GH Update Thursday 6/24/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/24/04

By Jean
Pictures by Juanita

In the county courthouse, Lansing characterizes Skye as a desperate brokenhearted attention seeker hanging onto Luke by framing of Laura for the murder of Ross.

Over at GH, Sonny has an early morning treat: Sam is at his bedside. In Jason's penthouse Carly asks a favor of Jason that he won't like; she asks him to take Sam and leave town.
It's an early morning at the studio as well: Ned comes by to find Lois already working but he will not stay to vote on her musical selections... to her chagrin he is en route to court. She asks him whom he's going to support, Skye or Alexis.

Back in court Jax is on the stand. Rick shows him pictures as Jax tries to deflect Rick's relentless questions about those pictures. Alexis irritated objects. Rick brings up Tracy Quartermaine's blackmail of Jax into marrying her so that she would not submit the pictures to the police. Alexis opines that this is not testimony this is a character assassination. Jax did say about Skye "she said she could have" killed Ross. Rick and Alexis mix their sniping with Jax testimony. It becomes so confusing and blatant that the judge orders a recess until Rick and Alexis can resolve whatever issues they have between the two of them so that they not bring into the court. Down at the docks Faith and Nico are having a business meeting. Faith tells Nico he was supposed to take out Sonny and Jason and is 0 for 2. The discussion at Jason's penthouse continues. Carly believes the only way that Jason can protect helpless Sonny and her and her children is to draw Nico out-of-town by taking Sam away. Jason still believes that he can do that in Port Charles but he does agree that if he cannot stop Nico he and Sam will leave town. Sam and Sonny continue to talk at his bedside at GH. She is remorseful about inadvertently bringing Nico down on Sonny and Jason. Sam describes the amazing difference of her first naive love of Nico when all he wanted was to have her as a possession and her first real-time to be happy and be herself that she has found with Sonny.

Back at the docks Faith tells Nico that they're going to plan B. She advises ham to make a very public attempt on her life while at the same time make an attempt on Alcazar's life that does not miss. All of this is a plan to make Sonny look guilty.

Rick and Alexis continue their grade school argument on the docks. Faith and Nico hide; they are pleased that Rick and Alexis will be the perfect witnesses for Nico's false assassination attempt.
Back at GH Sam and Sonny are trading guilt; he feels selfish for wanting her in his life, she feels selfish about being glad for time with him and for wanting the baby. Sonny confirms to her that he does not regret their affair.

At the studio Lois has always wondered why Ned could sign away rights to his daughter Kristina. He admits that he and Alexis are very complicated and also summarizes his connection to Skye. Lois confirms to Ned again that there is no hope for reconciliation between the two of them.
Jax is very sorry that his truth could incriminate Skye: afterwards as they sit together she does not blame him.

In the hallway outside the courtroom Courtney is meeting with community activist Lucy Powell as a possible source for underprivileged children for her foundation to help. Ms. Powell is reluctant to accept her support given her connection to Sonny and Jason. Jax exits the courtroom and Courtney attempts to have him stop a moment and convince Ms. Powell that her foundation is legitimate. Jax simply walks away without a word.

Back at the docks evidently the arguments will never end between Rick and Alexis. " you admit you have personal feelings for me " says Rick. Alexis replies Yuck yuck and yuck." Faith accosts Rick and wonders what he'll do about the man who tried to kill Sonny. In the middle of her question, shots ring out and Rick protects Alexis all hit the docks. Once his shooting is over Faith Alexis and Rick get to their feet. Rick says, " they're gone." Faith asks Rick for police protection. He callously advises Faith to leave town for a little while. Faith leaves the docks and Rick and Alexis sit companionably together. Alexis offers to make excuses for Rick in court. He puts his arm around Alexis and she looks at his arm as though it was a snake, causing him to remove it quickly. He does advise her that he will continue to oppose her in court and try this case.

Over the studio there is another visitor: after Ned leaves Lorenzo Alcazar arrives. He introduces himself graciously; she stands quite unafraid and strides toward him. All through his discussions with Lois throughout the episode he is surprised amused and pleased at her directness. One thing Lois sets him straight on right away all artists are respected at L+B Records and he cannot buy Sage a career.
In the hospital Carly finally arrives with Michael to bring Sonny home. Sam and Jason are in Sonny's room already explaining Nico's tactics to him. Sonny disapproves of Jason taking a shot at Nico while Nico was holding Sam in front of him. Jason assures Sonny he would not risk Sam's life by taking a shot that he wasn't completely sure of taking.

