GH Update Friday 6/11/04

General Hospital Update Friday 6/11/04

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As Sonny prays to Mary, he is looking for guidance on his new baby and which path to take.  He asks that God find Sam and the baby and keep them safe.  All of a sudden, two shots ring out and Sonny is gunned down in front of the Mary statue.  He lies there, looking dead.  The gunman goes over to him and puts his foot on his hand and tells him to R.I.P.   The gunman, who passes himself off as Jason Morgan, tells Sister Agnes that he is looking for Sonny.  She says to him that there has been a shooting here and that Sonny is at the morgue.  No one saw the attack and whoever did this got away.  When the man leaves, Sister Agnes goes inside where Sonny lies on a bed with his chest bandaged.  He is unconscious and mumbling about making a promise to God.  Sister Agnes prays to God that if God saves Sonnyís life, then she will do everything in her power to make sure that she helps him to fulfill his promise.

At the penthouse, Carly rants about Sam and Sonny;  Jason tells her to stop using his problems to avoid working on her own marriage.  Carly is angry and says that she hopes that Sonny never comes back.  Jason defends him and says that Sonny would never abandon his own family.  However, she is too angry, and besides, she didnít go to the penthouse to fix Sonnyís life, sheís there to fix Jasonís life.  Carly mentions to Jason that since Sam is gone that Jason can go back to Courtney, but Courtney is with Jax.  Carly is trying to convince Jason that they still love each other because Carly says that Jason punched Jax out at the benefit.  Irritated, he tells her to go home, but she doesnít.  She wants to call Stan to come over and look for Carly.  Jason says that he is done with Courtney.  Carly is persistent about Jason and Carly and still trying to convince Jason that Courtney is being manipulated and being used by Jax.  Jason says to stop using his personal life to avoid dealing with her marriage.  She says that her marriage is beyond over.    She wants to fight for Jason, but he insists not to.  He says that if Carly truly loves him, then she will leave him alone.  When he leaves, Carly goes ahead and calls Stan anyway. Stan gets there and Carly tells him that Jason wants him to find someone for him.  Stan apologizes but says he can't track Sonny for Carly.  Carly truthfully says that itís not Sonny that she wants to track, but Courtney.  Stan tracks Jax and Courtney to the coast of Italy.  He gives her the name of the hotel. Carly has this notion that Jason and Courtney are going to be back together again.  Jason finally gets back and is angry at Stan.  He demands that Stan tell him where Carly is.

Jax and Courtney are vacationing in Italy.  With a smile on his face, he asks if the room is big enough for her, and she says itís big enough for her, but sheís still not sleeping with him.  He admits that it never entered his mind but diverts her attention by saying that it was on her mind.  Jax pours himself a drink, then he pours her a drink. She mentions that this hotel reminds her of the one that she and Jason stayed in on their honeymoon.  Jax wants her to live in the moment.  She agrees to have a good time. They are sitting on the bed when she asks him how he found this place.  She doesnít want to waste any more time, so they go sightseeing.  They wind up in this cafť at dinner time.  They spot a couple kissing and Courtney thinks that they are on their anniversary, but Jax disagrees.  He thinks that they just met.  So, they make a little wager with ice cream.  They ask the waiter how long that couple has been together, and the waiter confirms that the coupe had only met tonight.   Jax orders a bottle of wine and orders dinner .  A boy named Giovianni comes by to flirt with Courtney, but Jax grabs him and reveals that he stole her wallet.  The waiter comes over to see what is going on, but Jax doesnít say anything about the theft.  Jax and Courtney try to get to the bottom of things when they find out that Giovanni says his mother has five kids and that his father ran away with another woman.  He says that his mother is so tired from working hard that he steals to help her.  Jax pulls out money that can feed Giovanni's family for 3 months.  He tells the boy he can have it, but only if he can bring the mother back to confirm the story.  She comes back and confirms the story.  She is embarrassed that her son has been stealing.   She protests when Jax gives her the money but takes it at Courtney's urging.  Courtney says that they both did a good deed for the day.  Just then, Carly arrives and bribes the waiter to tell Jax that he has to take a call and that the woman wonít take no for an answer, to lure Jax away from Courtney.  It doesn't work, so Carly comes over and pours a pitcher of water all over him.

