GH Update Monday 6/28/04

General Hospital Update Monday 6/28/04

By Ali
Pictures by Boo

MARY'S COTTAGE: Mary and Nikolas are arguing because Nikolas still feels like his life doesn't fit together correctly. He begs her to be honest with him, to tell him what "secret" she's hiding.

THE PARK: Skye sees a blonde woman sitting on the park bench and tentatively whispers, "Laura?" The woman turns around and introduces herself as Heather Webber. Heather asks her who she is and Skye is confused about the fact that Heather hasn't seen her on the news as the "crazed ice-pick killer of Port Charles." Heather explains that she just now got back to town.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric tells Sonny and Jason that he doesn't want to see a mob war break out, and that he's determined to question everyone connected with Sonny's in an effort to stamp it out. At that point, some policemen bring in Sonny's bodyguard, Max. Sonny and Jason realize that if Max is at the station, no one is at the penthouse to guard Sam and Carly. Sonny angrily accuses Ric of leaving his family unprotected with a psycho on the loose...then admits to Ric that the psycho in question is Nico, Sam's ex.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam steps outside of Jason's penthouse and into the hallway. She expects to see Max, but gets Nico instead. Nico grabs hold of her and threatens her with a gun. Suddenly Carly comes up through the elevator...she kicks Nico away from Sam and then wrestles him to the ground. The fight continues until Nico is able to escape. As soon as he's gone, Carly and Sam hustle into Sonny's penthouse and Carly calls 911.

THE POLICE STATION: Sonny and Ric argue over whether or not Sonny is trying to start another mob war. Then, Ric gets the report about the assault on Sam and Carly at the penthouse. Sonny, Jason, Ric and another cop rush to the scene.

THE PARK: Skye is still a little paranoid and asks Heather what she was doing at the courthouse earlier. Heather replies that she was looking up the names of old friends, as she wanted to see who was still in town. Skye asks Heather if she knew Laura Spencer and Heather says that she did, only when Laura's maiden name was Webber -- Heather explains to a perplexed Skye that she married into the Webber family and became Laura's aunt for a time. Heather asks how Laura is and Skye starts to reply that Laura isn't very well -- then Heather cuts her off and asks if they are still renting rooms at Kelly's. Skye says that they are and Heather heads off in that direction...but not before wishing Skye, "Good luck."

MARY'S COTTAGE: Mary is angry that Nikolas is accusing her of keeping secrets from him, but Nikolas is not to be deterred, he demands to know how he could have lived this life she says he lived when it doesn't connect together in his mind with the person he seems to be now. Mary asks him to just let it go, but Nik refuses, saying that his odd feelings always lead back to another secret. Mary quietly tells him that he can leave at any time. Nik says he doesn't want to leave...he loves her, he just wants her to tell him what his life used to be like. He wants it all to fit together. Mary suddenly suggests that a baby could help him make that connection he needs. She wants to try to get pregnant.

THE PARK: Emily and Lucky are walking through the park discussing their time in court, and the different theories behind Skye's trial. They agree that Ric's theory -- that Skye got Laura out of the mental institution, doesn't make much sense at all.

SKYE'S HOUSE: Skye has just gotten settled down for the night in her house when she sees a woman with blond hair at the door. She panicks until the woman calls out to her -- it's just Courtney. Skye quickly lets her in and Court explains that she just came by to see how Skye was doing after her time at the courthouse. Skye admits that she's a little on edge and that the last blonde she saw she very nearly attacked.

KELLY'S: Heather enters Kelly's and walks to the counter...she asks to speak to Rose Kelly, but Mike says that Rose left town years ago. Heather says she is interested in renting a room. Mike says that a good one just opened up, and also asks her what has brought her back to town. Heather smiles and says she has returned in order to renew old ties.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sam and Carly are sitting on opposite couches (Carly is holding an ice pack on her ankle, which she injured in the fight with Nico) when Sonny, Jason, Ric and another cop arrive. After Sam and Carly have assured Sonny and Jason that they are fine, they explained what went down with Nico (Ric says he has men searching the complex). Sam tells them that Carly saved her life.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Mary tells Nik that he's always wanted a big family, so maybe they should start now. Nikolas agrees that he does feel like he has always wanted children. He says that all he wants is for them to be happy, and Mary agrees with him.

THE PARK: Emily and Lucky are still discussing Skye. Emily admits that love can make people do awful things -- like lie, steal and cheat (it's obvious that she's thinking about Mary). Emily and Lucky agree that Skye could not have killed Ross Duncan, and then Lucky suggests that someone is framing both Skye and Laura at the same time. Em suggests Helena, but Lucky says his gut is telling him that someone else is involved.

KELLY'S: Heather comes back downstairs after putting her bags up in her room...she tells Mike that she likes the arrangement just fine. She gets a menu and prepares to order something to eat when suddenly Lesley and Lulu come in. Suffice to say, Lesley is VERY surprised to see Heather back in town.

