GH Update Friday 5/28/04

General Hospital Update Friday 5/28/04

By Katie
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Skye and Luke are in a car "getting away" when they here sirens. Luke kisses Skye. Courtney and Jax are arguing over whether Jason loved Courtney or not. Sonny convinces Carly that the family needs a get away. Sam thanks Jason for everything and he tells her that they're getting married next Thursday. Luke convinces Skye that he needs to find Laura on his own. He leaves her and makes her look like she was abandoned. Tracy shows Ric the pictures of Skye and Ross' body in the freezer. Courtney and Jax conversation continues where he says that love left with nothing.

Sam tells Jason that marriage is for lovers. Mac tells Sonny that Faith is bringing in reinforcements. As Jason tells Sam that the baby needs stablity and that's why they would get married, Mac comes in and tells Jason the same thing about Faith. Courtney tells Jax that she could walk away at any time. Skye is talking to Alexis in the PCPD and tells her that Luke already confessed to having taken Skye hostage and she will sign that incident report. Jax gets in Sam's face and she tells him that Jason is twice the man he is. Jason has Faith brought in. Sonny and the family arrive at the island. Sam tells Jax that she and Jason are getting married. Carly and Sonny get in a fight about Sonny bringing Sam to the island. Jax shows up at Jason's.

Ric tells Skye that he is keeping in her for questioning because of the pictures and a log book at Laura's hospital says she went to see Laura 3 times in the last 4 months. Luke shows up at Laura's hospital and is talking to a doctor. The doctor leaves and goes into a room with a woman and they are looking at Luke in the room. Ric places Skye under arrest. Tracy tells Courtney that she forgot to file a document for the foundation and threatens to call in a favor if she doesn't leave Jax. Tracy badgers her and Courtney pushes her to the floor. Sam tells Jason that she'll marry him. Jason finds Carly's baby backpack and Sam tries it on.

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