GH Update Monday 6/21/04

General Hospital Update Monday 6/21/04

By Ali
Pictures by Boo

THE CELLAR: Jax and Lois hug and immediately begin teasing one another about the time they spent together when she was last in Port Charles. Courtney watches them, smiling.

THE HOSPITAL: Nikolas sits next to Mary's bedside, begging her to wake up. He makes all kinds of promises, including a promise never to leave her and to never try to regain his memory. Eventually Mary wakes up, much to Nikolas' relief. They don't realize that Emily is watching from behind the curtain surrounding Mary's bed. A tear rolls down her cheek.

THE COSTA RICAN CONVENT: Sonny, still weak, insists that he and Carly need to leave the convent right away. Carly tries to argue with him, saying that he needs to rest before they rush off, but Sonny doesn't want to listen. Only when Carly brings Sister Agnes to his room does he halt in his tracks.

SAM'S ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL: Jason and Sam discuss who might have been behind the attempt on Sonny's life in Costa Rica. Sam thinks it was probably Lorenzo. After urging Sam not to worry, Jason goes out into the hallway to make a phone call. He doesn't see the man who shot Sonny (now dressed as an orderly) creeping towards him with a syringe, until it's almost too late.

Jason spots him in the nick of time and they two engage in a knock-down-drag-out fight. A security guard gets involved, but ends up detaining Jason while the "orderly" runs away.


Jax introduces Lois to Courtney as "the only woman I ever proposed to at first sight." Courtney realizes that Lois used to be married to Ned. Jax and Lois continue to tease one another about what would have happened if she had divorced Ned for him back in the mid-90s.

THE HOSPITAL: Nikolas tells Mary that he realized that she is his entire life, and promises that he won't ever leave her. Emily, unwilling to hear anymore, rushes down the hall.

THE COSTA RICAN CONVENT: Sonny and Carly continue to argue about whether or not he should leave the convent. Even Sister Agnes joins in, coming down on Carly's side, calling the fact that Sonny is still alive a "miracle" and urging him to consider his health before rushing off.

After Sister Agnes has left, Sonny tells Carly that if they don't leave the country right now, someone will die.

THE HOSPITAL: Mary tells Nikolas that she no longer cares about what happened to them before this moment, that she loves who he is now. She falls back asleep and he kisses her cheek tenderly before leaving her side.

WYNDEMERE: Emily looks at the sofa where she and Nikolas had slept together just hours earlier. She has a flashback to Nikolas kissing her...then she takes the sheet they were wrapped in (which is still on the sofa) and hugs it to her, sobbing.

THE CELLAR: Lois sits down with Jax and Courtney and the two of them fill Court in on the times they spent together years ago. Lois and Jax talk about his parents and Lois assures Courtney that she and Jax never went on one single date. Court assures Lois in turn that she and Jax are just business partners. Lois is skeptical. Just then, Ned comes over to them, and Jax and Ned go over to the bar while Lois and Courtney are left alone at the table to talk. Courtney tells Lois that Jax has made a bet with her just to get to her brother, who hates Jax. Lois laughs that no one could hate Jax and Courtney says that Sonny does. Lois' jaw drops, "You're Sonny's sister?"

THE COSTA RICAN CONVENT: Sonny tells Carly that as long as he stays, he puts the lives of all of the people there in danger...he is sure that whoever came after him before will come back and possibly hurt the nuns or the pregnant women currently staying within the walls of the convent. Carly relents and leaves to go ask Sister Agnes for some blankets to take on the plane with them. Once she's gone, Sonny sits down on the bed (he is obviously still in pain).

SAM'S ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL: Jason comes in briefly to assure Sam that everything will be all right. He then goes back into the hallway and talks to his father, Alan. Alan has found the syringe, and says that he's thankful that Jason knows how to fight, or else he could be dead right now. The security guard says that they found the real orderly knocked out in a closet...but the person who attacked Jason is nowhere in sight.

Jason heads back into Sam's room and he and Alan both tell Sam that she can go home if she likes. Alan says that he would like to bring both Sam and Jason back to the Quartermaine Mansion where he can keep an eye on them...but he knows that Jason has his own life now. He leaves and Jason vows to Sam that he'll protect them all from the psycho who is obviously on the loose.

THE CELLAR: At the bar, Ned and Jax discuss Brooke Lynn and how Lois wants to make Brooke a star, a plan that Brooke -- who is rebellious and stubborn -- wants nothing to do with. Meanwhile, back at the table, Lois and Courtney are bonding over the subject of Sonny. Lois talks about how she used to know Sonny in their old neighborhood of Bensonhurst...and how Sonny used to be very close to her family. Courtney complains about Sonny and how he tries to run her life and shut her out of his. However, Lois still thinks pretty highly of Sonny -- though she admits that he has a tendency to destroy the women he's sleeping with, which is why she considers it a fine fit that he ended up with Carly, "that raving bitch from hell." Courtney, as Carly's best friend, takes offense.

SONNY'S AIRPLANE: Sonny is laying on the couch, propped up by pillows, while Carly watches over him. She gives him his cell phone and he calls Jason (who is still in Sam's room at the hospital). Jason explains what happened to him with the fake "orderly" who attacked him, and describes a tattoo he saw on the man's arm. (While he is talking, Sam's face shows signs of alarm as she hears him talking about the tattoo.) Sonny hangs up and Carly is stunned to see that his wound has reopened.

