GH Update Wednesday 5/26/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/26/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Lorenzo tells Nikolas to take some time off and recuperate. He tells him the more he sleeps the faster he will recover. Mary thanks Lorenzo for bringing the doctor so Nikolas did not have to go to GH. Mary warns Nikolas that Lorenzo is up to something and has some sort of agenda with regard to him. Later, Nikolas tells Mary he has arranged a trip for them to Las Rojas, Mexico.

Jax makes sure that Jason knows he went to Monte Carlo with Courtney. Courtney catches on to his ruse and tells him she will never ever sleep with him. Jax admits he takes pleasure in having Jason and Sonny believe that he is seeing Courtney. She tells him that he is pathetic and that he is conceited. She says that if she did not need him to keep her foundation going, she would have nothing to do with him. Courtney tells him that she does not live her life in reaction to Sonny, unlike Jax. She says all he is accomplishing by being a smug self-important jerk is her being more determined to win the bet. He tells her he will be a lot better in bed than Jason ever was.

Carly tells Sam she is lying about having slept with Jason. Carly tells Sam that Jason would never sleep with a woman after Sonny has slept with her. Sam tells Carly that Jason does not need her permission to sleep with someone. When Jason enters, Sonny punches him in the face. Sonny has it out with Jason and tells him to leave. He leaves with Sam. When they reach his apartment he yells at Sam for not letting him know that she was going to tell Sonny that they slept together. Sam tells Jason that since he is so upset, she will be happy to go across the hall and tell Carly the truth. Jason tells Sam that they must learn to trust each other. Jason starts to leave. Sam asks him where he is going, he says he is going to tell Courtney that Sam is having his baby. Later, Sam asks Sonny if he agrees that it is best for the baby for her to live with Jason across the hall and pretend that the baby is his. When Jason finds Courtney, she asks him what happened to his face. He answers that Sonny hit him.

Carly asks Sonny if he was still hung up on Sam since he is so upset at Jason even though it turned out that Sam is not pregnant with Sonny’s baby. She prods him to be the friend to Jason that Jason has always been to him. Carly tells him that she hopes Sam is as greedy as she thinks she is so that Jason can pay her off and send her packing once the baby is born. Then, she jokes, they can all raise the baby together.

Ric tells Luke that Laura is killing people. Luke tells Ric he is not saying anything about his wife.

Skye tells Lucky that Alexis is useless as an attorney and Luke should not hire her to represent him. Lucky defends Alexis and says he is happy his father has her representing him. Ric informs Alexis that Luke has made a full confession to murder. Luke tells Alexis that Laura walked out of the hospital on her own. He says Alexis must get him and Lucky out of prison immediately. When Alexis tries to get Luke out, Ric is very resistant. Luke tells Skye that she has to help him get out.

Dillon and Georgie put their heads together to figure out how to get Lorenzo involved in L & B again. Dillon asks Georgie if she still has something against Sage. Georgie says yes, but she wants Sage to get better again. She admits she is still insecure about Sage. She says she is going to go and confess to Alcazar and try to get him to invest again. Dillon says he has found a new singer but he does not know what she looks like yet. He expects the person to come back to the studio soon and he will wait for her.

Skye begs Emily to get Lucky out of harm’s way. At the park, Emily prods Lucky not to get involved with the whole situation with Luke. Emily tells him that she has just gotten a call from a travel agency—Nikolas had booked a surprise trip for them to Las Rojas. She is going to go ahead and still take the trip. She asks Lucky to go with her. He agrees to go.


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