GH Update Tuesday 6/15/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/15/04

By Ali
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A CABIN NEAR THE BEACH: It's now morning. Brooke Lynn is asleep on the couch and Dillon is awake, staring out the window in the cabin. He looks at Lynn and then creeps outside, where he proceeds to attempt to make a call on his cell phone. Suddenly Lynn comes up from behind him and grabs the phone away. Dillon protests that he was only trying to call HIS family, and Lynn snaps that her family and his family are the same -- "I'm Brooke Lynn...Ashton." Dillon's jaw drops: "You're my NIECE??"

MARY'S COTTAGE: Nikolas walks into the bedroom and sees Mary there. He says that he thought she would be at work, but Mary says she can't leave until he promises her that he won't try to go under hypnosis again.

A JAIL IN ITALY: Courtney and Jason are asleep in a jail cell...Courtney is resting on Jason's shoulder. In the next cell over, Carly and Jax are wide awake. Jax is in a pissy mood, but Carly is chipper, and Jax remarks, "You look awfully pleased with yourself." Carly smiles and does not reply.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Nikolas and Mary have yet another argument about his decision to want to try to remember his old life. She begs him to try to put the past behind him, and he demands to know what she hasn't told him about his memories.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Morning at the Quartermaine mansion. Lois, Tracy and Ned are gathered in the living room in the same clothes from the day before. Lois suggests going after the teens and Tracy, incensed, starts in on a tirade, blaming Brooke for getting Dillon involved at all. Tracy also points out that if Brooke sees Ned and Lois she'll run away again.

Outside on the terrace, Georgie approaches the double doors leading to the living room -- but Emily stops her, saying that everyone has been up all night because they haven't heard from Brooke Lynn. Emily reveals that Lynn and Dillon are related and Georgie is very excited.

A CABIN NEAR THE BEACH: Dillon is freaking out and angry that Lynn lied to him. He demands to know why it never occurred to her that he could be her uncle. Lynn says that she just forgot about him, as she and her mother never discuss the Quartermaine family. She's angry that she never got to meet Tracy, her "grandma" and Dillon laughs and gives her advice: if Lynn ever meets Tracy, "Don't call her 'Grandma'!"

A JAIL IN ITALY: Jax is calling for a guard, but Carly doesn't understand his rush. Jax snaps that Carly just wants Courtney and Jason to spend as much time stuck together in possible...he starts calling Courtney's name, loudly. This wakes Courtney up -- she apologizes to Jason for falling asleep on his shoulder. Jax calls to Court, asking if she's okay, and she says she's fine. Carly cheerily says that Courtney can go back to sleep, that everything will be okay. Jason remarks that this is a very stupid plan of Carly's to get them back together.

A CABIN NEAR THE BEACH: Dillon is angry that Lynn is putting Ned through hell. Lynn replies that she can't trust Ned because he'll never stand up to her mom. Lynn says that Lois made Ned believe that she (Lynn) is better off away from the Quartermaines. Dillon remarks that Lois does have a point about the Q's being dysfunctional and Lynn snaps, "Whose side are you on??" Dillon admits that the Q's can be difficult sometimes, but that's it. Lynn says that Lois may be able to pressure Ned, but she'll never be able to pressure HER. With that she grabs her bag and tries to leave the cabin. Outside, she and Dillon see a very nice silver car (the owner is apparently out at the beach). Lynn says that she has found her ride.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: The Quartermaines are still arguing. Edward comes in and suggests putting up a reward. Lois thinks that that's a good idea but Tracy is against it, pointing out that a criminal could find out and start hunting Lynn and Dillon down for the reward money. Ned agrees with Tracy. Emily and Georgie come in from the terrace and Lois is thrilled to meet Georgie, Felicia's little girl, who Lois hasn't seen since she was a baby. Tracy snaps that they have better things to do than exchange warm fuzzies and Lois asks Georgie if she can blame Dillon for running away from a mom like Tracy.

