GH Update Friday 6/25/04

General Hospital Update Friday 6/25/04

By Tori
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Ric asks Skye why she covered up a murder just because Luke asked her to. He asks if it's because she trusts him. She says yes. He then accuses her of doing anything to please him, and that she loves him. She admits to loving him. She says she never wanted to love him. Ric says obviously because Luke is not in the court room, he does not care about her. She says he's made his point, but she still feels the way she does about him. Ric accuses her of murdering Ross Duncan. She denies it. The judge calls for a recess and that when they reconvene, he expects all parties to be ready and to go on in a professional manner. Skye goes and talks to her father. Tracy is disgusted by her, and moans about it to Edward. Edward says he believes she's innocent and that he thinks Tracy's a viper. Emily says to Lucky that after what he just heard, he must believe Skye is innocent. Lucky says he still doesn't. Alexis comes and asks Lucky to defend Skye by saying that the note that Luke wrote is too convenient, that him not being there is suspicious, and to admit that Ric's theory is absurd. Emily asks Alexis to give them a minute. She tells Lucky that he needs to defend her, because all she's guilty of is loving his father. He says that he won't lie, he thinks she is still guilty. Emily say’s he's to angry and stubborn to see the truth. She leaves. Ric questions Lucky up on the stand. He asks her if Laura could have followed Skye into the park, possibly just to talk to her. Lucky replies that he can't say what Laura might have been thinking. Ric asks Lucky what he saw in the park. He says he saw a blonde woman attack Skye with a knife. Ric tries to get Lucky to say that it's possible that Skye hired the woman. Alexis intervenes, and the Judge agrees. Ric says he's done with Lucky. Alexis asks Lucky questions. She asks him if he thinks it's odd that Luke isn't there. He agrees it is. She asks him if he thinks Skye is guilty of murder. He says he doesn't. Skye gives him a grateful look. Lucky signs papers. Alexis thanks him. He says Emily is right. Monica says she doesn't believe Skye is a murderer. Tracy asks how stupid she is? Ned, Edward, Alan, and Monica pretty much tell her to shut up. Ned, Alan, and Edward go to distract the reporters for Skye. She sees a woman with blonde hair go down a hall, and she goes after her. Ric says Lucky's opinion is irrelevant, and that he'll get the jury back at close. Alexis just says ok, and Ric leaves. Emily asks her where everyone is. Alexis tells her about Lucky's testimony. She says she's glad he did that, and Alexis says maybe Emily should return the favor. Maybe Emily should tell Lucky Nicholas is alive. Emily finds Lucky on the pier. Lucky tells her he's been thinking about Nikolas. Emily says there's something she needs to tell him about Nikolas. He says please don't talk about him, and then apologizes. He says he wants to hear it. She says that Nikolas would have been proud of him today. Lucky moves part of her hair, and leans in and kisses her. She kisses back.

Mary and Nikolas make love in their cottage. Mary asks him what's the matter when he nearly immediately gets out of bed. "Conner" says it's not her and that he loves her. He just needs some time to think, and that it won't be long. He goes to the park, and then Emily shows up. He tells her to leave him alone and to quit following him. She smacks him. She tells him to leave her alone, that she wasn't the one looking to make love, all she wanted was a dance. Then storms off.

Michael, Carly, and Sonny go to leave General Hospital, when Lorenzo walks off the elevator. Michael says to him, "Go away. You want to kill my Daddy...but you're the one who's going to die." Lorenzo denies it, and Michael yells at him calling him a liar. Carly and Sonny tell him to calm down. Carly promises Michael that Lorenzo will not hurt Sonny. Carly apologizes to Lorenzo, he says there is no apology necessary. Sonny says to wait, that he needs to talk to him in private, and that he'll meet Carly and Michael at home. Lorenzo says, "You going to finish where your son left off?" Sonny asks Lorenzo to convince him that it wasn't Lorenzo who shot him in Cost Rica. Lorenzo says even if he denied it till his tongue fell out of his mouth, Sonny would still not believe him. Sonny asks him how he knows. So Lorenzo denies it, says there is no need to do it, because nothing has changed between him and Carly. Sonny asks him who he thinks hired the shooter. Jason walks into the hospital's fifth floor, and sees Sonny sitting there in a wheel chair. He asks him what's going on. Sonny tells him about Lorenzo. Jason asks if he believes him, Sonny says he does. Jason tells him that Niko called, and that Sam wouldn't tell him exactly what Niko said. Sonny says, "I'm starting to think there is more to Sam than we know. Sonny says to check things out. Jason leaves as Carly shows up. Carly tells him that she came to make sure he got home safe. Carly tells him that she really doesn't think that Lorenzo is the one who hired the shooter, but if he needs an excuse, there's nothing she can do about it. Carly leaves. Sonny calls Sam, and leaves a message asking her if she's ok. He hangs up and Jason comes through the elevator with a police officer. He tells Sonny that Mac wants them down at the station for questioning about who shot at Lorenzo.

