GH Update Monday 6/14/04

General Hospital Update Monday 6/14/04

By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Ned is listening to the demo that Dillon's "mysterious singer" cut at L&B Records. The demo is her recording of one of "Eddie Maine/Ned's old hits. As he's listening to the song, his ex-wife Lois comes storming into the room. She calls him a rat, slaps him across the face, and accuses him of stealing her daughter. Ned, hardly believing what's going on, argues that the last time he saw Brooke Lynn was in Las Vegas. Lois snaps that Ned is listening to Brooke Lynn singing. Ned is dumbfounded.

ON THE ROAD OUTSIDE OF PORT CHARLES: Lynn is sitting in the car by herself while Mac, Lucky and the PI are arguing a few feet away. Dillon sneaks out of the bushes and slips into the passenger seat of the car. Lynn explains the situation to him -- she's a minor and her mom is demanding that she come home. Lynn is determined not to let the PI take her back. Dillon tries to reason with Lynn, but she ignores him -- she turns the car on and slams down on the gas...they zoom away. Mac and the PI (whose name is Frank) can't believe it. Mac asks Frank what kind of home Lynn is from, to be so desperate that she would steal a car?

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason is by himself. He finds a pile of pregnancy magazines on the floor and dumps them in the garbage. Suddenly Michael comes in. Jason asks what he's doing here and Michael replies that he's worried because everyone -- his dad, his mom, and his aunt Courtney -- seems to have gone somewhere without him.

ITALIAN CAFE: Jax and Courtney are enjoying their dinner when a the waiter comes over to them and says that there is a woman on the phone asking to speak to Jax. After the waiter leaves, Jax tells Courtney that he doesn't want to go take the call, since Court is the only woman he wants to be with tonight. Suddenly Carly runs over to the table and throws a bucket of water on Jax (getting some on Court in the process). Jax and Courtney are understandably a little pissed off. Carly says she has come to get Courtney and take her back to Port Charles, because Sam and Jason aren't getting married after all -- which means that Courtney can be with the "love of her life." Courtney exchanges an embarrassed look with Jax.

THE DOCKS: Nikolas is talking to Emily about his brief memory of being on the roof of a building during a fire. He has a flashback and realizes that during the fire he is dressed in a tuxedo shirt. He wonders why he would have been so dressed up? Emily looks hopeful. Nikolas says also that he could see someone in the helicopter leaving the burning building, and he somehow knew that the person was important to him. Emily (knowing that he is talking about her) assures him that he's not making any of this up. She asks him if he would rather someone tell him the truth about his old memories, or if he would rather find out himself.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Ned is still in disbelief that Dillon's singer is really Brooke Lynn. He argues that if Brooke had run away, she would have called him. Lois snaps that Lynn's a teenager who doesn't want to deal with either of her parents right now. Ned is angry that Lois didn't call him the minute that Lynn ran away.

ON THE ROAD: Dillon is pissed off that Lynn is refusing to stop the car and turn around. He says that he can't stand to have another arrest on his record. They argue a bit, and then Lynn snaps that she would rather drive than talk anyway. They continue driving in silence.

A few miles down the road, Lucky tells Mike that he's found out that the motorcycle he found in the bushes was registered to Ned Ashton, meaning that the teenager who got in the car with Lynn right before she sped off was Dillon. Mac is not amused. Then Lucky tells him that OnStar has gotten a lock on the car's whereabouts...Mac says that they need to put up a barricade to stop Lynn and Dillon from getting any further.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Michael are sitting on the couch while Michael eats milk and cookies. Jason explains that Carly and Courtney are off in the same place somewhere, and that Sonny is on a business trip. But he says that he is going to stick close to home for right now. Michael asks where Sam is?

A CAFE IN ITALY: Courtney asks Jax to give her some time with Carly, and Jax reluctantly goes back to the hotel to dry off. Then, Courtney and Carly begin to argue about Jason. Carly thinks that everything is fixed now that Sam is gone, but Courtney points out that she and Jason can't be together because they are too different. She says that she was miserable over Jason for a long time, but that now she's realizing that life without Jason is okay. Courtney leaves to go back to Jax and the hotel.

