GH Update Thursday 6/10/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/10/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Sam apologizes for flaking out on the wedding. Jason tells her to stop apologizing. He tells her that they will elope later on and have a civil ceremony. Sam insists that she must leave town because she realizes that Sonny is still in love with Carly. She says that that is why Sonny was so very angry with her. Sam prepares to leave and Jason warns her that Sonny will go after her. She admits that she was thinking that once she had the baby, Sonny would want to be with her and the baby. She says that she will be angry and bitter if she stayed and had to continue to see Carly and Sonny living together. She tells Jason to talk to Sonny and convince him not to come after her.

Sonny and Carly had it out. He blames Carly for stopping the marriage between Sam and Jason. He asks her why it was so important that she stop the wedding. He asked her if she did it for Courtney. She says she stopped it not for Courtney, but for herself. She says that he is always there for her. Sonny tells her that she just did not want to compete with Sam. Sonny tells Carly that she forced an expectant mother to walk out of her wedding (referring to Sam). Carly replies that she did what she had to do to protect her friend and her family.

Georgie and Dillon confront Lynn regarding her lying about the policeman being her father. Lynn insists that she really is a runaway but that the cop is not really her father. She says that the cop was probably working as a private investigator for her mother. She says that her mother is the promoter who is trying to get her to sing. Dillon informs Lynn that she can’t keep running forever because her mother will always keep trying to fond her. They suggest that she get emancipated from her mother. She tells them thanks but she has to move on. She tells Georgie that she was wrong about Dillon and that he really does seem to love Georgie. She also tells Georgie that Sage is no threat to her. Lynn leaves the studio and Georgie and Dillon then decide to take a walk themselves.

Nikolas tells Emily that Mary is totally opposed to his undergoing hypnosis. Emily questions how the hypnosis could be a bad thing. Nikolas tells her he does not really want to go through with it anymore and is not going to unless Emily gives him a really good reason why he should. She tells him that since his first instinct was to try it so there must be something in him that feels it is necessary. He says he will go through an MRI to see if there is physical damage to his brain. After that, he does not know. She tells him that since the bits and pieces of his old life that he does remember, seem to not fit into who Mary tells him he is, he should go through the hypnosis. He tells Emily thanks, and that he appreciates her help. He says it feels as if he has known her for a lot longer than a week. She tells him that his remembering his own life keeps her hope alive. After having the MRI, the doctor tells Nikolas that there is no damage to his brain and there is a possibility he can get his memory back.

At the mansion, Ned dusts off his old guitar and begins playing. He remembers a conversation that he had with Lois wherein he declared his love to her. He also remembers telling Lois, when she was pregnant, that their baby will not grow up without a father like he did. Tracy enters and Ned rehashes his backstory with Lois. Tracy snorts that he was just playing pretend with Lois. She tells him that he never was Eddie Main, The Rock Singer. She tells him that Lois was not in love with him. Ned replies that Lois married him twice. Tracy says Lois married Eddie Main, not Ned Ashton and that’s why she left him and went back to Brooklyn.

Jason tells Sonny that Sam left. Sonny yells at Jason, asking him how he could have let her leave. Jason tells him that Sam thinks that he still loves Carly and did not want to see them together.

Later, Carly visits Jason and he tells her that Sam has left. Carly is upset because she thinks Sam has left with Jason’s baby. Jason tells her that Sonny has gone after Sam. Carly says it is understandable because Sam is Sonny’s “little sex kitten” who will do whatever he wants her to. Sonny goes to the convent and asks to see Sam. The nun goes to fetch Sam. As he waits, shots ring out, and Sonny falls to the ground, seemingly unconscious.

On the docks, the cop grabs Lynn and says she HAS to go back home. Georgie and Dillon witness this and Dillon goes after Lynn.


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