GH Update Tuesday 6/1/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/1/04

By Ali
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L&B RECORDS: Dillon is in the hallway at L&B when he hears singing coming from one of the recording rooms. He rushes to the doorway and peeks in, where he sees a teenage girl singing to herself inside -- it's his mystery singer!! He accidentally bumps into something and the singer hears him and demands to know what he's doing there.

THE GAZEBO IN THE PARK: Courtney is advising Sam to take very good care of Jason's unborn child...she says that now Sam's life isn't just about her anymore, and Sam cuts her off and says, "No, it's about *you*!"

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Jason are arguing about Jason's decision to marry Sam. Sonny accuses Jason of trying to take his place, and then tells Jason that he needs to stop lying, period.

THE MEXICAN RESORT: Mary and Nikolas are out on their patio kissing...neither is aware that a very shocked Emily is watching from the patio outside of her room next door. Nik and Mary eventually go back inside their room, but Emily seems frozen in place.

L&B RECORDS: The mystery singer assumes that Dillon is the night watch-man and Dillon doesn't dispute it. She tells him that she has been sneaking in at night through the back window, which is always unlocked. She tries to leave but Dillon stops her and asks for her name. She wonders if he is going to call the cops but he assures her that he won't. She replies that her name is Lynn. He asks her if she has ever considered being a professional singer and she says that she has. He tells her that she could get a record deal at L&B, but she turns on her heel and leaves the room. Dillon runs after her.

THE CELLAR: Ric and Alexis are out on a "date." At first Alexis tries to give him the silent treatment, telling him that making actual conversation was never part of their deal. However, Ric eventually lures her into talking about the options on the menu. He tries to guess what she will order and then starts in on "women like you" who try to be independent in their power-suits and what-not. Finally Alexis gets fed-up and cuts him off by giving her order to the waiter.

Meanwhile at the bar, Mike is talking to a loan shark named Mickey, who is demanding that Mike repay a loan, immediately.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tells Jason that he used to lie all the time -- he lied to Brenda about being in the mob. He tried to lie to himself about loving Brenda, which led to his wife Lily being blown up by the car bomb. So now, he says that he has given up lying. He says that people he loves have put their trust in him to do what is right. Jason says that he is doing what is right for Michael by marrying Sam and filling the void in Sam's baby's life. "This is the only way to give everybody something," Jason says. But Sonny is still worried, as he says that it is the first step to Jason and Sam building a family that doesn't include him.

THE MEXICAN RESORT: Nikolas and Mary propose another toast to their marriage. Then they kiss again.

In the next room over, Emily asks the bell-hop if he can tell her the name of the man staying in the next room -- she says she thinks she might recognize him "from college." The bell-hop replies that the man's name is Connor Bishop and that he is here on his honeymoon.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tells Jason that he finally gets what he took from Jason when Jason gave him Carly and Michael as his family. Sonny knows that the way Michael looks up to him (Sonny) now is the way that Sam's baby will look up to Jason, and he hates it. Jason replies that he doesn't see any other way and Sonny admits that he knows he should be thanking Jason instead of fighting with him. Suddenly the phone rings -- it's the hospital calling to tell Sonny that Mike was beaten up by the loan shark. Sonny and Jason rush out the door on the way to see Mike.

THE GAZEBO IN THE PARK: Sam says that she knows it must kill Courtney that a "nobody" like her is carrying Jason's kid. Courtney says that no, Sam is somebody, and that Sam will realize it when she holds her child for the first time. "A little person will love you and call you 'Mommy,'" Court says wistfully. She tells Sam that she would not wish what happened to her on anyone. Suddenly Courtney gets a phone call -- it's the hospital calling with the news about Mike. Courtney asks how bad it is?

THE MEXICAN RESORT: Emily is in the hotel room waiting for Lucky. When he comes in, she runs to him excitedly, saying that she has something she needs to tell him. He replies that he has already heard the news...Em is confused, until he explains that he just got word from Alexis that Skye has been arrested for Ross Duncan's murder, and that the police think Skye is the one who set Laura loose from the mental institution. Once Emily has realized that Lucky's "news" wasn't about Nikolas being alive, she sits down on the bed and tries to gather her thoughts. Lucky begins to pack, explaining that he has to go back to Port Charles right away. Emily tells him quietly not to worry about a thing.

THE CELLAR: Ric and Alexis continue to bicker at their table. Alexis chides Ric for constantly referring to his time at Harvard, reminding him that it's childish to brag and besides, he's not the only one who went to an Ivy League school -- she went to Yale. Ric wonders how Alexis could have been attracted to a highschool drop-out thug like Sonny. Alexis is momentarily taken aback, but Ric continues, casually asking for the story of Alexis and Sonny's affair.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny is visiting Mike in Mike's hospital room. He's upset that Mike didn't call him to tell him that he was in debt, and Mike replies that he didn't feel up to having Sonny call him a "worthless bum." Sonny promises that if Mike will just come to him next time something like this happens, he'll quit the name calling. Mike is surprised, and he asks if Sonny's actually started to mellow out a little?

Outside in the hallway, Jason is waiting when Courtney rushes over to him (Sam in tow). Jason assures her that her father is fine, that there are no internal injuries. Court wants to go inside but Jason tells her that the doctor told them only one visitor at a time. Jason asks Sam what Sam's doing there and Sam explains that she was just at the park with Courtney. Jason starts to lecture her on being out so late, but Sam cuts him off, saying that she is starting to understand about not taking risks. She glances at Courtney, who says nothing.