A CABIN NEAR THE BEACH: Lynn wants to steal the car and take it on the road. Dillon gets in the car with her and objects to this plan. They argue for a little while and then he presses a button on the rear view mirror which will alert OnStar services to their location.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Nikolas and Mary continue to fight about his decision to continue his sessions with the doctor. Nikolas promises her that whatever he remembers, they will put it behind them and move on. He gets his coat and prepares to leave. Mary begs him one last time, saying if he loves her he won't go through with it. He explains that the only reason he's doing this is because he loves her too much to let it go. He leaves and Mary cries.

A JAIL IN ITALY: The guard lets Jax out in order to call his attorney. Carly fakes claustrophobia and the guard lets her leave with Jax to another room. This leaves Courtney and Jason alone in the vicinity, and they realize that Carly's plan was to let the two of them have some alone time. They discuss Italy...Jason remarks that one of his favorite beaches is nearby, so maybe Courtney could visit it on some other trip. Courtney talks about how she has always wanted to travel, maybe for one year all around the world. Jason says that it's a good idea because she wouldn't be leaving anyone behind. Courtney replies, "Yes I would."

DOCTOR'S OFFICE: Nikolas tells the doctor about the dream he had, of being trapped under rubble while a woman was searching for him. The doctor thinks it could be symbolic. Nikolas wonders why he was wearing a tuxedo up on the roof with the helicopter. The doctor wonders it the chopper is the thing that will trigger Nik's memory.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Lorenzo has arrived at Mary's request. Mary wants him to keep Nikolas from remembering his past...she asks Lorenzo to send them both out of the country, right away.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lucky meets Emily out on the terrace and tells her that Dillon has just gotten in touch with OnStar. Emily and Lucky hug happily and Lucky says that he wishes that they could have eventually gotten a call like that about Nikolas. Emily leaves and Lucky goes inside to share the good news with the Q's.

But the family is so busy arguing and trying to talk over one another that at first they don't let Lucky speak. Finally he manages to tell them that Dillon is online with OnStar. Everyone starts hugging one another excitedly.

A CABIN NEAR THE BEACH: Dillon is talking to OnStar, giving them his name and telling them that he needs to get in touch with the authorities as he and Brooke have been stranded. Brooke, sitting next to him, looks less than thrilled. She pleads with Dillon to hitch with her to California, where they can get away from their families. Dillon says no to the idea. Just then, the OnStar operator comes back on and says that she has a message for Dillon from a "Georgie Jones" -- Georgie says that she is waiting for him and loves him. Dillon smiles happily and Brooke Lynn sighs in irritation.

A JAIL IN ITALY: Courtney tells Jason that she can't go on a year-long trip around the world because she would miss her family, and she would be running away. At that point Jax, Carly and the guard return and Jax tells Courtney that his attorney is getting them both out of there. Jax says that Jason can make his own arrangements. Courtney refuses to leave Jason behind...though Jason wants her to go. Everyone begins arguing with one another, and in the middle of the argument, the confused guard asks who the two couples are? (He was under the impression that Jason and Courtney were an item, and that Jax and Carly were married.) They try to correct him but only end up arguing even more.

DOCTOR'S OFFICE: Nikolas is going through a session of hypnosis. The doctor is asking him questions about the helicopter -- is it a military chopper? Nik says he doesn't see any guns. Is it a Medivac chopper? Nik says he doesn't see any patients around. He is in a tuxedo, still, which continues to confuse him. Nikolas talks about how there is someone on the chopper who is important to him. He starts to freak out and the doctor wakes him up. The doctor then tells him that he's sure that it's a real memory, meaning that Nik's other memories are still intact. Nik pledges to do whatever it takes to be himself again.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Mary tells Lorenzo that when Nikolas appeared on her doorstep she thought he was a gift from Connor...that Connor somehow realized that she couldn't live alone. Mary said that for the first time, she could breathe again. She explains that while at first she used Nikolas to fill the empty space that Connor had left, eventually she fell in love with Nik for himself -- she says that she knows it's wrong, that she's stealing him from a life of wealth and power...whereas all she has to give him is love. But she can't help it, she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

