GH Update Tuesday 6/8/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/8/04

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JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny has come in and told Sam and Jason that they must get married right away. Sam wants to know what the rush is and Sonny says that he is worried that Lorenzo will try to interfere.

THE ISLAND: Carly is talking on the phone to Lorenzo -- who has just told her that Jason and Sam intend to get married. Carly is angry and announces her intention to go back to Port Charles in time to stop Jason from going through with it.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Nikolas tells Emily that he is scared of remembering everything about his old life because the little pieces that seem familiar to him don't bear any resemblance to the kind of man Mary says he was. Emily argues that hypnosis could be worth the risk if it helps him remember. He says that he will have to run it by Mary first...she asks him to let him know his decision, then she leaves.

ALEXIS' APARTMENT: Ric and Alexis have just shared a kiss goodnight...Ric wants the evening to go on, but Alexis makes him leave. She closes the door behind him, but he lingers out in the hallway for just a few moments longer.

THE CELLAR: Mike tells Courtney that she was a great hostess. She tells him that they did better than they expected in regard to funding -- Mike notes that she must be sad because she has no one to share her happiness with.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sonny are on board with rushing through with a quickie ceremony, but Sam steps in and argues that she wants a real wedding, in a church. This takes both of the men very much by surprise.

ALEXIS' APARTMENT: Emily has come over at Alexis' request. Alexis is worried because Helena now controls all of what's left of the Cassadine estate. Emily happily tells Alexis that it doesn't matter because Nikolas is still alive. Alexis looks dumbfounded.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Nikolas is sitting on the bench when Mary comes over to him. Nik is very excited...he says he has great news, and asks her to imagine how it could be for them if he could remember the way he used to be? Mary is confused and wants to know where all of this enthusiasm is coming from. Nikolas explains that he wants to try hypnosis, but Mary interrupts him and says that he can't go through with it.

THE CELLAR: Mike tries to reassure Courtney, telling her that it is not too late for her to reunite with Jason. Courtney points out that Jason has a baby now with Sam, but Mike is adamant that Jason will work his way back to Courtney the way that Sonny has always worked his way back to Carly. Mike believes there is a bond between Courtney and Jason, and Courtney agrees with him but says that though she will always love Jason and knows he will always love her, that's as far as it will ever go, as Jason is going to have a new life with Sam. Mike asks her what will happen to *her* life and Courtney replies that she is still trying to figure that part out.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam thinks they should have an elaborate wedding in order to convince Lorenzo that Jason's the baby's father. Jason agrees to call St. Timothy's in order to arrange a proper wedding in a church for Sam. Sonny looks hesitant to agree but says nothing.

ALEXIS' APARTMENT: Emily explains to Alexis everything that she has been able to piece together -- that Nikolas walked away from the crash, but without his memories, and that Mary told him that he was her presumed dead husband. Alexis thinks that Em sounds sympathetic to Mary's scheme and Em admits that she is furious but that she does understand grief. She thinks that Mary thought that Nik turning up on her doorstep was some kind of miracle, and that Mary's sadness was so great she felt she needed to construct an elaborate fantasy. Em doesn't want to push Nikolas into remembering (wary of what happened when her family pushed Jason) but Alexis says that there is no time as Helena must know that Nik is alive. Em says she can't say a word to Helena about Nik.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Mary thinks that Nik is suppressing parts of his memory for some reason. He admits that he's happy and loves her, but wants to feel more complete. Mary says she doesn't need anything more than him. Nikolas insists that he could have a memory of a special mission meaning that he must communicate to the Marines. Mary is worried that remembering will hurt him, and pleads with him that if he won't listen to her for her sake or for his...he could at least take into account Lorenzo Alcazar. Nik looks puzzled by her logic to say the least.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly and the boys are back from the island and Sonny is talking with Michael. Michael tells Sonny that, even though he knows that Carly doesn't want Jason to marry Sam, Michael wants Sonny to make sure that Jason and Sam *do* go through with it.

ST. TIMOTHY'S: While Jason talks to the priest, Sam wanders into the darkened, main part of the church. She looks at the altar in wonderment. Jason soon joins her and she says that she can't believe they are really going to go through it.

THE CELLAR: Courtney is sitting at a table going through some papers when Carly storms in -- trying to call Court to arms. Carly is angry because she believes that Sam is trapping Jason into marriage, and she says that she and Court have to find some way of putting a stop to the wedding. Courtney says firmly that neither of them are going to do anything of the sort.

