GH Update Wednesday 6/23/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/23/04

By Jean
Pictures by Juanita

Dillon is mopping up his latest mess at L.+ B. When Lois arrives in take the place by storm she's on fire; she wants everything to work and will not take no for an answer. Her attitude both assures and frightens Dillon,

Over the hospital Sonny and Carly sit together she watches over him nurtures him, and they declare their support for one another.

On the patio at Kelley's Jason and Courtney are talking; Jason is warning Courtney to stay away fearing that Nico is about to make his move.

Meanwhile in the penthouse elevator where Nico has dragged Sam Nico is angry her because she did not keep herself 'pure' she tells him this doesn't need to get physical and puts her hand in front of herself to ward off Nico.

Over at the park Emily and lucky are having a careful discussion. He's interested in being romantic he kisses her gently. She is frightened of moving forward and wrecking their friendship by an attempt at a relationship. Down at the hospital Sonny and Carly are still together; he's trying to piece together events and emotions that happened while he was ill. He's not sure what was a dream or what was reality he only knows that he needed to talk to her and that it was important that he tell her something. At Kelly's patio Jason calls home to try to find Sam and there's no answer. He runs off and leaves Courtney. Jax arrives in time to pick off Courtney cell phone and advises her against hanging around waiting to find out what's going on with Jason.

In the apartment elevator, Nico has Sam in a choke hold. Sam whispers that "Sonny and Jason are trouble you don't need," He figures out that the reason she's physically afraid of him is that she's pregnant.

Back at L+ B. Lois talks a mile minute while Dillon listens. Lois is discussing her vision for L+ B. She also tries to put a good face on her micromanagement of Brooke's life. When Nedly arrives on the scene Lois speed slows down a little and Dillon has been intimidated enough to believe that he is being fired, when in fact Lois is pleased with him and would like him to stay on.
Back at Kelly's Brooke thanks Mike for room and board and talks with Georgie explaining that if Lois makes Dillon her Frankenstein monster he'll be completely controlled by her ideas and become her latest weapon in pressuring Brooke to sing.
Outside of Kelly's Jax does offer Courtney dinner and speaks further about her pattern of worrying about Jason; he says he won't wait forever and departs.

Over at the hospital Carly admits she wants a reconciliation of spirit with Sonny. She was to re-build the trust between them. Bobby brings Michael to see his father he advises importantly that he once to speak with Sonny and privately. Over the nursing station Carly is annoyed at her mother's disapproval of her continuing tie to Sonny and says that if they can just learn to respect each other then maybe the do have another chance.

Jason stops Nico and Sam just outside the Harborview Towers. He levels a gun on Nico Jason wings Nico rather than shoots him but before he shoots Nico advises he would rather die than see Sam with anyone else. Nico stumbles away with a partial hit Jason and Sam head to the hospital because Sam is concerned about the baby. In Sonny's hospital room he asks Michael gravely what he wishes to discuss. Michael orders Sonny never to be alone again and that he needs to set up a 24 hour guard on himself. Sonny is amused and smiles gently at his boy. He tells Michael that he will take this under advisement. Michael drops the tough guy act and says that Morgan and Carly were very frightened when Sonny was shot. Sonny agrees to be much more careful in future.

Back over it L+B. Ned and Lois talk about the direction of L+B. and the direction of their daughter. Brooke arrives and says she has an offer regarding peace. At the park Emily and Lucky decide not to focus on the past Emily does leave herself open to new possibilities; playfully. she calls Lucky's kisses "amazing" and Lucky kisses her.

There's an offer at the record studio.. Brooke asks if she and Dillon and Georgie he can go to the Manhattan film Festival in New York. Lois abruptly vetoes that idea; broke is beguiling says that she's going with her uncle who would not let her get into trouble. Ned backs Lois up to Lois surprise. Brooke storms out. Ned reveals to Lois that he saved a copy of the demo that Brooke burned. He plays their song for her and Ned reminisces regarding their time together as Eddie Main and his wife Lois and how much she meant to him... more than even the music.

At the hospital Sam and Jason are seen coming out of an elevator by Courtney who is puzzled that it doesn't anger or hurt her as much as it used to Sonny Carly and Michael are bonding in his room. At Michaels prompting, Carly gives Sonny a peck on the cheek.

Ned asks his wife to dance as Brooke's demo plays. After some hesitation she agrees to dance with him. As they are dancing he goes for a careful kiss and she knees him a good one.

Back at Kelly's Brooke and Georgie are commiserating regarding getting around your parents when the need presents itself. Brooke complements Georgie on her choice of boyfriend and says that she believes the Georgie is very lucky to have Dillon Georgie admits that they have not yet slept together. Brooke says," you're kidding right?" Georgie he says Dillion just wants the first time to be perfect and so weird things keep happening in so it hasn't happened yet. Brooke thinks it's actually very good that Dillon wants to wait and that Georgie is very lucky to have someone like him. Lucky has been talking to Mike at Kelly's and asks if it isn't possible to close Kelly's some night this week Mike's wants to know why. Lucky admits to Mike he wants to make a special night. for Emily.

Courtney after the disappointing sight of Sam and Jason in the hospital does go to park to take Jax up on his order for dinner and admits that she wasn't thinking of his arrogance and admits that he might be more fun than Jason and that she's very glad to see him.

At the hospital Jason and Sam are waiting for the results of an ultrasound conducted by Dr. Meadows. Dr. Meadows confirms that Sam's child is fine. She is firm; if Jason himself is unsafe Sam should stay away from him and that if Jason's dwelling is not safe that she needs to find quarters elsewhere.
At L+B Lois is very upset that Ned would try to kiss her; Nedly is still trying to recover from being kneed in the groin. At full tilt Lois advises him that it will be business only, "or seeya later bye." In a harsh whisper Ned coughs out that business works for him. Cheerfully Lois strides to the door smiles and says she will see Ned in the morning. Emily somehow arrives at the hospital to see Sonny to advise Sonny that Sam, Jason, and the baby are fine.

Back at the penthouse Michael asks Carly why Carly only kisses Sonny when he asks her to.

Carly says that she and Sonny have to re-build their connection slowly, like building a house. They can't start with the roof but rather with their foundations.

Back at the hospital Sonny asks an orderly to bring him to Sam's room but stops short to hear Sam confess her deep gratitude to Jason for saving her life and her babies life... she takes Jason's hand while admitting that she did disregard Jason's instructions for staying safe instead she went out to meet Nico.

Teasers for Thursday:
Jax is afraid he may have sent Skye to prison.
Carly wants a favor from Jason.
Faith discusses a plan with Nico.
Sam visits Sonny in the hospital and hopes he does not regret their connection .

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