GH Update Tuesday 6/22/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/22/04

By Ali
Pictures by Boo

MARY'S COTTAGE: Nikolas is in bed sleeping peacefully. Suddenly he wakes up, looks around and calls for Mary. Mary comes in, already dressed. She kisses his cheek and tells him that she is getting ready to go to work, but Nikolas interrupts and says that she must stay away from the hospital.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Emily is working with some papers when Lucky sneaks up behind her and catches her by surprise. He pulls her away from the papers, telling her that they are going to have a day of fun outside. Emily laughs and they go into the elevator together.

KELLY'S: Dillon and Georgie are sitting at a table when Lois comes in and asks where her daughter has gone.

Brooke Lynn comes in from the back of the restaurant and immediately starts in on her mother, criticizing Lois' fashion sense as Lois now knowing how to dress her age.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is sitting at Jason's desk when Jason returns. Jason tells her that Sonny is stable but still in bad shape. He also says that he needs to know everything Sam knows about Nico.

SONNY'S ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL: Nico, dressed as an orderly, sneaks towards Sonny's room. Inside the room, Ric has come to see Sonny.

Nico is watching them when Carly spots him and orders him to get away from Sonny's room.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Nik asks Mary to quit her job. He says he wants to focus on their marriage and on their future. She asks if that means he will stop trying to remember and he agrees, adding that he already knows all he needs to know about his identity. Mary is happy to hear this, and Nikolas suggests that they spend the day out at the park.

THE PARK: As it turns out, Lucky and Emily have had the same idea...they've set up a picnic lunch on a blanket. Emily insists that she doesn't want to spend their time talking about Nikolas...she wants to learn how to move on and be happy.

KELLY'S: Lois and Brooke Lynn argue for a bit, and Dillon and Georgie attempt to leave. But Lois stops them and asks them to stay. Brooke snaps that Lois just wants to suck up to her friends. Suddenly Ned comes in and insists that the arguing come to a stop.

SONNY'S ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL: Nico makes up an excuse about having gotten lost, and rushes off. Just then, Courtney shows up. Carly fills her in on the details of the attack on Sonny.

Meanwhile, inside Sonny's room, Ric is offering him an investigation into the shooter. Sonny refuses, saying that he doesn't trust Ric and that Jason is on the case. Ric muses on the subject of Jason's loyalty to Sonny -- after all, he points out, Jason slept with Sam.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam tells Jason that Nico is pretty dangerous, but that she wants to try to talk to him one-on-one. Jason snaps that she can just forget going anywhere near the guy.

KELLY'S: Brook and Lois begin to argue about whether or not Brooke should be a "star." Once again Dillon and Georgie try to leave what is quickly becoming a very awkward situation, but Lois insists that they stay.

Ned breaks in and says that he would like Brooke to stay at the Quartermaine mansion for a few weeks. Lois refuses and Ned asks for just one week instead. Brooke snaps that she doesn't feel like living with either of them. Then, Georgie suggests that Brooke come to live with her and her family. While it sounds like a good idea, Lois has reservations and the teens go outside while Ned talks to Lois alone. He asks her to stay in Port Charles, for good. She looks very taken aback.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam tries to convince Jason that Nico wouldn't hurt the woman he's in love with, but Jason isn't having any of it. He tells her that her job is to take care of herself and the baby. Then he leaves to go back to the hospital.

SONNY'S ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL: Ric accuses Sonny of having a God complex (this being the reason why Sonny is refusing help from the police).

Courtney comes in and asks Ric to leave, since Sonny needs his rest. Ric does leave, and Courtney goes to Sonny's bedside.

Meanwhile, just outside, Faith approaches Sonny's room and is about to go inside when she is stopped by an angry Carly.


Emily and Lucky are laying on the blanket together, enjoying their lunch and discussing what shapes they see in the clouds up in the sky. Mary and Nikolas are watching them just a few feet away.