SKYE'S HOUSE: Skye thanks Courtney for coming over and starts to ramble nervously about the fact that she's being framed for murder and she would "kill" for a drink -- then she backtracks and apologizes for her poor choice of words, pointing out that she is starting to sound just like the madwoman Ric says she is. She asks Courtney why she's come over, and Courtney says that she's here because of Jax. She wants Skye to know that Jax is very upset that his testimony hurt her case, and he's beating himself up over it. Skye is curious as to what kind of relationship Courtney and Jax have, and the question catches Court off-guard.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sam tells the assembled group that if it wasn't for Carly, she would not be alive. Sonny comes downstairs from checking on the boys and announces that they slept through the whole ordeal. Ric accuses them off trying to pull off a scam in order to get him to stop questioning Sonny. Carly then goes off on Ric and pointedly draws a comparison between Nico's attack on pregnant Sam and Ric's own attack on Carly when she was pregnant last year. Ric leaves, and Sam thanks Carly again for saving her life. Carly responds by asking Jason to get Sam out of town pronto.

THE PARK: Emily and Lucky are still talking about the trial. Emily wonders where Luke is and Lucky admits that he likes to believe that his parents are on the run somewhere together. Emily suggests that they try to solve the mystery together -- Lucky agrees and resolves to start thinking more like a cop and less like a son. Emily also resolves to start thinking like a medical school student obsessed with details...maybe that way they'll find something that everyone else has missed.

KELLY'S: Heather, Lesley and Lulu are sitting at a table together. Lesley looks a little wary and Heather asks if she got the letter she sent. The letter, in which Heather apologized for all of the harm she caused Lesley's family, was part of her therapy, but Heather assures Lesley that it was sincere. She also asks Lesley to trust that she's a new person now -- "The old Heather Webber is long gone." Lulu pipes up and asks how Heather can be "gone" if she's right here next to them? Heather smiles at Lulu and tells her that she knew her mother, Laura, when Laura was the prettiest woman in town. Lulu replies that now Laura is the prettiest mother in the world...and though she's sick right now, she'll come home soon. At this point Lesley sends Lulu over to the jukebox so she can talk to Heather in private. Lesley tells Heather that Laura is catatonic...but that some people believe they've seen her in town, and now Luke has disappeared. Lesley laments the fact that Lulu needs her parents and Heather smiles and says that she's sure Laura would be happy to know that Lesley is taking good care of her daughter.

SKYE'S HOUSE: Courtney assures Skye that she and Jax share a business partnership and nothing more. She explains that Jax just isn't her type. Skye muses that Courtney is trying to fix everything and Courtney admits that she just wants everyone to be happy...and that she knows that Skye is getting a raw deal from Ric. Skye assures Courtney that she is not angry with Jax and that one of the things she loves about him is that he just isn't capable of getting on the stand and lying with his hand on the Bible. Skye teases Courtney that Court's checking up on Jax's ex-wife and that must be part of their business arrangement. Courtney is a little taken aback but Skye urges her to go for Jax if it makes her happy.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly wants Sam out of the apartment complex entirely, because she's worried for the safety of the kids. Jason and Sonny agree that Jason should take Sam to the island...that said, Sam and Jason depart. Once they are gone, Carly gets Sonny to rest on the couch and plans to bring him dinner from the kitchen -- even though all they have is junk food, which Sonny hates, he says he'll eat it if she brings it. He also thanks her for saving Sam's life.

SKYE'S HOUSE: Courtney has gone and now Emily and Lucky have dropped by to chat. Skye thanks Lucky for standing up for her in court. She says that she doesn't care what the jury says as long as Lucky believes her. Lucky and Emily promise Skye that they are going to go over the case themselves in order to track down new evidence. But first, Lucky says, he wants Skye to tell them everything that happened the night that Ross was murdered.

HEATHER'S ROOM AT KELLY'S: Heather is sitting up in her room at Kelly's going through her things. She takes some items out of her suitcase, including a large butcher knife and a scrapbook. In the scrapbook are newspaper articles as well as pictures of Luke and Laura from the 1980's.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Mary and Nikolas are laying in bed...Nikolas is asleep and dreaming of the promises he made to Mary in the hospital...that he loves her and will never leave her. Aloud, he mumbles, "Emily." Mary hears this and looks heartbroken.

SKYE'S HOUSE: Skye is going over the events of the night of Ross' murder for Emily and Lucky. She says that she and Ross arrived at her house, (she's pretty sure she didn't lock the door after them, as she was drunk) -- they started making out, and the next thing she knew, she was waking up, Luke was at her side, and Ross was on the floor dead. She adds that Luke didn't see anything either, and Lucky points out that someone must have broken into the house and stabbed Ross. Skye wonders who would have done that.

HEATHER'S ROOM AT KELLY'S: Heather is going through the scrapbook, thumbing through newspaper articles, when she flashes back to the night of Ross' death. She remembers being outside of Skye's house and watching through the window as Ross tried to revive Skye (who was passed out on the floor). Then, Heather entered the house and stabbed Ross in the back with the ice-pick. Immediately afterward, she freaked out and ran out of the house in a panic.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny is still laying on the couch and Carly has brought him a large variety of junk food to tide him over. Sonny applauds her for her bravery and courage in trying to fight Nico, and Carly brushes it off saying that even though she hates Sam she doesn't want to see her dead.

THE ISLAND SAFE HOUSE: Sam and Jason arrive at the island safe house and Sam immediately notices that Carly has redecorated the place since Sam was last there with Sonny. Sam admits that she's glad that it all looks different, as she wants to start over...without dealing with the past. Unfortuantely, Sam and Jason don't see Nico lurking outside, watching them through the window.

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