But Carly isn't finished scheming yet. She goes over to one of the cafe tables, picks up a couple of dishes, and throws them down on the floor. She continues to break dishes until the waiter comes over and says that he'll call the police if she won't stop. Carly says that he can call the police if he wants, because she has a relationship to save.

THE DOCKS: Nikolas says that the only person who knows enough about his life to help him remember is Mary -- and Mary is refusing to tell him anything. He thinks that Mary has some kind of need to believe that the time before he was injured was an idyllic fantasy. He admits that if getting the answers he wants puts his marriage in danger, he will have to wait. Emily asks if he's sure and he says that he is. They say goodnight and Nikolas walks away, leaving Emily standing alone.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Monica comes over to Mary and asks if she upset Mary, talking about the Port Charles Hotel fire earlier. Mary says that she's fine and asks how Emily reacted to Nikolas being missing in the fire. Monica says that Emily never gave up home that Nikolas would come back to her -- that that's why it was so hard on her when Nikolas wasn't found after the car accident. Monica thinks that Em will never give up on Nikolas.

ON THE ROAD: Lynn and Dillon are fighting over the radio...Lynn wants the music on, Dillon wants it off. Then they start talking about Lynn's home life. Dillon asks if Lynn's mom is abusive, and Lynn smiles and says that her mother's three inch nails could kill a person. Dillon cracks a smile as well.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: At that very moment, back in the Q Mansion, Lois is tapping those very same three-inch nails against her drink. Ned cannot believe that the runaway teen is Brooke Lynn. He asks how Lois and Brooke have been getting along, he wants to know if Lois has ever pushed her to sing. Lois talks a bit about wanting Brooke to realize her full potential, to be a star. Ned points out that Brooke was running from "the stage mom from hell" -- Lois.

A JAIL IN ITALY: A police officer escorts Carly into a jail cell. He says that Carly has been charged with disturbing the peace. Carly is in a good mood, and she asks the officer if she can make a phone call.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Michael are still talking on the couch. Jason tells him that he and Sam aren't getting married, and Michael asks if that means that Courtney is going to move back in with Jason. Before Jason can answer, the phone rings -- it's Carly, who tells him that she needs him to come and bail her out of jail in Italy. Jason looks less than enthused.

A CAFE IN ITALY: Jax and Courtney meet back at the cafe, dressed in formal wear for the concert they were planning to go to. Jax is surprised that Courtney didn't leave with Carly. Courtney wonders if they should ask the waiter where Carly went, but Jax points out that that's what Carly would want her to do -- Jax asks Courtney if she really does want to go home to Jason?

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lois says that all she ever did was encourage Lynn's talent. Ned thinks that that equals pressuring Brooke Lynn into singing. He points out that Lois also pressured him to be Eddie Maine. Lois argues that their relationship didn't break up because of "Eddie Maine," it broke up because of the Quartermaine family...she thinks that Lynn didn't contact Ned because she got a look at the Q's ("Club Insanity") up close and decided she wanted no part of it. Just then, Lois' phone rings...before she can pick it up, Ned grabs it and talks to the PI on the other end of the line. Lois demands to know what's happened and Ned tells her that Brooke Lynn has stolen a car.

ON THE ROAD: Lynn tells Dillon that her mother always wanted her to be a "star" -- not just a singer. Dillon talks about his relationship with his own mother, and how Tracy would use him as a pawn in her business dealings, in an attempt to look maternal. He says that he feels bad for her situation, but he cannot get arrested as Mac hates him enough as it is, and OnStar will track the car all the way to Canada. Lynn asks him if he has a plan to make sure they won't get tracked anymore.

A CAFE IN ITALY: Courtney says she has a few conditions before she goes to the concert with Jax -- like, he must never mention Jason's name again for the rest of the trip, as this trip is about her time with Jax and Jax alone. Jax agrees and they leave for the concert.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lois is frantic, saying that Brooke Lynn is barely old enough to drive a car. While she is ranting, Tracy comes into the room and remarks that she would recognize Lois' voice ("like nails on a chalkboard") anywhere. Lois is stunned to see that Tracy is back in town, and Tracy replies that she is not going to let Lois anywhere near Ned.

