GH Update Monday 6/7/04

General Hospital Update Monday 6/7/04

By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE CELLAR: Courtney's charity event has stopped dead in its tracks as everyone is watching Jax (who was just punched by Jason). Jason has left the event and Jax is trying to laugh the whole thing off gracefully. Sam steps forward and accuses Jax of taking credit for the anonymous donation that Jason sent Courtney. Courtney does not believe Sam at first, but Sam insists that it's true. She leaves the room and after she is gone Jax says that she was just trying to start trouble. Courtney asks Jax to prove to her that he sent the check.

Outside of the club, Sonny and Lorenzo are bickering about Carly. Sam joins them and Lorenzo ends the conversation, as he doesn't feel like talking about Carly in front of Sonny's "mistress."

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Emily runs into Bobbie, and they talk briefly about Nikolas. Bobbie assures Emily that wherever Nik is, he still loves Emily. Bobbie then leaves and Em catches sight of Mary. Emily tells Mary that she was just thinking about her -- and about Nikolas.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Nikolas is lurking around Jason's penthouse, per orders from Lorenzo. Unfortunately, Jason is there too. Nikolas realizes that Jason is about to catch him -- and he goes out a back exit. Jason searches the entire penthouse for the intruder, but of course finds no one.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Emily tells Mary that she thinks about Nikolas all the time. She says that she is thankful to have met Mary because Mary understands what it is like to be alone. She asks Mary where Mary went on vacation and Mary replies that she was at the beach...Em thinks that now Mary can let Connor rest in peace and Mary says that though she will always love Connor, her first love, she has someone else now. Em says she doesn't want someone else, she wants Nikolas back. Mary tries to reassure Em that she will be happy again one day, and Emily smiles and says that Mary is an "inspiration" and that she hopes that she and Mary will be able to get together one day with Mary's new boyfriend. Mary smiles tightly and agrees, then rushes off to file some papers. Emily watches her leave, thoughtfully.

THE CELLAR: Courtney wants Jax to produce paperwork proving that he wrote the check. Ric steps in and says that if Jax can't prove that the money came from him, he will have to assume that the funds came from Jason, meaning that the foundation will have to be investigated immediately. Alexis enters the fray and advises that Jax prove Ric wrong immediately. Jax says that he'll get the paperwork by tomorrow, but that's not good enough for Ric. Alexis says that it doesn't matter, as no laws have been broken...Courtney didn't know who the money was from. Courtney says that if the money came from Jason she will return it. She leaves and as soon as she's gone Tracy taunts Jax about how Courtney is obviously still stewing in her feelings for Jason.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and one of his men, Stan, are searching the penthouse but can find no sign of anything missing, and more importantly, no bugs have been planted. Jason calls up for extra security.

OUTSIDE OF KELLY'S: Lorenzo accuses Sonny of trying to embarrass Carly by carrying on with Sam in public. Sam interrupts and says that she is carrying Jason's child -- and that she and Jason will soon be getting married. Lorenzo snaps that it's obvious that Sam is still devoted to Sonny regardless. He wonders if Carly even knew that Sonny and Sam would be attending the event together tonight? Sonny and Sam leave. Then, Nikolas comes over to Lorenzo with the news that he was almost shot breaking into Jason's.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily is talking to Dr. Tony Jones about Jason's accident -- the one that caused him to lose his memories of life as a Quartermaine, and the reason he turned to a life of crime with Sonny. She is wondering what could trigger Jason's memories to come back. (It's obvious that Mary is using Jason as an excuse to talk about Nik's amnesia.) An anxious Mary is listening to them from a few feet away.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Courtney shows up at the door and she and Jason talk about what happened at the benefit. Courtney wants to give him back the check, and when Jason assures her that it's clean money, she says that it won't matter because Ric wants to investigate the foundation for evidence of money from Jason anyway. She sets the check down on the table and then turns to Jason and asks him if he is happy with Sam.

