GH Update Thursday 6/17/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/17/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

At the club, Faith regains consciousness so Ric decides to charge Carly with aggravated assault. Carly tells him she was defending herself after Faith pushed her twice. Alexis is also there and tells Ric that everyone in the restaurant saw Faith harass Carly. Carly wonders out loud why Alexis is defending her. Alexis answers that Ric must remember that he is a public servant and not a dictator. Ric, Alexis, and Carly go to see Faith at the hospital. Ric tells Faith he will take her case if she files an assault case against Carly. Faith tells him she would love to aggravate Carly, but there was no point in her pressing charges. Ric and Alexis leave. Carly asks Faith what she wants in exchange for not pressing charges. Faith tells her she does not want anything in return.

Courtney tells Jax that they should call off their bet since she will only sleep with somebody she loves. He tells her that he took her scruples into account when he made the bet. She tells him she will never fall in love with him. He tells her that does not rule out romance. He tells her that sex without love can sometimes be good. In the midst of their conversation, his cell phone rings and he tells the person on the other end, he will be there for them. Jax tells Courtney what a great person his father was and that his father was his best friend. Courtney softens up and asks him to stay for a sandwich. He tells her he believed he would grow up and find the right person to have a great life with like his parents had with each other. Unfortunately, it has not turned out that way. As Jax is leaving, Courtney kisses him.

At a convent, two nuns hover over Sonny. One of them says they should call a priest to administer last rites. Soon after, he awakens and asks to see Carly. Sister Agnes places a call to Carly. She tells Carly that Sonny was shot and could be dying. Carly rushes to Sonny’s side and tells him to hang on and fight to stay alive.

In the study at Wyndemere, Connor/Nikolas kisses Emily and immediately regrets it. Emily asks him if he regrets kissing her. He tells Emily that he really enjoys being with her. Emily asks him if they can just drop all expectations and let things unfold as they will. He tells Emily that he cannot replace the man she lost. She tells him that was not her intention. She tells him that she apologizes if the kiss made him uncomfortable. He tells her that that is the problem—the kiss was great. He says it is so easy to be with her as opposed to Mary. He tells her that he always feels like he is trying so hard to be who Mary tells him Connor is and it is taking a lot out of him. Emily later regales Connor/Nikolas with further tales of her and Nikolas. They then dance together to a waltz that Emily put on an old record player. They kiss again.

Sam tells Jason she is sorry for lying about having had a miscarriage. She wanted to have the baby by herself and then give it up for miscarriage. Sam tells Jason that she has been thinking of her child as a complication and that if she loses the baby, it will be her fault. The doctor informs them that he is afraid there is a serious problem. The doctor tells her there is something wrong with her cervix and unless she gets it fixed, she could have a pre-term baby. Jason tells her he is taking her back to Port Charles.

Lucky discovers the identity of the blond haired woman who flew past Skye’s house. It is his grandmother, Leslie. Leslie says she just wanted to see the woman who is tormenting her family. When Skye opens the front door, Leslie tells Skye to stay away from her family. She leaves, and Lucky continues along the same vein. Skye pleads with Lucky to believe her that she is not trying to hurt his family. He tells her that when he takes the stand, he will bury her. He will do whatever it takes to put her in prison.

At GH, Leslie is still infuriated by her earlier meeting with Skye, relates the proceedings to Bobbie.

Back at the club, Alexis asks Ric why he so much wants to get at Sonny since he is so intelligent. He says maybe he is just twisted, or maybe he is jealous since their mother chose Sonny. He says he never really felt fully loved by his father, Alexis tells him she knows the feeling. Elizabeth shows up with the baby while he is speaking to Alexis.

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