GH Update Thursday 6/24/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/24/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

When Ned arrives at the studio, Lois is already there working. He tells her he is going over to the courthouse today. Lois asks if he is going to support Skye or Alexis? He tells Lois that he and Alexis are complicated. He says he is going to court to support Skye. Lois says that it would not matter if he were going to support Alexis since their relationship is strictly business. Alcazar meets up with Lois at the studio. She tells him if he came to buy his niece a career, he came to the wrong place. She tells him that Sage is a good, not great, singer. She says she will consider signing Sage but since he is a gangster, they will not need his money. She says she has learned not to accept money from gangsters. Alcazar insists that he is not a gangster and that he has a Masters degree from Oxford. Lois is unmoved. She will not accept funding from him. He says he is still going to let Sage work with L & B.

At Skye’s trial, Ric asks Jax if he saw Luke and Skye with Det. Ross Duncan or if Skye told him she killed Det. Ross Duncan. He answers that she said that she could have. Alexis asks Jax if Skye was so upset that she would have said anything. The judge calls a recess and tells Ric and Alexis to use the time to work out whatever issues they have with each other or else they will be held in contempt. During the recess, Ric and Alexis walk on the docks and Jax apologizes for testifying in a manner that was detrimental.

Faith urges Nico to take care of Sonny. He says he just wants Sam. She tells him that she is going to frame both Sonny and Alcazar for trying to kill her. She wants Nico to make a very public attempt on her life. Ric and Alexis, argue on the docks, and just happen to be the “perfect witnesses” for this so-called attempt on her life. Faith approaches Ric and asks if they tracked down the hitman who tried to kill Sonny because she knows Sonny is going to blame her. Just then, a shotgun blast goes off. Ric guesses that it is Sonny’s doing, and Faith agrees.

Carly implores Jason to get Sam out of town so that Sonny and the children will be safer.

Sam visits Sonny at the hospital. She admits that when she was younger she was stupid about knowing men. She tells him it made their relationship all the more special. She goes back to Jason’s and Nico calls her. He tells her that he is going to tell Jason the secret she is so desperate to hide.

Carly visits Bobbie at GH. Carly tells Bobbie that she will be working on the marriage. Bobbie tells her that she hopes Sonny is as committed as she is.

Courtney brings the woman of Office of Child Welfare to the courthouse to meet Jax since he is the foundation’s main benefactor. When Courtney tries to stop Jax as he enters the hallway, Jax thinking about his damaging testimony, walks right by Courtney. Courtney follows him and tells him he has just embarrassed her. He blows up and tells her he has just probably sent his ex-wife to jail so he has more important things on his mind right now.

Faith barges into Sonny’s hospital room and blames him for the murder attempt. When Sonny says he does not know what is going on, she tells him that Alcazar is going after both of them and that he should watch out. Michael, hiding, listens to the exchange. Sonny guesses that Faith staged the murder attempt but Faith denies it. She warns him again. Carly comes in looking for Michael.  Seeing Faith, thinks she may have done something to Michael. Carly starts telling Faith that what she will do to her if she has done anything to Michael. At that point, Michael makes his presence known. He says he was hiding so that he could surprise Sonny. They all get ready to go home. When leaving, they bump into Alcazar, Michael tells Alcazar the he is the one who is going to die, not Sonny.

During the recess, the Q’s discuss the case and say that one more witness like Jax and Skye will definitely go to jail. Tracy takes the stand and testifies that she and her family have a great affection for Skye which made it harder for her when she realized that Skye is a pathological liar who will do anything to get what she wants. Ric produces pictures of Skye in the Quartermaine freezer with the body of Det. Duncan. Tracy says she followed Skye to the freezer and heard Skye and Luke discussing how Skye killed Det. Duncan. Skye testifies that she woke up from being passed out and found the body of Det. Duncan next to hers. She says they covered up the murder since Luke said no one would believe that she was innocent. Ric berates Skye into admitting she loves Luke Spencer.

Lois asks Jax to invest in L & B.

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