GH Update Wednesday 6/16/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/16/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Emily shows Nikolas Spoon Island and tells him the house is called Wyndemere. He asks her why she has pointed it out to him. He calls it dark and pretentious. She tells him that Nikolas inherited the house and loved the study.

Connor/Nikolas is incredulous. He starts getting a memory about some sort of esoteric topic that “Connor” should not know about and begins to get frustrated again. Emily calms him down. Alexis walks in and calls out to him, “Nikolas”. He asks her what she has just called him. Emily hurriedly rushes to Alexis and covers up, apologizing to Alexis for not telling her she was bringing a “friend” by. Alexis deftly recovers and says she just spoke out of habit when she saw him standing by the fireplace. Emily makes up a story that she thinks she left her cell phone somewhere outside and could Connor/Nikolas go look for it for her. He goes. When he comes back, he asks if Emily made up that excuse to get rid of him so that she could ask Alexis what she thought of him. When Alexis leaves, the two of them bond and Connor guesses how Nikolas fell in love with Emily. He tells her he can tell she was beautiful when she was a young girl (before Nikolas fell in love with her).

They end up in a passionate embrace.

Jason finds Sam. She tells him that she lost the baby. Jason blames himself for Sam losing her baby. He tries to force her to go with him to recuperate. She acquiesces. They stop in an empty diner when a heavy rain starts to fall. He tells her that although she is not in pain now, it may come down on her later and he does not want her to be alone if that happens.

There is a man outside spying on them. Sam tells Jason to go back to Sonny in Port Charles and tell him that she has lost the baby so that Sonny can get on with his life. Jason tells Sam that Sonny will never forgive him for asking him to deny his child. Jason tells Sam he thought he was good at fixing things and at being a father. He says he did not mean to take Sonny’s family from him, but he did. He says he will ask Sonny to let Sam go. In that way, he thinks, Sonny will honor his family with Carly. Sam tells Jason that he makes her feel safe.

Later, Sam starts having strong pains and confesses that there was no miscarriage, but now she thinks it is really happening.

Lucky meets with Skye at her place. She asks him what if he is wrong about her and there is someone out there trying to hurt his family and blame her. Lucky asks why Skye went to the Institute where Laura was being held. Skye just said that she wanted to be sure if there was room in Luke’s life for her. She insists that Lucky reopens the investigation and find out who is trying to hurt her family. As they are talking, a blond woman rushes by the window. Lucky goes outside to try and catch her. Lucky comes back and tells Skye that the person got away. He believes that Skye hired someone to pass by at that time.

Carly tells Jax that Courtney is going back to Jason because she loves him. Jax says that Carly loves Jason and wants him with Courtney so that Carly can always be first in Jason’s life. She accuses him of projecting his feelings onto her. He tells her he does care about Courtney. Jax comes on to Carly and Courtney catches him in the act. They both tell Courtney that they were just playing games with each other—which they were. Jax leaves and Courtney demands some time for herself. She tells Carly that Jason went after Sam. Courtney begs Carly to quit trying to push the two of them back together. Carly asks Courtney what she is doing with Jax. Courtney replies it is only for the sake of her foundation. Carly leaves. Later, Jax comes by with ice cream. He tells Courtney he has his flaws, but he is not out to hurt her.

Courtney tries to throw Faith out of Carly’s club. Faith tells Courtney she still wants to be with Jason.

When Justus tries to talk to Alcazar about Sonny, Jen warns Justus not to take on his client’s grudges. Ric approaches them and tells Jen to be mindful of the company she keeps.

Alexis shows up and bumps into Ric. Alexis asks rhetorically, if she must get a restraining order against him.

Faith tries to get Alcazar to get aggressive about going after Sonny’s territory since he and Jason are out of town. Alcazar voices his suspicions that she will be the only one who benefits from this. Carly approaches Faith and tells her to get out of her club. Faith throws Sonny’s affair with Sam in Carly’s face.

Then, she pushes her. Carly knocks Faith out cold. When Ric checks Faith’s pulse, she is not breathing.

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