GH Update Wednesday 6/23/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/23/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Lois lays down the law at L&B. She tells Dillon it must be all business, and no favoritism should be shown to Lynn. Later, Ned tells Lois that he admires her way of handling things. Ned tells her he will set up a meeting between her and Alcazar. She said she listened to Sage’s demo and Sage is good, but not as good as Lynn. Lynn comes into the studio and asks if she can go to a film festival in Manhattan with Dillon and Georgie. Lois says no since Lynn is still being punished for running away. When Lynn appeals to Ned, he also says no. Lynn gets upset and storms out. Ned and Lois talk about their mutual love of rock and roll. Ned tells Lois that he was blown away when he heard Lynn singing their song. Ned has saved the only copy of the demo. Ned puts it on the stereo and asks Lois to dance with him. At first, she refuses, but soon relents. Then, she slugs him in the gut for no discernible reason. She then says she knew he would try to make a move on her and she cannot believe that she almost fell for it. She reiterates that she wants their relationship to be strictly business.

At Kelly’s, Lynn and Georgie have a talk. Lynn is worried that Lois will use Dillon to manipulate her into beginning to sing. Lynn leaves and comes back. Lynn tells Georgie that Georgie is such a great person and it is wonderful that Dillon actually loves and respects her so much.

Jax tells Courtney not to worry about Jason’s safety since he can take care of himself. He tells her she should not bother with Jason since she knows deep down that there is no way it is going to work out. Courtney goes to GH and asks for Carly to be paged. Just then, Sam shows up in a wheelchair, with Jason pushing it for her. After this, Courtney meets up with Jax for a date. Jax realizes that Courtney has something on her mind and questions whether or not they should go on a date. She fills him on what she saw at the hospital. She says she finally realized that it was not about her and that she was very glad to see him actually. He says that maybe he is starting to fall for her. They share a long kiss.

At Sonny’s bedside, Carly tells Sonny that she never wished for him to die even when she was angry at him and did want to hurt him. Sonny says he wants to figure out a way to make all this work. Bobbie brings Michael to visit Sonny. Sonny tells Michael to concentrate on school and not on Sonny’s health. Michael lies down next to Sonny on the bed for a while. Carly comes in tells Michael it is time to go, and kisses Sonny goodnight.

Bobbie is upset because Sonny has been gunned down again. She also tells Carly that she hates seeing her getting hurt. Carly tells her she wants the relationship again but on different terms.

Nico kidnaps Sam and assaults her. Jason comes to Sam’s rescue. He shoots him twice and Nico runs away. Afterward, the hotel doorman runs out and Jason tells him to call 911. They go to the hospital. Sam, from her hospital bed, tells Jason that she cannot thank him enough for saving her and her baby.

Emily tells Lucky she is not ready for romance. She says she is also scared to risk establishing a relationship with him because they are friends and she does not want to lose their friendship. Lucky sort of breathes a sigh of relief since she didn’t say she found him unattractive. Later, Lucky goes to Kelly’s and asks Mike if he could close Kelly’s one night that week since he wants to have some time with Emily. It is a twist on an old tradition in which Lucky, Emily, Nicolas, and Elizabeth would close Kelly’s.

The doctor tells Jason that if Sam is not safe with him around, he should stay away from her until the baby is born.

Emily goes to Sonny to tell him the baby is okay. When he asks why the baby wouldn’t be okay, she tells him about the assault on Sam.

When tucking Michael in for the night, Carly tells him that she hopes that they will be able to slowly build a strong family.


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