At the gazebo in the park Courtney berates Jax about leaving her in the middle of her discussion with the community activist. Jax is having one more slow realization that he may have helped send Skye to prison.

Back in the studio Lois is hard; she will not take Lorenzo's money. She pins him to the wall verbally calling him a gangster, a shady character and a spoiled six-year-old with a gun while he cannot stop smiling. He is okay with Sage working with L and B regardless of whether his money is invested. Lois says her mind is not easily changed, Lorenzo advises the offer of his money is still on the table. Back at GH Bobby and Carly are chatting up at the nurse's station. Bobby says that she knows Carly is one that has made all the compromises in this marriage and that that is not the way to make a marriage work. Carly still fights for her viewpoint, that she and Sonny have the makings of a real compromise and a new beginning in their marriage. Michael has stolen away into Sonny's hospital room he crouches behind a chair when Faith enters Sonny's room and accuses Sonny of attempting to shoot her. This frightens Michael. In her conversation she also possibly implicates Alcazar in starting a plot against both her and Sonny.

Back at Jason's penthouse Sam pleads with him not to simply give her orders and shut her down and shot her away.

At the gazebo Jax has had an epiphany of all the women he loved and left. He has realized he may not be any better than Sonny or Jason. Courtney listens.

Over the courthouse Edward's angry that Jax testimony may have sent Skye down the river. Alan and Monica continue to commiserate. Emily and Lucky are also at the courthouse and come down on opposite sides regarding Skye's guilt. Edward warns Tracy against nailing Skye on the stand; He warns Tracy that he will kick her out of ELQ on her treacherous behind if she does. Tracy seems to have disregarded Edward's threat and appears ready and willing to nail Skye as she takes the stand. Back in GH in Sonny's hospital room Faith describes the attempts on her life and the danger to Sonny in vivid detail while Michael listens from his hiding place. Carly comes into Sonny's hospital room and Michael sheepishly reveals himself after Carly threatens Faith. Jason and Sam re-visit each other's weak points at the penthouse. He knows it's hard to understand him sometimes. And she knows that she's always been independent and a survivor on her own all of which has made hard for her to trust Jason's interpretation of what needs to be done to keep her and her baby safe.

Back at the gazebo Jax continues to put on his hair shirt and details his rejection of Skye on their wedding night. On the stand in court Tracy explains Skye's connection to the Quartermaines. Alexis defends children not connected to parents by biology and says that they can be as close as any biological child. Tracy accuses Skye of murder. Alexis objects to this blatant use of opinion rather than fact. When it's time for the defense to call witnesses Alexis first calls Skye to the stand. Skye admits she doesn't know what happened and that she panicked. She explained her and Luke's plan of moving the body until a final solution or the real killer would be found. During a relentless cross-examination by the bulldog Rick Lansing Rick makes Skye admit that she does love Luke Spencer. Someone watches from outside the courtroom. After Lorenzo leaves the studio Lois calls on Jax to come over; when he arrives she advises him that she would like him to invest in L+ B. probably become she trusts his money more than Alcazar's.

In Sonny's hospital room Carly and Sonny reprimand Michael for hiding. They ease his fear by calling Faith a liar.

Over at Jason's penthouse Jason asks for Sam's trust and she readily agrees to follow his orders especially regarding Nico. In the middle of this conversation Nico calls Sam on her cell phone; Jason's unnatural detection of who said what to whom reveals that that was Nico on the phone. Jason asks Sam for an answer about what Nico said. Nico is threatening to blackmail Sam. Nico says that if she does not meet him alone that he will tell her boyfriend the secret she's been hiding. As Carly and Sonny and Michael head for the elevator it GH Michael confronts Alcazar coming off the elevator saying to him, "You tried to kill my Daddy but it is you that's going to die."

Teasers for Friday. Lois asks Jax if he has a thing for Courtney. At the cottage Mary is puzzled a moment ago she and Connor were making mad passionate love and now he couldn't be further away. Alexis pleads with lucky to take the stand to defend Skye. Jason asks Sam what she's so afraid to tell him. Sonny confronts Alcazar and says, "Somebody hired that shooter. Tell me it wasn't you."

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