KELLY'S: Outside of Kelly's, Brooke thanks Georgie for the offer to come and live with the Jones family, but she is sure that Lois will talk Ned out of it. Georgie is certain that her parents will agree to the plan no matter what. Dillon thinks that it's cool that Lois is invested in Brooke's talent, but Brooke is disgusted that Lois has managed to get to him, too. They all peer in the window to watch Ned and Lois talk.

Inside Kelly's, Ned is trying to talk Lois into coming back to L&B -- under one condition...she must stop pressuring Brooke into singing.

SONNY'S ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL: Faith and Carly start to get into it outside of Sonny's room. Faith insists that she is finished messing with Sonny but Carly isn't buying it.

Jason shows up and yells at Faith to leave. Faith does so and once Courtney comes back into the hallway, Carly goes in to check on Sonny. Courtney sees Jason and tells him that she's glad he's okay.

Inside Sonny's room, Carly begs Sonny not to shut her out -- she wants to know who it was that shot him.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam picks up the phone and dials a number...she asks the person on the other end to tell Nico that she is ready to meet with him.

SONNY'S ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL: Out in the hallway, Jason pleads with Courtney to stay away from the hospital, as it's not safe, and she agrees. She also asks *him* to stay safe before she leaves.

Inside the room, Sonny tries to argue that Carly needs to stay out of it...but suddenly feels a shot of pain. Carly calls for help through the intercom and a doctor rushes into the room (followed by Jason).

The doctor checks him out and Sonny notes that he needs to have a moment alone with Jason. Carly agrees and leaves the room.

THE PARK: Nikolas thinks that they should leave, but Mary tells him to go ahead -- she wants to stay behind to tell Emily that she's quitting her job at the hospital. Nikolas leaves and Mary walks toward Emily. Lucky departs in order to give the two women some privacy. Mary tells a somewhat hostile Emily that she'll no longer be working at the hospital. Emily asks if Mary's decision has to do with Nikolas.


Lois is angry at Ned's offer -- after all, L&B Records was hers, she doesn't think that she's doing Brooke any harm by encouraging her to use her talents. Ned insists that Brooke will come around on her own and offers to let Lois use Dillon as her own personal assistant at the record label. Lois considers this and wistfully admits that since she does miss L&B, she'll take his deal -- no more pressuring their daughter to sing. Ned is very happy and assures her again that once L&B regains its former glory, Brooke will want to start singing with the label all on her own. Lois smiles that Ned has always been able to talk her into anything...but Ned counters that that's not exactly true.

Outside, Brooke Lynn notes that her parents are smiling and suggests that that means that Lois has managed to manipulate Ned once again. She turns to Dillon and asks him for the keys to L&B Records...she wants to go there in order to perform an "exorcism."

SONNY'S ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL: The doctor with Sonny tells him that he's fine, and leaves the room. Jason does a quick check in the hallway and then returns to Sonny's side. They begin to discuss Nico and the fact that he is after Sam. Little do they know that Carly is at the nurse's station, listening to their conversation through the intercom system.

THE PARK: Nikolas is walking by himself. He stops to get a drink of water from the fountain, but it doesn't appear to be in working order...then he gets distracted by a couple on a park bench, kissing.

This causes him to have flashbacks to the hot make-out session he had with Emily at Wyndemere the day before.

In another area of the park, Mary and Emily are deep in conversation. Emily suggests that her grief for Nikolas has held Mary back from moving on with her own life, but Mary insists that Em was never a burden. Emily wants to know why Mary is quitting her job and Mary says that money isn't a problem anymore. Emily laughs bitterly that Mary's "mystery man" must be loaded, and asks if Mary's boyfriend was born rich...maybe a prince?

Mary quickly says that she never planned on moving on from Connor...but that it did happen, and the same will happen to Emily. Emily notes (again, with more than a trace of bitterness) that she doesn't really have a choice, since Nikolas is never coming back.

Mary leaves and Lucky returns with a bag of cookies for dessert. He and Emily sit back down on the blanket and chow down...Emily, distracted from the somber subject of Nikolas, teases Lucky for having chocolate on his mouth. He teases her back that she has some on *her* mouth and then proceeds to lightly kiss it off. Though it seems like a lighthearted moment, Emily doesn't look very comfortable with it.

