GH Update Friday 5/21/04

General Hospital Update Friday 5/21/04

By Katie
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Ric has Skye's apartment searched and the police find a match to Detective Ross Duncan's blood on the carpet. Ric wants a warrant for Skye's arrest. Courtney tells Jason that she doesn't want Sonny or him to make Sam disappear and Jason tells her that she has a separate life now. Dr. Meadows Sonny and Jax that the results of the paternity tests have been checked and double checked. Neither them is the father. Emily tells the intruder (Nikolas/Connor) to turn around. He escapes being grazed by a bullet that was accidentally fired from the gun.

Ric continues questioning Luke about Skye. Luke tells Ric that Skye is innocent and tells him everything that happened. Ric doesn't believe Luke and sends the police to look for Skye. As Luke is leaving the police station Skye calls him and tells him to come to Wyndemere. Ric is suspicious and tells an officer to follow Luke. At the hospital Carly comes into the room and asks what the results were. Sonny leaves and Jason tells Sonny that he needs to speak with him. Luke and Lucky stage a fight in order to lose to the cop. Skye has Helena gagged at Wyndemere and Luke arrives. Jax runs into Courtney and he tells her he's not the father and invites her to go to Monte Carlo with him.

Jason and Sonny are talking and Jason tells Sonny that he switched the paternity tests, but Sonny is the father. They argue and Jason convinces Sonny that this is the best solution for the time being. Jason is going to pretend to be the father of the baby and is going to take care of Sam. Jax convinces Courtney to go with him by telling her that half of the winnings will go to her foundation, and she agrees. Lucky gets taken off the case with Skye and Luke. He gets angry and turns in his gun and badge. Emily calls Lucky and they talk about what happened and gives Lucky a description of the man.

Nikolas gets to Mary's and he's bleeding badly. He tells Mary what happened and that he needs medical attention. He loses consciousness. Jax and Courtney take off and he tells her that he thought the baby was his and she tells him about her miscarriage. Jason tells Sonny that no matter what they do it's going to cost Sonny everything. They go and tell Sam that Sonny is the father and that they want Jason to tell everyone that he is the father of her baby.

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