Lorenzo says that he understands, as he lost his first love to a very violent death...when that happened, a part of him died with her. He mentions that when he met Carly, he was determined to do whatever it took to keep her...but he lost her anyway. Mary asks what he did after that, and Lorenzo admits that he has never given up on Carly. He agrees to make arrangements for Nik and Mary to leave the country, and Mary urges him to hurry, knowing that it is only a matter of time before Nikolas regains his memories.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Dillon and Lynn are outside on the terrace, about to enter the living room. (A police officer is behind them.) Dillon asks her what she remembers and she says that she recalls that her great-grandmother Lila smelled of roses, and that Edward was "gruff." Dillon advises her that just because most members of the family will backstab one another for fun, it doesn't mean that they won't love Lynn.

That said, Dillon and Lynn go inside, and are immediately embraced by Tracy and Lois respectively. After Lois finally lets Lynn go, she walks over to her dad and they greet one another and hug warmly. Lynn also meets Tracy and calls her "granny" (to Edward's amusement). Dillon asks if they'll be staying for awhile, because he wants Lois to allow Lynn to sign with L&B. This leads into an argument between the family members as to whether or not Lynn should be singing with the label.

Dillon and Georgie sneak out onto the terrace to get away from the yelling. Georgie asks him if he got her message and he says that he did. They kiss.

THE DOCKS: Emily and Nikolas meet on the docks, and Nikolas is excited to tell her that the session went well and that the doctor told him that he should be able to remember everything in due time. They hug.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney has arrived back at her loft after the exhausting adventure in Italy. But just as she's gotten a chance to sit down and rest, Carly comes knocking at the door. Courtney doesn't want to answer, and so Carly starts yelling through the door way about how obvious it is that Courtney loves Jason. Courtney finally opens the door and drags Carly inside so that she doesn't disturb the neighbors. Courtney and Carly argue whether or not Courtney should get back together with Jason. Courtney is obviously against the idea, and Carly is obviously still very much for it. Courtney asks Carly to leave, and Carly holds up Jason's passport (which he accidentally left with her) and asks if Courtney would mind taking it to Jason herself.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason comes up the elevator and asks Max if there's been word from Sonny. Max says no, but Sonny and Courtney's father is waiting to see Jason. Jason goes inside and sees Mike. Mike wants to know if Jason went to Italy in order to reunite Courtney. Jason and Mike argue for a bit about whether or not Courtney is really happy without Jason. Mike thinks that they should give it another try. After he leaves, the phone rings -- Jason picks up, and talks to whoever is on the other end of the line. He seems very worried and asks the person, "Where are you? What happened?"

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lois wants to take Brooke Lynn back to Bensonhurst, but Ned wants Brooke to stay with the Quartermaines. Lois says that there's no chance of that happening, as she has done a fine job raising Brooke away from the Q's, who she still claims are a bad influence. Ned argues that the Quartermaines love Brooke just as much as Lois' family does. Brooke loses her temper and says that they can just decide her entire life for her, then...she says she will go out on the terrace with Dillon, who seems to be the only member of her family who cares about her.

But out on the terrace, she overhears Dillon telling Georgie that being on the trip with "his niece" was boring and he's glad to be back with Georgie. Lynn, realizing that Dillon doesn't want her around, keeps her distance.

THE DOCKS: Nikolas is upset because he wants to share his joy with Mary, who doesn't understand and doesn't want him to remember, the way Emily does. He says he wants to stay with the therapy despite Mary's wishes. (While they are talking, Mary sees them from a few feet away. Now she knows the truth, that Emily is aware that Nikolas is alive, and that Emily is the one pushing him to remember. She hides and makes sure that they don't see her.) Nikolas tells Emily that he feels comfortable with her, and that it feels like she can see into his soul.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax knocks on Court's door, holding a bottle of champagne and a bunch of flowers. But, to his surprise, Carly is the one who greets him. Courtney is no where in sight.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: As it turns out, Courtney has just come up on the elevator to Jason's floor. She is about to knock on his front door when Max tells her that Jason isn't home -- she asks where he is and he replies that Jason went to get Sam McCall.

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