GH Update Wednesday 6/2/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/2/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Courtney and Jax go head to head because she thinks he is needling her about Sam being able to give Jason a baby when she could not. Later, Courtney gets a million dollar check for the foundation delivered to her. When Jax shows up, she thanks him for the check. Jax seems completely taken aback about the check. He asks her if it would make that much of a difference if he admitted that he sent the check. Courtney says yes. He admits to sending the check and apologizes for what he said earlier. She tells him that after she wins the bet, he must still pay her the full 10 million dollars.He cannot count he check toward that amount. He agrees.

On the island, Emily interrogates Connor/Nikolas about his life and is putting two and two together. He tells her Mary told him he deserted from the army and that Mary is his wife. He tells her the island seems familiar to him but he is not sure why. He said when he saw the photos in the travel magazine, it was like he recognized the place—like he was supposed to be there. He tells her that he overheard what she said at the memorial for Nikolas. She tells him that church was very special for Nikolas and her and that they said their wedding vows privately there one night. He tells her that he just got married to Mary and that it meant so much to both he and Mary. Emily is visibly shaken and Nikolas apologizes about talking about his wedding since she lost her fiancé. She asks him if he feels as if there is something missing from his life. He tells her maybe something is missing but he already has memories with Mary and that has to be enough. She tells him about “St. Vivianas Day”, the holiday that her fiancé had made up and that they would have snowball fights on that day. Just at that time, Mary calls out for him and he tells Emily she should go before Mary sees them together. Emily complies with his request. As she is leaving, he tells her he is sorry for her lost and that in time she will find someone else to love. From the bushes, Emily watches as he and Mary sit on the grass and he feeds Mary strawberries and talks about how well he will treat her for the rest of the honeymoon. Mary tells him that she has never seen him so relaxed. He tells her that it is the island. He said as soon as he saw it in the magazine, it was as if he was meant to be there. Mary proposes that they live on the island permanently.

Emily runs back home. She goes to Jason and asks him if he is happy or if he wishes that he could get back the life he had before the accident. When Jason asks her why she wants to know, she reveals that she has just seen Nikolas.

Alexis catches Ric on TV saying Luke and Laura are still on the run. The only thing she says is that “he’s got a hicky”. Later, at the courthouse, Alexis approaches Ric and tries to get him to tell her that nothing happened the night before when she got a bit tipsy. He tells her to sit down since people might start staring at her shoes. She has on mis-matched shoes. Alexis continues to badger Ric about the night before. He continues to play coy. He tells her she will remember if she thinks hard enough.

Ric accuses Skye of kidnapping Laura.

After getting back home, Alexis remembers that Ric was a perfect gentleman the night before. Then, she remembers pulling him back as he was trying to leave.

Allan and Edward needle Skye about having gotten involved with Luke. The judge releases Skye into the custody of Alan.

Dillon tells Georgie that he has met the mysterious singer and that her name is Lynn and she is a runaway. Georgie starts to tell Dillon that he fell asleep and fantasized meeting this person, but he turns on the tape recorder as proof that she was there. There is the sound of someone singing coming over the tape. Ned enters and agrees that the voice is great. Dillon continues to tell Ned that the person wants to sing even though Dillon knows practically nothing about her. He will miss his Calculus final so that he can go chasing after Lynn. Later at the park, Georgie starts to choke on a potato chip and Dillon goes to get her something to drink. As he leaves, Lynn passes by. Georgie stops her. She recognizes her because Dillon had described the girl’s coat to her. Georgie reveals that Dillon recorded her voice. Lynn is not happy about this. When Dillon gets back, she slaps him.

Sam hounds Jason to tell her that he still has feelings for Courtney. She says it is okay for the three of them (Jason, Sam, Sonny) to go through this charade because Jason “will never love” her. She tells him she has finally realized that she needs to start putting the baby first, and not herself. He insists that all he wants to do is take care of her and the baby.


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