GH Update Friday 6/4/04

General Hospital Update Friday 6/4/04

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Tenderness is on the menu at Jason's penthouse as Sam and Sonny share a dance before he heads off to Courtney's benefit. Sam tells Sonny she doesn't want him to leave; he whispers that he knows, she kisses him and they are promptly interrupted by Jason, arriving back early from his assignment to break into Jax's apartment.

The Wealthiest and Nastiest are out at the Cellar for the benefit for Courtney Morgan's foundation for abused kids. Alexis arrives in black; Alan is able to look past Skye and Alexis' past animosity and hopes she will be able to defend Skye and free her; Edward on the other hand grouses that Alexis has no real desire to help Skye. Alexis quietly affirms her intent to prove Skye innocent and moves on.

Ric runs into Alexis with another insinuation that her interest in speaking with him is personal rather than professional. As Jax and Courtney arrive looking happy Tracy interrupts Ric, "You've got to stop this Monster's Ball. Now."

Down in Las Rocas, Alcazar confirms to Mary that unless she stays quiet about her reservations about Nicholas working for Alcazar, Alcazar can and will reveal to Nicholas who he truly is.

Back in Port Charles in the park Nicholas and Emily continue to talk. "Connor" encourages Emily to talk about her lost love. She gives a minimal history of her teenage "crush" on Nicholas and how and when they both knew it had become more. Carefully Emily reveals Nicholas full name, watching for some reaction from "Connor." Other than mild curiosity he has none. "Connor" does wonder why he has a taste for red wine or why he feels a tug towards living near the water. He sings the praises of his fresh love for Mary which upsets Em a bit.

In Las Rocas Mary drives home that she is genuinely afraid for Nicholas due to the danger in Alcazar's work. Alcazar scoffs at Mary's attempts to compare working for him with her stealing of Nik's entire past life from him. Mary counters with the truth that the Cassadines are a nightmare and that Alcazar himself told her and that "Connor" is happy now with her.

Over at L and B Dillon has to break the disappointing news that while he has been reinstated as director of Sage's video one of the conditions means that Georgie cannot work with them. Georgie accepts the condition and Dillon offers to quit, but Georgie talks him out of it "Be a Director" she says, supporting him. "Sage is not stronger than that." They kiss and Sage arrives ready for "work." Georgie heads to Kelly's to leave the two alone.

Dillon is quite clear that they will be here for work only.

Sonny and Jason are at the Penthouse. Jason advises he could get nothing on Jax because Courtney saw him at Jax's apartment before he could break in.

Sam comes downstairs dressed for the benefit. Jason asks what she is doing.

Back at the Cellar Tracy continues, "Oh, look. It's the blond leading the blonde." Alexis is genuinely pleased for her ex and says that she is glad to see Jax happy. Tracy heads towards Jax and Courtney. Courtney greets Mike, Mac and Felicia.

Ric won't let up... he continues right on accusing Alexis of having a crush on him.

Faith is accosted by Ric; he figures the drinks are different now that Carly owns the Cellar again. Less poison. Faith says, "I love children." "As a midnight snack?" jibes Ric.
Faith sneers at him and jabs back that he will never touch Sonny.

Back at the park...Nicholas admits that he somehow feels as though he and Emily have known each other a long time, and attributes it to the fact that they "both care about Mary." Emily advises that she knows how to handle Mary.

A stranger enters Kelly's and asks Maxie if she's seen Lynn. He advises he is Lynn's father. Maxie tells him she has not seen Lynn

"Acting happy in public is a really great place to start" encourages Sam. She and Jason are in his living room and she tries to convince Jason that it will give credibility to their impending marriage if they are seen partying together. Jason grunts that he hates parties.
Sonny arrives at the Cellar to support Courtney's benefit. Jax asks Sonny to leave the benefit to make sure Courtney's image stays good with the press. He does not leave and Courtney asks Jax to forget his ancient fight with Sonny for the night.

The Press hound Sonny about Courtney's foundation being a money laundering organization for him. Surprisingly, (what's his angle?) Ric defends the foundation as a legitimate charity.

Alexis advises Sonny that he's not doing Courtney any favors by showing up. Sonny notices the banter Ric is throwing Alexis' way he asks her if there is something going on between them. She is silent.

Tracy pulls Ric aside and hisses at him that he's made a major mistake; her family can make or break a DA in Port Charles and that a thug with a law degree is still a thug.

Jax and Courtney dispute about Sonny's presence at the Cellar. Sonny warns Alexis against giving privileged information about Sonny's business to Ric; He feels both educated and inflated egos (Alexis and Ric's) will have a lot in common.

Jax and Courtney challenge the wealthy of Port Charles to donate big bucks. Tracy and Edward are suckered into giving one hundred fifty thousand.

Jason and Sam arrive at the benefit as a couple to the shocked stares of the rest of the guests.

"Jason the professional killer," bites Tracy. Sam announces to the Quartermaines that they will marry. "Did you knock her up?" says Tracy

Jax asks Courtney to dance; Sam asks Jason. All the Q's expressed their concern at Jason's quick marriage.

Ric baits Sonny about Courtney and Sam's romantic choices Sonny jokingly offers to shoot him.

At L and B Sage is upset with her performance; she feels it is too amateurish. Dillon lets her know that a rough cut is just that, rough. Sage continues to pout and wants some support from Dillon and begins hitting on him. He tells her to quit. Sage accuses Dillon of being uncompassionate and self-indulgent.

Dillon tells her to stop playing games. He spells it out that he is only her friend. He suggests that she makes their time only about the work and she stalks out of the studio.

At Kelley's, Lynn is terrified she wants to leave town. Georgie wants to keep her for Dillon and encourages her to use her talent at L and B.

Jason's Penthouse is dark. Suddenly the door opens to admit a figure in black. We see it is Nicholas, acting on Alcazar's instructions to find Jason Morgan's vulnerable spots.

Back at the Cellar, Alexis steps between Ric and Sonny. She notes that their fight is drawing the attention of the press. Ric still states that she is hovering over Sonny on purpose.

Jason and Sam argue; he would rather be anywhere but there. Sonny and Sam are tense, he has trouble seeing her connected to Jason and she wants to increase the appearance that they dislike each other.

Monica finds Jason and tries to show support. Jax arrogantly pirates the conversation and throws down that Jason is habitually making bad choices by first working for Sonny and then "leaving Courtney for trash like Sam."  Jason's fist instantly connects with Jax and the Aussie hits the floor in front of a mortified Courtney.

At Kelley's Georgie tries to misdirect the stranger looking for Lynn, but he stays at Kelley's window and sees Lynn chatting with Georgie. Lynn agrees to try to sing for Dillon and keep Sage and Dillon apart.

At L and B Sage returns to the studio and both her and Dillon try calm and rational for a change and agree to focus on the work only.

Back at the Cellar no charges are filed, but Sam advised Courtney that the million-dollar check came from Jason, not Jax.

Alcazar accosts Sonny outside the Cellar and wonders where Carly is. Jason arrives home to hear noises in his penthouse. He pulls a gun and enters carefully.

Teasers for Monday:
Nicholas tries to avoid discovery by Jason.
Emily Confronts Mary
Courtney asks for proof from Jax that he, not Jason wrote the million-dollar check.

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