ON THE ROAD: Mac is surprised to see Georgie come running up to him...she found out where he was by checking the police scanner at their house and then convincing a friend to drop her off. She wants to be a part of the search because she's worried about Dillon. Mac tries to get her to leave but she won't. Lucky comes over to them and says that OnStar found out that the car's air bags were deployed, meaning that there was a crash.

Somewhere further down the road, the car that Dillon and Lynn were driving is parked in the forest...the airbags are out, and Dillon and Lynn are no where in sight.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Mary runs into Emily and says that she was talking to Emily's mom, who was concerned that Em is pushing herself too hard with work. Emily snaps that maybe Mary believes that her time would be better spent mourning Nikolas, then she backpedals and apologizes for her tone. Mary talks about the Port Charles Hotel fire and Emily says that Nikolas found his way out of the fire to come back to her, and that if he were alive today he would find his way back again.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Nikolas walks into the empty cottage and calls out for Mary, but finds no answer.

A CAFE IN ITALY: Jax and Courtney return from the concert and get a table to sit at. They had a great time. Jax suggests going for a midnight swim somewhere and Courtney replies that she'd have to go and buy a suit. Jax jokes, "Or not" and they both laugh together. The waiter comes over and apologizes for "their friend," saying that he had no choice. Jax stops him and asks Court if she really wants to hear this. Court says that she doesn't, and the waiter nods and leaves.

A JAIL IN ITALY: Jason has come to bail Carly out of jail. They hug. Jason asks her what the heck is going on and Carly says that she had to think of something to stop Jax and Courtney from "kissing" so she started smashing plates. She asks Jason if they could go for some pizza before getting on the plane, as she's really hungry.

ON THE ROAD: Mac, Lucky and Georgie have found the "crash site" and while Georgie is at first alarmed and begins screaming for Dillon, they see that there are no bodies in the car, meaning that Dillon and Lynn got away.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lois and Tracy immediately begin bickering. They attack one another's parenting skills and Tracy says that at least she knows where Dillon is at all times of the day. Suddenly the phone rings -- it's Mac, with news. Mac tells Ned that the other teenager was Dillon, and when Ned tells Tracy and Lois, they almost start arguing again. Ned tells them that Mac said that there was a crash, but that Dillon and Lynn weren't in the car. Lois hugs Ned, and Tracy watches, a little surprised.

IN THE FOREST: Dillon and Lynn come across a cabin...Dillon opens the door and asks if anyone's home, but gets no answer. They go inside. Apparently a truck driver dropped them off at the cabin (and the idea to deploy the air bags was Dillon's). Lynn thanks him for everything and they hug. Dillon says that maybe one day she can write the song to one of his feature films, and when he mentions his name, "Dillon Quartermaine," her jaw drops. "You're a Quartermaine?" she asks.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Emily and Mary cross paths once again, and Emily repeats Mary's advice not to overwork herself. Once again they start talking about the hotel fire. Emily mentions that Nikolas was trapped under rubble for hours but he still made it out alive. She remembers being in the helicopter watching him on the roof as the chopper pulled away, and she tells Mary that she knows that that image would be etched in Nikolas' heart forever, if he were still alive.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Nikolas is sleeping on the couch. He has a dream of being trapped under rubble in the the dream he sees a woman bathed in light coming toward him (the woman is Emily but he can't see her face). The woman is looking around for someone. He wants to call to her but he can't.

A CAFE IN ITALY: Jason and Carly go to get Carly's pizza, and Carly leads Jason right in where he can see Jax and Courtney at their table. Courtney is laughing and appears to be having a good time. Jason gets angry at Carly and they begin arguing. This catches the attention of Courtney and Jax...and while Carly's back is turned, Courtney comes up from behind and dumps a pail of water on her.

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