GH Update Wednesday 6/9/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/9/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Georgie continues to try to convince Lynn to sing for Dillon. Lynn relents and goes to the studio with her. She actually records a song. Dillon assures her that as soon as Ned hears her, he is going to sign her. However, Lynn does an immediate about face and says she does not want to sing and does not want anything to do with any of them. She runs off. When she returns to the studio, she opens the door and sees Ned, with his back facing her, listening to the song she recorded earlier. She is momentarily stunned, then hides in the back of the studio.

On the docks, a man approaches, Georgie and angrily insists that she tell him where Lynn is. Dillon shows up in the nick of time and knocks the guy out from behind. They find identification that states he is a policeman, but Dillon speculates as to whether or not the ID is real.

At the church, Courtney talks to Sonny about Jason’s impending wedding to Sam. Sonny tells her he never intended to break her heart. She compliments him on his level of forgiveness for not being upset with Jason’s marriage.

Sam rambles on and on about having a formal wedding. She is worried that no one will show up. Jason says he does not understand what she is so scared of. She says that getting married in a church is not right considering that she is pregnant with a married man’s baby and that they are not really married. Jason says it is a real wedding no matter where they have it.

Alexis tells Ric she feels sorry for whoever spent the night with him the previous night. She finds him a “waste of skin”. He calls her dishonest and says she won’t admit that she is attracted to him.

At the church, Emily tells Jason that he looks handsome in his suit. She tells him that she not only wants him to be a father, she wants him to love and be loved as well. Suddenly, Edward turns up. Justus also arrives and congratulates Jason. Sonny thanks him for the sacrifice he is making. Jason says he is doing this for Michael and the promise he made to Michael when Michael was a baby. Carly shows up, unhappy about Jason’s decision. Emily courteously warns Sam that Jax has shown up for the wedding. Sam says that she could not stand Jason and now she is about to marry him. Carly interrupts the wedding and says Jason cannot marry Sam because he is already married. Justus stands up and says he has written confirmation that Jason’s divorce is final. Carly continues to tell the priest that he is a hypocrite if he performs the ceremony. She has it out with Jason and Jason chooses Sam over Carly. Tearfully, she tells him he does not have a prayer in the world of making things work out with Sam. After the wedding resumes, Sam is unable to say the vows to Jason.

Sonny goes to visit Sam as she is getting ready to go to the church. Sam has already put on her wedding dress. He cannot keep his eyes off her. He tells her she looks beautiful. She tells him her father told her she wouldn’t have a white wedding. He tells her that if he could claim the child, he would-- but he can’t. She says she understands what Sonny is going through. He tells her she will be safe with Jason. She tells him se does not want him to let her go.

Alexis tells Skye to stop feeling sorry for herself and keep calm while in court. Ned and Alan show up to offer Skye moral support. Ric asks that Skye be incarcerated and bail be denied to Skye until the trial starts. He tells Alexis to stop grandstanding and take the deal he is offering.

Lucky shows up at the courthouse. Skye tells him that she is innocent and has not done anything to his mother. Lucky is not buying it. He is convinced that she is guilty.

At the wedding, Sonny throws Jax out after Carly interrupts the wedding.

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