L&B RECORDS: Brooke snatches up some CDs of the song she recorded and puts them into a water pail and, while Dillon and Georgie look on warily, begins to search the room for some matches. She is determined to destroy her demos...that way her mother won't be able to use them against her in the future.

She sets a fire in the pail and she and Dillon and Georgie join hands while she "prays" for deliverance from Lois' schemes. Dillon and Georgie look less than impressed. Suddenly the fire alarm sounds and the sprinklers go off...Brooke and Georgie take cover, but Dillon is soaked.

SONNY'S ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL: Jason and Sam discuss Nico. Sonny is worried because he's certain that, if Nico takes the two of them down, he'll go after Sam immediately.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam opens up the front door to find a very pissed off Carly. Carly blames Sam for bringing Nico to town and urges her to leave Port Charles for good. Sam replies that she wants to do what's best for her baby and Carly snaps that if Nico hurts Jason or Sonny, she will make Sam pay. With that she storms back across the hall to Sonny's penthouse, the door slamming behind her. Sam looks very frustrated. Just then her cell phone rings -- it's Nico. He professes his love for her and asks her to meet him at his motel room. Sam turns the offer down and instead suggests Kelly's. Nico agrees and they hang up.

SONNY'S ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL: Sonny and Jason are still talking about Nico. Jason warns Sonny that Nico is obsessed with Sam -- that he even wrote to her from prison. He's still in love with Sam despite the fact that Sam turned state's evidence against him at his trial. Sonny is concerned that Nico seems to have financial backing from someone -- who, they aren't sure. At this point, Sam calls Jason's cell (Jason takes the call out in the hallway). She tells him about her plan to meet Nico and Jason insists that he'll go in her's too dangerous, he says, and there may be more going on behind the scenes than they're aware of.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Faith finds Nico and slips him some money. He tells her about his plan to meet Sam at Kelly's and Faith assures him that she'll help him take care of Jason once and for all.

THE PARK: Mary comes upon Nikolas complaining about the fact that the water fountain is broken. They talk about Emily -- Mary says that Em looked close to Lucky, and Nikolas wonders if Em would really move on with her fiance's brother? Mary reminds him that there are no rules when it comes to love...and Nikolas agrees, at least Emily is moving on at all. They kiss.

Meanwhile, Lucky and Emily are packing up the stuff from their picnic. There's awkward tension in the air. Lucky apologizes for the kiss and Emily assures him that they are still friends...but that's it. Lucky admits that he feels something for her that's much stronger than friendship.

L&B RECORDS: Lois comes in and finds Dillon mopping up the water from the sprinklers. He assures her that it was just a minor accident and that none of the expensive recording equipment was ruined -- however, he points out that Brooke's music was burned to a crisp, if that's what Lois came to get. Lois tells him not to worry, that she came to the studio to see him. Dillon looks somewhat surprised (and a little wary).

KELLY'S: Georgie and Brooke are sitting at a table drinking chocolate milk shakes. They discuss the fact that Brooke will be moving into the Jones' house -- Georgie insists that her older sister Maxie will be fine with the idea. They also talk about Dillon. Georgie says that Dillon thinks Brooke is very talented and doesn't want to see that go to waste. Brooke replies that Georgie and Dillon are good together and Georgie smiles -- she says that being in love is the best, even if it's not always easy. Brooke looks down and mumbles, "I wouldn't know."

Outside of Kelly's, Jason and Courtney run into one another. Courtney wants to go inside but Jason stops her and warns her to stay away. She wants to know what's going on but Jason is reluctant to say anything.

SONNY'S ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL: Carly sits next to Sonny, who is resting in bed. She assures him that he is her family and that she won't let anyone hurt him, ever.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam sneaks out of Jason's penthouse and tries to take the elevator downstairs -- when the doors open, she is taken by surprise when Nico grabs her and pulls her in with him.

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