THE CELLAR: Alexis and Jax are sitting at the bar. Alexis is concerned for him but Jax insists that he is all right. Jax kisses her cheek and leaves. No sooner than he's gone, Ric comes over and wants to dance with Alexis. Alexis snaps that she doesn't want to dance with someone who just cost the foundation one million dollars and embarrassed her best friend in public.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily is asking Tony if it's a good idea to try to trigger Jason's memory. Tony shrugs and says that there is no point as far as Jason is concerned, because Jason is brain-damaged and the person he used to be died a long time ago. Suddenly his beeper goes off, and he has to leave. Mary walks over to Emily and, after apologizing for eavesdropping, asks what Emily's interest in memory loss is. Emily replies that someone she loves has amnesia.

OUTSIDE OF KELLY'S: Nikolas wants to know what Lorenzo is after. Lorenzo says that when he saw Nikolas praying in the church in an attempt to regain his lost memories, it touched him, because there are things about his own life he would like to forget. Nikolas, unimpressed, wants to know the reason that Lorenzo hired him and Lorenzo replies that he trusts his instincts as far as Nik is concerned. Nikolas, seeing that he isn't going to get an answer one way or the other, leaves.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily is busy explaining Jason's situation to Mary -- he was the light of the Quartermaine family who was planning to be a doctor...then one day he got into the wrong car with the wrong person (his brother, AJ) and after the car accident, the Jason that they all knew and loved was gone for good. Mary (now, also using Jason as a cover for talking about Nikolas) notes that at least "Jason" is still alive, but Emily says that it does not matter as Jason is a different person living an entirely different life. Mary points out that it's the life that Jason seems to want, but Emily argues that no one would want to live a "secret life" the way Jason does. Mary wonders what would happen to the people that Jason loves now if Jason were to remember his life as a Quartermaine -- should he leave those people behind as well?

SONNY'S LIMO: Sonny and Sam are on their way back to the penthouse. Sam is complaining about Lorenzo but Sonny notes that Lorenzo had a point -- Sonny should have stayed away from Sam at the event. Sam asks Sonny, if he could have anything he wanted...would he want her to live with Jason across the hall, or in the penthouse with him? Sonny doesn't have an immediate answer.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily notes that some could make the argument that Sonny saved Jason's life...but she wonders if Sonny isn't just keeping Jason caged up in a life of secrets -- even though Jason doesn't complain, in his old life he didn't have to deal with the police constantly, or have to prove his loyalty to anyone. Mary asks Emily if her family has ever reached a point where the realization has come that they have to move on and stop hoping for their Jason to return? Emily says that it's impossible because Jason isn't really dead, and she says that she wonders sometimes what would happen if he were to remember, suddenly, his old life.

At that point Emily's father Alan approaches and Emily rushes over to greet him (Mary takes this chance to make a hasty exit). Emily and Alan talk a little bit about the benefit -- Alan says that he is on his way back there in a moment, and he wants Emily to come with him, but Emily says that she can't as she doesn't have a dress. She and Alan talk a little bit about Jason, and Emily wants to know if the family tried every available treatment to help him? Alan says that he thinks that they just pushed too hard...leading Jason to abandon them entirely.

SONNY'S LIMO: Sam tells Sonny that if she had a way to go back in time she would use it to fall in love with Sonny before he married Carly. Sonny asks her, if he divorced Carly would she want to marry him? She says that she would want to, but that it would be a mistake as he would eventually want to go back to Carly and his family -- and leave her behind with a broken heart. Sam admits that she knows that their current plan is the best option available.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Courtney asks Jason if he's sure that this future with Sam is what he wants, and Jason replies that it's what he wants for their baby. Courtney points out that he has a right to be happy too and Jason says that any day he gets to see Michael and Morgan is a good day. Courtney asks Jason if he likes Sam and Jason says that he and Sam don't make any promises that they can't keep. Courtney tells Jason that he will be the best father ever...then she leaves.

THE CELLAR: Alexis gets fed up with talking to Ric and goes to see Ned instead. Ned observes that Alexis is "hiding" from Ric and thinks that she is trying to cover up an attraction to him. Ned thinks that it would make sense, as Ric is just like Sonny in a lot of ways...most of all, he will treat Alexis badly, like Sonny did, which will cause Alexis to be puddy in his hands.