On the pier, Lynn is struggling with the private detective, saying that he canít make her go with him.  Dillon and Georgie see this, so Dillon tells Georgie to call Mac.  When Mac arrives, Georgie is already giving a brief description of the incident and Dillon comes back with the make, model and plates of the car.  While Mac is still there, Dillon says that he wants to go after Lynn, but Mac strongly says that he did good getting the make and model of the car and now it is a police matter.  Dillon doesnít listen and goes anyway.  Georgie wants to go, but Dillon says that Mac would have his hide if Mac found out, so itís better that Georgie stayed here.  She has a worried look on her face.

In the car, Lynn is very unhappy that she is being dragged back to her motherís house.  She angrily asks how much her mother is paying him to bring her back to ruin her life; he won't take money or let her go. Frank calls Lynnís mother and says that he found Lynn at L&B recording studio.  She tells Frank to drive her to her mom and dadís house and make sure she stays there.  All of a sudden, they hear a siren.  Mac talks to her and she says that he strapped her down and told her that if she didnít go with him, he'd cut her up and use her as fish bait.  Mac asks her if she ran away from home.  She evades the question by saying that he is not her father and that she doesnít have to go anywhere with him.  Dillon rides up on his motorcyle quietly.  She sees him and they both get into Frank's car.  He tries to convince her to talk to Mac because he thinks Mac will help her.  Instead, she keys the ignition and takes off.

In the psychiatrist's office, Emily is crying because she is happy that Nikolas (Connor) is going to do hypnotherapy.  Sheís happy that there is no permanent brain damage and that he might remember his old life.  He tells the doctor he wants to do the hypnotherapy starting right now.  Outside the office, Emily listens to the session.  Nikolas (Connor) has flashbacks to the Port Charles Hotel fire.  He describes noises, fires, and explosions.   Mary barges in and interrupts the session while Emily leaves unseen.  She tries to wake him up, but he is still under hypnosis.  The psychiatrist snaps him out of it.  He says that they were making progress, but Nikolas (Connor) wonders why they had stopped the session.  The doctor says that Mary had insisted that they do.  She tells them she isnít comfortable with any of this.  Crying, she accuses him of lying to her, since he said he wouldn't do the therapy.  Still upset, Mary thinks that Nikolas (Connor) went behind her back and that he doesnít trust her.  He is confused as to her opposition.  They argue about it.  He tells her that he wants to remember their first kiss, their wedding vows and when they laughed.  Still in the doctorís office, Mary wants to know what Nikolas remembers.  He tells her about the flashbacks he had, the helicopter, the chaos and the fire.  She says that he must be remembering when he was injured and she doesnít want to see him go through the pain again.

At the docks, Emily and Jason meet to discuss Nikolas (Connor). Jason wants to know how Nikolas is doing.  Emily says that Nikolas went to see a psychiatrist at Mercy Hospital.  They did an MRI and he showed no signs of brain damage so he can physically remember things.  However, Emily is worried that Mary might convince Nikolas to stop therapy.  Sheís excited that he might remember the love that they once had, and the friendship.  She tells Jason that she has to find a way to make him feel those feelings again, although she knows she has to go slowly.  Emily is so excited that Nikolas (Connor) came to her to go the doctor, but she hates the thought of Mary with Nikolas.  Nikolas still thinks Mary is his wife.  Jason warns her that if Mary realizes that Emily knows the truth, Mary can get Nikolas to run away with her.

Still at the docks, Nikolas finds Emily. Emily asks how it went.  She explains that she had to leave because Mary was there.  He says that he had a flashback of the helicopter and the fire.  She asks him what he was wearing, so he remembers being in a tuxedo on the roof.  He says that's very strange because he expected to be wearing a military uniform.  In the meantime, Mary is at the hospital, talking with Dr. Monica Quartermaine.  Mary brings up the PC Hotel fire, so Monica chatters about it.  She says that Emily was injured when Nikolas and Emily were trapped on the roof.  Because Emily was injured and rushed to the hospital, she had to get on to the helicopter, but there was no room for Nikolas, so he had to stay behind.  The roof collapsed just then and Nikolas got injured.  She figures that's why Nikolas' death was so much harder on her.

In Nedís house, Ned is listening to Lynn's recording when Lois come in and slaps him on the face.  She yells that he stole her daughter.

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