to be a star.

Inside Kelly's, Lois and Dillon are sitting at a table talking. Dillon says that Brooke didn't mean the things she said, but Lois is very upset...she says that Brooke is scared of her own talent, and she also thinks that Brooke hates her. She begins to cry. Dillon explains that Brooke is just angry because she feels that Lois is always trying to outsmart her...he asks her to stop making it hard for Brooke to show her that she loves her. Lois, affected by his words, takes his hand and asks him how he got to be so cool for his age. Dillon laughs. Just then, Georgie comes into Kelly's and tells Lois, "Dillon is my boyfriend and you can't have him."

L&B RECORDS: Ned tells Brooke that Lois is not a failure -- she's just a woman with big dreams...who saved the biggest dreams for her daughter. Brooke snaps that she has dreams of her own, but when Ned asks her what those dreams are, she stays silent. Ned says that his dream came true when he heard Brooke singing one of his old songs in her demo. He gets out his guitar and proposes that they sing a duet. Brooke agrees, and they sing Ned's song, "The Only One I Love."

THE ISLAND SAFE HOUSE: Jason asks Sam if the baby is okay and she says that it is. Nico (mortally wounded and laying on the ground) tries to talk, and Jason demands that he say who sent him after them. Nico says that he wanted to kill Jason and Sonny on his own, because he wanted Sam. He manages to say that someone else is looking for Sam. Then he dies. Jason turns to Sam and asks her who else is looking for her. Sam doesn't answer.

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