A few feet away, the other Quartermaines are watching Justus flirting with a very pretty lawyer -- a friend of his from law school. Edward is concerned that the woman might not be good enough for Justus and Tracy snaps that Edward shouldn't be concerned with any other Quartermaine heir but her son Dillon. Monica notes that Tracy chased Dillon away from home and now he wants nothing to do with the family. Justus is amused when he realizes the family is watching him, and he and the lawyer kiss. The Quartermaines see the kiss and then begin to talk about heirs again -- Alan notes that there are other heirs besides Brooke Lynn. Edward snaps that the never get to see Brooke and Ned (her father) retorts that that isn't HIS fault. Alan says that there is also Michael to consider...and Edward muses that there's also Kristina, not that Alexis will let her daughter have anything to do with the family.

Out in the lobby Alexis and Ric continue to bicker. Ric wants to drive her home and eventually Alexis relents.

THE PARK BENCH: Emily is sitting on the bench when Nikolas comes by. They are glad to see one another and Nikolas complains that when he is isolated in the cabin he never gets to talk to anyone. He says the only people he ever interacts with are Mary, the man he works for, and Emily. Emily asks him if they can be friends and Nik smiles and says that he was just about to ask her the same thing.

ALEXIS' APARTMENT: Ric has given Alexis a ride home. She is trying to hurry up and unlock her door so she can get away from him, but he continues to taunt her about the previous night, to her very great annoyance.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam comes in and Jason tells her about the break-in but assures her that there is now extra security so she is safe. Sam tells him that she told Courtney about the check but Jason says that he already knows as Courtney returned the money earlier. Sam points out that Jason and Courtney are still in love, and wants to know if Jason wants to back out of their deal. Jason says that he is still in, and Sam says that she invited Sonny over.

THE CELLAR: Jax is at the bar drinking while Mac and Felicia giggle like teenagers in a corner booth. Felicia asks him if this is a date and wants to know if they can do it again some time. Mac agrees and they finish off their champagne, then they leave the club. Courtney then comes in and confronts Jax about the check. Jax says that he is going to resign from the board. He notes that she is disappointed in him and when she agrees that she is, he adds that he is also disappointed in her. Courtney looks perplexed.

THE HOSPITAL: Mary has tracked down Tony and is asking him about Jason's memory loss. Tony says that Jason used to be a bright young man with a good future ahead of him -- now he is an "amoral sidekick for a professional criminal." Mary wants to know if he's happy now and Tony says Jason doesn't know what he lost...but unfortunately for his family, they do know what *they* lost, all too well.

THE PARK BENCH: Nikolas is telling Emily that he is usually upset because he does not like to depend on Mary for everything...however he doesn't want to tell Mary this because he doesn't want to hurt her. Emily asks him if he would like to remember his old life and he replies quickly that he would. She tells him that she was talking to Dr. Tony Jones at the hospital about her brother Jason's case of memory loss and believes that hypnosis would help Nikolas. She asks him if he would be interested.

ALEXIS' APARTMENT: Ric points out that Alexis is scared to kiss him goodnight because she is afraid of losing control. Alexis says that she will prove to him that she doesn't care one way or the other -- then she kisses him on the lips...the kiss is long and lingering, and neither of them pull away.

THE CELLAR: Jax tells Courtney that she just assumed that the money came from him and he let her believe it because he knew that it was probably from Sonny or Jason and he didn't want her to have to give it back. Courtney asks him why he didn't come forward when the truth was out, and Jax replies by asking her why she didn't give him the benefit of the doubt? He leaves the club, and Courtney stands in place, thinking.

OUTSIDE OF KELLY'S: Lorenzo gets out his cell phone and asks to speak to Carly Corinthos...he says that he needs her to come home immediately, as there is an emergency.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam talk about the lie that they are carrying on with...Jason says that he used to get on Carly for lying all the time but now he understands it a little lie, and suddenly it's just one big trap. He prepares to leave in order to give Sonny and Sam some time alone...but before he can step out the door, Sonny comes in and stops him, saying that he wants Jason and Sam to get married as soon as possible.

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