GH Update Thursday 5/27/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/27/04

By Katie
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky and Emily on plane. Nikolas and Mary get on Alcazar's private jet and agree that they are going to renew their vows in Mexico. Jason tells Courtney about him "fathering" Sam's baby. Michael asks Carly why Jason is having a baby with Sam and she tells him adult things don't really mean anything. Sonny goes to Jason's and Sam tells him that he went to go find Courtney. Sam asks him if this is the best situation for the baby and he says he hates everything about it.

Luke says he wants an arraignment. Alex says she will do the best she can. Ric and Alexis argue and she says she wants the arraignment ASAP. Skye says she not helping Luke. Tracy calls Jax and tell him they're going to get their marriage license. He says no because Skye isn't a suspect anymore. Jason tells Courtney that Sam is moving in and Courtney thanks him for telling him in person. She goes to walk away and he calls her back. He tells her he needs to explain.

Sonny tells Sam that he has to keep his promise because he's very religious. He says he cant pretend he doesn't care about this baby.  Luke tries to tell Skye to help him. The arraignment is set for that night. Tracy asks Jax why he's interested in Courtney. Jax says he doesn't like Tracy. Courtney tries to recap on what happened between Jason and Sam, but Jason says it doesn't matter.  Carly is drinking and goes out out of the Penthouse in what appears to be a mad rage. She goes to bang on Jason's door, but reconsiders and goes back inside.

Sonny and Sam talk and he tells her he wants her in his life. She says with the commitments he's made, there's no room for her. Sonny tells Sam about being afraid of falling back into the same pattern with Carly and Michael is happy. Jason and Courtney talk about the posibility of Sonny and Carly getting back together, and how Jason's sleeping with Sam was a part of Sonny and Carly's reunion plan. Courtney talks about how her baby wasnt meant to be and it all worked out in the end. She says she couldnt let go of him and now she has to, because their lives are taking them in different directions.Courtney takes out her cell phone and calls someone.

Lucky and Emily talk about Luke and Laura, and Lucky says its all his fault. Nikolas notices Russian caviar on Alcazar's plane and goes off on how rare and wonderful it is. Mary plays it off and he says he wants to see a specialist when they get back to Port Charles. They agree to renew their wedding vows in Las Rocas. Their honeymood starts on this trip. Courtney tells Jax that Jason is the father of Sam's baby. Sam tries to comfort Jason when he gets home. Sonny asks Carly if she wants to talk about what is to come.

Luke's bail is denied. Skye appears in the courthouse holding a bouqet of flowers with a hidden wrench. Nikolas and Mary arrive at their hotel, as do Lucky and Emily. We find out that Emily and Mary/Nikolas share a balcony. Jax tells Courtney that Jason never loved her, and she says he did. Jason tells Sam that he is doing all this for Michael. Jason says there are 3 childern involved now and they all have to make some sacrifices. Sonny and Carly talk about how uncomfortable the situation is and Sonny says he cant shut Jason out.

Skye hits the cop with Luke on the head with the wrench and frees Luke. Skye pretends to be Luke's hostage and they make an escape. Ric puts outs an APB on them. Sonny thinks they need time to reconnect as a family and suggests going away. Courtney tells Jax that Jason's biggest flaw is his blind loyalty to Sonny. Jax trashes Jason and Courtney defends him. Jason tells Sam that he's getting her a nanny, bank account, and that whatever she needs he can provide and she thanks him for everything. Jason asks Sam what she's doing next Thursday and he's says they're getting married. Emily and Nikolas are standing on the balcony and nbut they don't see each other.

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