ALEXIS' APARTMENT: Emily says that Jason has warned her not to push Nikolas, but Alexis thinks it is worth the risk. Em says that she is also worried that if she tells Nik the truth, he will look at her as someone coming between him and Mary. Alexis does not understand how Emily can be so patient with Mary...she says that Helena is planning to take control of the entire Cassadine estate, meaning that Nikolas will lose out on his future.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Mary points out that if Nikolas goes under hypnosis he could reveal something about Lorenzo's illegal activities -- which wouldn't make Lorenzo very happy. Nik thinks she is worrying too much, but Mary says that their present and their future together means more to her than their past. They hug.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Michael says that he wants Sam and Jason's baby to have a real family. He asks Sonny if Sonny is angry that Jason and Sam are going to have a baby together. Sonny replies that he has no reason to be mad at someone like Jason who has always put so much on the line for their whole family. Michael asks Sonny if Sonny thinks that the baby will be happy if Sam and Jason are married, and when Sonny says yes, Michael asks if a baby is a good reason to get married. Sonny says that it is the best reason in the whole world. They hug. Michael asks if he can go to the wedding with Sonny.

ST. TIMOTHY'S: Sam admits to Jason that she used to dream as a little girl the way her wedding would be, and after some prompting from Jason, she tells him about it: that she used to dream that she would get married in a church just like this one, and that she would wear a long white dress and carry flowers. She says she felt like she would look like a princess. Suddenly a delivery man comes in and gives Sam a black bag with a dress from a department store. Sam looks inside -- it's a wedding dress. Jason grins sheepishly and says that he didn't send it. Sam realizes that the dress is from Sonny.

THE CELLAR: Carly thinks that the upcoming wedding of Sam and Jason has to be the sickest joke ever. Courtney asks Carly what she wants her to do -- swoop in and ruin the wedding just because she can? "What's the point?" Courtney wonders. She says that she and Jason have tried so many times to make it work, and it never has. She also thinks that Sam and Jason's union will make it easier on Sonny and Carly's marriage. Carly replies that she loves Jason too much to let him go to Sam, but Courtney advises her to let it she herself has. Carly says that she is obviously talking to the wrong person...then she leaves.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Nikolas tries to reassure Mary about the hypnosis and Mary begins crying. She asks him if he's happy now and he says again that he is, but he wants to take this chance. Mary has to leave to go back to work but they promise to see one another back at home later. Nikolas gets out his cell phone to call Emily. He tells her that he has decided to go ahead with the hypnosis. Emily is thrilled and agrees to call him later with the date and time.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Courtney has arrived, at Michael's request. Sonny lets her in and Michael and Courtney greet one another enthusiastically. Michael asks her if she is sad that Jason will be marrying Sam. She says that she is happy that Jason and Sam are going to have a baby. She reassures Michael that she is fine with their decision -- and also reminds Michael that Jason will need his help with the baby. Michael runs back upstairs to go to sleep. Courtney and Sonny are left alone to talk -- Sonny tells her that he is planning to go to the wedding as a way of showing to Michael what forgiveness and sacrifice are all about.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam come into the penthouse only to see Carly there waiting for them. Carly is furious. Sam heads upstairs so Carly and Jason can talk. As soon as she's gone, Carly lashes into Jason, saying that she will not let Jason marry Sam. Jason asks her to stay out of it but she says she can't, because Jason has been there so many times for her, now it's her turn to be there for him. She cannot believe that Jason is marrying Sam for no reason and advises Jason to pay Sam off and keep the baby for himself, as she is sure that Sam doesn't want the kid anyway. Sam, who has been listening to their conversation, comes back downstairs and says, "The hell I don't."

THE CELLAR: Ric sits down at the bar in the Cellar. The bartender says that they are closed, but Ric wants her to do him a favor. He hands her his cell phone.

ALEXIS' APARTMENT: Alexis finds Ric's keys on the floor in her apartment. She frowns, and then calls his cell phone. The bartender answers and then hands the phone to Ric, who fakes a groggy voice (as if he has just been woken up). Alexis slams her phone back down, goes to the window and hurls his keys outside.

THE CELLAR: The bartender asks Ric what that was all about and Ric replies that it had to do with pushing "the right buttons." He has a sneaky smile on his face.

THE BENCH IN THE PARK: Courtney is sitting on the bench, thinking. She has a flashback to when she married Jason in Paris. She remembers their vows and the rings and the kiss before the priest. Back in the present, she begins to cry.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Carly and Sam start to argue, despite Jason's best efforts to get Carly to leave. Sam announces that she and Jason are getting married tomorrow and that there's nothing that Carly can do about it. Carly, in shock, turns on her heel and walks out the door, slamming it loudly behind her. Once she's gone, Jason turns to Sam and asks her if she is having second thoughts. Sam smiles and says that she's ready to become Mrs. Jason Morgan.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly storms back into Sonny's penthouse and heads immediately for the phone. She punches in a few numbers, dialing the Quartermaine Mansion. Edward picks up and she tells him the situation -- Jason is set to marry Sam tomorrow and she feels that Edward is the only one who can stop them. Edward tells her that he knows exactly how to keep them from going through with it. Satisfied, Carly hangs up the phone. She doesn't see Sonny, who is standing behind her.

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