THE MEXICAN RESORT: Nikolas and Mary are in bed...Mary's asleep but Nik is wide awake. He gets out of bed and puts on some clothes...then he walks down to the beach. As it turns out, Emily is there too. When she sees Nikolas, she says, "Hi -- do you know who I am?" Nikolas tells her that he does know that she is Emily, a friend of his wife's. He says that his name is Connor Bishop. Emily exclaims that Connor was killed, but Nik stops her and tries to tell her the whole story...that he was at war, and presumed dead...he was actually only injured, but he stayed with Mary instead of going back to his unit. He reveals that he remembers nothing of his past life, but that Mary is helping him heal. Emily begins to put the pieces together, and she whispers that Mary "told a lot of lies." Nik assures Emily that the lies were to protect him. He mentions that he carried Emily from the scene of the car wreck into Mary's cottage, and Emily begins to cry. She asks him if he loves Mary and Nik replies that he does, because Mary is his wife.

THE GAZEBO IN THE PARK: Dillon has chased Lynn all the way to the park. He begs her to consider a singing career but Lynn wants none of it -- she insists that she wouldn't be able to stand prancing around in a music video...being directed by some guy who would rather be off directing a movie (Dillon very wisely keeps his mouth shut on this point) ...knowing that the boys watching don't care about her voice and that the girls watching only care about things like clothes and jewelry. Dillon asks her how she knows so much about the business and she replies that she has "a stage father from hell" who is trying to turn her into the next Britney Spears. In fact it's because of her father that she ran away from home. Dillon says that he can relate to pushy parents -- he has run away from home himself. He suggests that Lynn live at the studio. She thinks that he'll want something in exchange, but Dillon assures her that he has a girlfriend and has no intention of hitting on her. Lynn snaps that "that's what they *all* say." Dillon sighs.

THE CELLAR: Ric asks Alexis why she is so defensive on the matter of Sonny and Alexis asks him why he's so obsessive on the subject? Ric says he is just trying to understand why Sonny would bed a "prude" and refers to the Alexis/Sonny relationship as a love affair. Alexis snaps that it was only a one night stand...that she did some legal work for him and he flirted with her during the time they spent together. One thing just led to another. Ric asks her what attracted her to Sonny and after a moment's hesitation (it's clear that Alexis is a bit tipsy) she admits that it was Sonny's "dark, soulful" eyes. Ric asks her if she would take her entire relationship with Sonny back, would she? Alexis thinks about this and says that she would take back all but "one night." Ric, (knowing full well that Alexis is referring to the one-night stand that gave her her daughter Kristina) nods thoughtfully.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny tells Mike that if Mike gets in a tight situation again, to either contact him or contact his accountant. They talk briefly about how Sonny now understands how fathers need to do things for their children...make sacrifices. At that point Courtney comes in, and Sonny exits. Out in the hallway he is surprised to see Sam, who tells him that she just came with Courtney from the park and that no, she won't be going to the park again after nightfall, out of fear for the baby's safety. Sonny admits to Sam and Jason that he was out of line when he told them they couldn't get, he agrees that it's the right move. Jason and Sam say goodbye and leave.

THE CELLAR: Ric asks Alexis what her most memorable moment of her time with Sonny was, and Alexis replies that it was Puerto Rico...where she and Sonny danced and all her cares melted away. Ric asks her to dance here, now, with him. She tries to turn him down (on the grounds that he's only trying to prove that he's a better dancer than Sonny) ...until he points out that she might be "afraid" of dancing. Then, Alexis jumps at the challenge, and they go out onto the dance floor. At first Alexis keeps him at arms length until he pulls her closer. After they've danced for a bit Alexis whispers that, though it might be the wine, he dances better than his brother does.

THE HOSPITAL: Courtney joins Sonny out in the hallway, and he tells her that Mike's bookie has been paid off. He wants Courtney to save all of her money for her charity. They talk about the charity for a bit, and Sonny asks her where she got the idea to help out abused children. She says she got the idea from him.

THE MEXICAN RESORT: Nikolas admits to Emily that it took awhile but he began to fall in love with Mary. He says that now he knows who he is and he can't imagine a life without her. Emily is too stunned to speak. Suddenly they hear Mary's voice calling Nikolas (as "Connor"). Emily promises not to speak a word to anyone of their encounter. Nikolas gives her a grateful look and then leaves. After he's gone, Emily begins to cry.

L&B RECORDS: Dillon brings Lynn back to the studio and tells her that she can stay as long as she likes. He tells her that he hopes that she won't throw away her talent as a singer just to spite her father. "Artists create their own reality," he says...and points out that that's something he understands as he, too, is an artist. He leaves the room, closing the door behind him. In the hallway he breaks out into a broad grin and pumps his fist in the air -- he has found his singing sensation.

THE CELLAR: After Alexis and Ric have finished dancing, the crowd in the Cellar applauds. Alexis is very obviously drunk, and after arguing with Ric she agrees to let him take her home.

THE HOSPITAL: Courtney tells Sonny that she pictures the boy he must have been growing up with an abusive father like Deke. She wonders aloud what would have happened if he had had a place to go when he was scared, or to get help for his mother? Sonny says that he turned out all right, and Courtney doesn't dispute it, but she does ask him what it would have been like if he just would have had a chance to be a kid?

THE MEXICAN RESORT: Mary and Nikolas are back in their bedroom, and very content. Nikolas gives Mary a flower and asks if she is ready to spend the rest of her life with her knowing that he might never be able to carve her a wooden duck again. Mary laughs and he chases her off the bed and onto a nearby chair. Their laugher carries on the wind, out of their room and toward Emily's patio. Emily hears them having fun together, and she starts to cry again.

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