SAM'S ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL: Sam asks Jason if he's sure about the specifics of the tattoo, and Jason says he is. Sam describes the tattoo to him, in more detail than he was able to see it himself, and he asks her if she knows the man who attacked him. Sam says she thinks she does.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the hospital, the man with the tattoo is getting on the elevator. He has a satisfied smirk on his face.


Emily is sitting on the couch, deep in thought, when Nikolas enters. He tells her that Mary is awake now after nearly drowning. He tells Emily that what happened between the two of them was a mistake...Emily stands up and says that he may change his mind once he's heard what she has to say. Emily declares that she feels a connection to him, and when he says that that doesn't matter because of his vows to Mary, she adds that his marriage is a lie and this leads to an argument between Em and Nikolas. She says that he is in love with him, which baffles Nikolas who exclaims that they hardly know one another. He says, "I can't replace Nikolas!" and shouts over and over again, "I'm in love with my wife!" while rushing out of the room.

THE CELLAR: Ned tells Jax that he wants to get L&B back up off the ground but doesn't think that Lois is going to want to hang around in Port Charles. Back at the table, Courtney tries to defend Carly to Lois, who is having none of it. Lois lists Carly's crimes -- destroying Bobbie's marriage, hurting her two good friends, Robin and Brenda, not to mention what Carly did to AJ. This leads to an admission from Courtney that she used to be married to AJ. Lois tries to defend AJ talking about AJ's rivalry with his brother Jason.

Courtney admits then that she was married to Jason as well, and that they have just obtained a divorce. Lois exclaims that between the two of them they have been married to every Quartermaine man in their generation. They laugh about that and toast.

SAM'S ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL: Sam tells Jason that the man with the tattoo must be her ex-boyfriend, Nico -- someone who used to run an auto-theft ring (and had a habit of killing people in car-jackings). She says that she turned state's evidence against Nico and he was sent to jail (though he continued to write her love letters begging her to wait for him). She is in awe that he somehow managed to get out of prison.

Jason realizes that Nico is coming after Sonny, and after him as well -- apparently Nico is trying to get back to Sam.

SONNY'S AIRPLANE: Carly is worried about Sonny's condition but they resolve to get help as soon as they land in Port Charles. Sonny whispers to Carly that he's glad she's with him...then tries to drift off to sleep. Carly begs him to stay awake, telling him that it scares her that he's trying to fall asleep. He groggily asks her why it scares her, and she admits that she doesn't know, it just does.

THE CELLAR: Lois and Courtney discuss her bet with Jax. Courtney says that even though Jason is moving on with his own life, she could never fall in love with Jax because he's so vain and full of himself. Lois urges Courtney to give Jax a chance, and at that moment Ned and Jax return to the table. The foursome begin to laugh over the fact that Lois wants Courtney to give Jax a chance when she won't give the same to Ned.

SAM'S ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL: Sam warns Jason that Nico is a very jealous person and was very possessive of her when they were going out. She frets over the fact that now Sonny and Jason are in danger because of her. Jason gets a call on his cell from one of his men...when he hangs up he informs Sam that Nico was indeed released from prison a few months ago.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Lorenzo is sitting at Mary's bedside when Nikolas returns.

Nikolas and Lorenzo talk behind the curtain -- Lorenzo wants to know where Nikolas ran off to, and Nikolas replies that he had some personal business to take care of.

WYNDEMERE: Emily is sitting on the sofa, caressing a picture of her and Nikolas, when Lucky comes in and kneels down next to her. Emily whispers that she has finally come to terms with the fact that Nikolas is never coming back, ever.

THE HOSPITAL: Nikolas tells Lorenzo that his personal situation was a one-time thing that will never happen again. Nik also thanks Lorenzo for saving her life -- Lorenzo replies that he doesn't think that Mary was trying to kill herself...but he believes she needs reassurance from Nik. Nikolas promises Lorenzo that he will make his marriage work. Suddenly Mary calls out for Nik and he goes to her side. He promises that he loves her and will never let anything happen to her. Then he kisses her neck and she smiles and hugs him in relief.

WYNDEMERE: Lucky looks around and says in wonderment that it feels like Nikolas was just here moments ago. Emily admits that she hangs out at Wyndemere because everything in it reminds her of Nikolas.

Lucky tells Emily that it's not good for her to be around the shadows of the old mansion, and advises her to run away to a happier place where she'll be able to move on. Emily hugs him and calls him her best friend. He caresses her hair and says nothing.

THE CELLAR: Ned, Jax, Lois and Courtney are all enjoying champagne when Ned suggests that Lois dance with him. Lois gives in and they head to the dance floor. Jax and Courtney tease one another about the possibility of a dance themselves and finally Court Jax whirls her out onto the floor. They begin to dance alongside Ned and Lois.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason wheels Sam in her wheelchair over to the elevator...they are still discussing Nico.

Suddenly the elevator door slides open revealing Carly and Sonny...Sonny is barely able to stand up. Jason catches Sonny and Carly begins to yell for a doctor.

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