We see Faith with Niko giving him half of the money, and telling him that once Lorenzo is dead, he'll get the other half. She tells him with that kind of money, he can buy a whole bunch of 'Sams'. He says the money doesn't mean a damn, and that all he wants is Sam, and one way or another he's going to get her. We see Niko with a gun, and then him aim at Lorenzo, but "Conner" comes, so he can't. "Conner" says he wants to start work again. "Conner" sees Niko aiming at Lorenzo, and pulls Lorenzo down. "Conner" makes sure it's clear, and then they talk about who was shooting at him. Police show up, so "Conner" leaves before they get there. Max asks Lorenzo what happened, he tells him. "Conner" goes home and finds Mary waiting for him with dinner. She goes to take his coat off and finds him wearing guns under his jacket. She questions him about it. She wants him to stop working for Lorenzo. He tells her that he can't shake a feeling that his life doesn't fit. He asks her what she doesn't want him to remember. She tells him he has it all wrong. He throws a wine glass. And yells at her to tell him who he was.

Sam tells Jason that she wants to be a mother, in his apartment. They agree that they need to be honest with each other, and trust each other. Sam agrees to not meek Niko anymore. Her cell phone rings, and when she answers it, Niko says, "Meet me at pier 52 in ten minutes, if you don't, I'll tell your pretty boyfriend your secret you're so desperate to hide." Sam hangs up without saying anything. Jason looks at her, and says that was Niko and asks her what he said. Sam said that it was just the normal stuff, that he wants her and needs her, etc. Jason says they need to be honest, and asks her what she's so afraid to tell him. She says that Niko is just trying to mess with her head and keep her off balance. Jason says just like she's trying to do with him. Jason tells Mac that Sam is not allowed to leave. Jason leaves.

Jax agrees to give Lois money, with no demands. Lois asks him what happened to the old Jax. He claims to have changed. Lois doesn't believe it. She asks him if he has a thing for Courtney. Jax tells Lois she's right, and that he wants to have a full partnership into L&B, to have a final say on artists and all materials. She agrees to the first term, but not the second. He says ok. She says she is happy for him and Courtney. He denies that there is anything between them. She doesn't believe him.

Courtney is sitting on a park bench, when Mike walks up. He asks her what is up with the lemonade sitting on the bench next to her. He asks who she's expecting. She asks him if he's ever formed a negative opinion about somebody, but then realized you were wrong. Mike thinks she's talking about Jason, but she tells him she's talking about Jax. Mike tells Courtney it looks like her date isn't going to show. She says it isn't a date. He asks about her and Jax. She says they are just having fun. Jax shows up, and Mike starts "lecturing"<teasing> him about being late. Courtney tells him to stop, and he laughs and leaves. Courtney tells Jax to ignore Mike, and that he doesn’t have to have an explanation. Jax says, "No, but you do. What the hell have you done?" She tells him, he's acting weird, and wonders if Lois upset him. He says that he has not flirted with any woman, or raided any businesses since he's been with her.

Sam remembers her and Niko back when they were younger. Niko threatens that she better have his back when she gets on the stand to testify against him. The baby kicks, and she smiles. She tries to figure out the baby carrier once again. She sees a shadow under the front door, and she says I didn't climb down the side of the building Max. And goes outside, when Niko grabs her. Carly comes off the elevator at that moment.

Skye walks into the park, and sees a blonde woman sitting on a bench. She thinks it's Laura and goes up to her. She says, "Laura?" and touches the woman's arm. The woman jumps around and says she's sorry, but she is Heather Webber.

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